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From initial encounter and awareness, to desire, purchase and advocacy – is there brand consistency? If you would like to talk to me about your marketing strategy and brand – by all means get in touch. He welcomes media enquiries about 21st century marketing, social media and digital marketing. Nigel is the founder of The Marketing Compass – join thousands of business owners, tell us about your business and ask some marketing questions! An efficient branding strategy is possible with an effective research of different types of needs as well as expectations of individuals who purchase your product. Building a powerful and distinctive identity is among the most essential procedures in developing a branding technique. Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. Successful branding also creates “brand equity” – the amount of money that customers are willing to pay just because it’s your brand. You acquire customers quickly because your prospects’ experience with you supports everything you say. You can charge a premium because your market knows why you’re better and is willing to pay for it. The market may not have a consistent view or impression of your product and company, but in general you think it’s positive.
You haven’t thought a lot about branding because it doesn’t necessarily seem relevant, but you admit that you can do a better job of communicating consistently with the market. What you do, what you say and how you say it may contradict each other and confuse your prospects. Create a free account in our marketing planning and management web app for step-by-step guidance.
Before working on your brand strategy, make sure you’ve identified your competitive positioning strategy – your brand strategy will bring it to life. Identify which benefits are emotional – the most powerful brand strategies tap into emotions, even among business buyers.
Look at the emotional benefits and boil them down to one thing that your customers should think of when they think of you.
Write positioning statements and a story about your brand; use them throughout your company materials. Determine how your employees will interact with prospects and customers to convey the personality and make sure your brand “lives” within your company.
Together with your competitive positioning strategy, your brand strategy is the essence of what you represent. The Marketing MO planning app is your behind-the-scenes Chief Marketing Officer, a comprehensive resource that will improve your overall business, whether it’s a consulting practice, start up, or mid-size company. For me, brands, and more particularly the cultures that support them, should be seen as belief systems rather than pure-play marketing systems. This year, one of my favorite thinkers, Tom Asacker, published a new book, his fifth, titled The Business of Beliefs. Tom: People’s expectations change, because their experiences in the marketplace change and their desires evolve.
Tom: [Brands] need to be very opinionated today, especially about what they are in business to accomplish, beyond making money. If you find our thought pieces on brand strategy and brand management insightful and would like a deeper understanding for yourself, your marketing teams or leadership teams we can develop a tailored learning solution for you.
Brand Education is a core competency of The Blake Project, the brand consultancy behind Branding Strategy Insider.
Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands. Subscribe to Branding Strategy Insider Now and get regular updates and two FREE Chapters of Brad VanAuken's best selling book Brand Aid direct to your inbox. The most common pitfall is many companies have no long term business strategy, at the very least, they should have an articulated description of the business such as how it creates value and how do they compete in their chosen industries.
Think about this, Britney Spears and Elizabeth Arden launched a fragrance from Spears that is, like J. Brands that associate themselves with celebrities such as Moss need to find the balance between choosing the right star for a campaign and not allowing the message to be overshadowed it happens in 6 out of 10 by the celebrity with whom they are collaborating. There was an incident during the football World Cup, David Beckham appeared in four separate ads during a single commercial break.
The obvious upside of attaching a celebrity to a brand is that the brand literally has a real face and a distinct personality that a consumer can link or relate to the product. Creating a clear brand architecture is to help structure a brand's position (both now and for the future) and support management the task of developing that brand and ensuring that everyone within an organization (from ad agencies to field mkt folks) is working to a common and clearly understood goal.
Brand Architecture is the logical, strategic and relational structure for all of the brands in the organization’s brand portfolio.
P&G’s brand architecture effectively manage the relationships between product, brands and market segments. In Grade 10, I had a friend who liked to make loud farting noises in French class and who once did something relevant to the current luxury crisis, transformation or challenge. One effect, according to the report, is a desire to tell more personal brand stories through odder, more obscure and more curated puchases made from local, independent retailers and designers. Traditional luxury brands have a place in that space (streetwear’s musical arm, hip hop, made that obvious in breaking Prada, Gucci, LV, Moet to the mainstream), but only if they jive with core value placed on heritage and on the core aesthetic of curating one’s style by mixing & matching high and low cultures of Paris runways and NYC streets. Forget ‘Can I afford luxury?’ With increased environmental and social concerns, more and more consumers could be asking themselves, Can we afford luxury?
Big cities are seeing this with top chefs tailoring (curating, again) menus to fit meat and produce available locally and seasonally.
Will fashion designer Arthur Mendonca become even more popular among consumers in his home city of Toronto because he and his labor are local?
Andre Galhardo: As “Jacques Lacan pointed out, human-beings need to learn how and what to desire. Some examples invclude a social networking site targeting affluent consumers under 35 years old launched a weeks ago. Here is a question …is it corporations, who by their ad campaigns ultimately determine what consumers want?
This deceptively simple question has been at the heart of debate between marketing scholars and practitioners. Once markets believed that to mobilize meanings it means owning and monopolizing through media channels of meaning creation. So that brings us the conclusion that a CMO should really be called the Chief Meaning Officer. Since we have great momentum on the debate on this subject, this is the perfect time to introduce next week's module - Managing Luxury Brand. The natural evolution of all luxury concepts is from class to mass and it started to accelerate 8 years ago. With the dawn of the Age of Intellectual Capital during the mid 1990’s, came the realization that a majority of the value of a modern enterprise can be located in the intangible assets and not in the traditional tangible assets such as real estate, plant, equipment, inventory, cash, and the like. Brand equity measurement leads to highly valuable insights into what the brand and competing brands own in the minds of its target customers. Branding Strategy Insider helps marketing oriented leaders and professionals like you build strong brands.
I am not just referring to your visual brand identity, I am talking about brand identity and character. Brands attract more customers and they deliver a higher level of profitability than their commodity cousins. This could be one of the most important and influential conversations you ever have about your business.

He shows businesses how to get better results from 21st century marketing – starting with marketing strategy and brand positioning. He has an honours degree in marketing and served as a Faculty Member and Course Director at CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years. Good personalization strategies call for your manufacturer communications, analytical methods, and innovative positioning. It consists of unification of the brand, effective communication of the brand information, research techniques, and numerous strategies.
Learn how to set up, manage and improve your distribution channels with this detailed how-to guide from the experts at Marketing MO. And while it includes your logo, color palette and slogan, those are only creative elements that convey your brand.
But when you put two companies up against each other, the one that represents something valuable will have an easier time reaching, engaging, closing and retaining customers. In addition to generating revenue, brand equity makes your company itself more valuable over the long term.
It’s easy to begin dialogue with new prospects because they quickly understand what you stand for. A feature is an attribute – a color, a configuration; a benefit is what that feature does for the customer. A great brand strategy helps you communicate more effectively with your market, so follow it in every interaction you have with your prospects and customers.
When tackling any new marketing task, have confidence that we have your back – with the structure and detail you need to get things done right.
Purpose, values and ethics are the oxygen of successful marques because they inspire consumers to see qualities in the brands they choose that make them feel more human, more real and more desirable. Belief is simply a working assumption about something or someone … driven by what we would wish something to be. We make meaning out of partial information … We have past experiences, which we spin into a coherent story, and revise when necessary, to rationalize previous actions and make us feel good about ourselves, our associations and decisions. Financial measurement is simply a way to gauge how well a brand is executing on its opinions, on its theories about how the marketplace is evolving and its unique role in that evolution. If established brands won’t, or can’t, innovate to satisfy these emerging beliefs and desires, others will step in to make it happen. As practitioners and educators we deliver interactive brand education workshops and keynote speeches designed to align individuals and organizations on essential concepts in brand management and empower them to release the full potential of their brands. Army and Wyndham Worldwide are some of the organizations that have turned to The Blake Project for help in meeting learning objectives. We focus on sharing thought provoking expertise that promotes an elevated conversation on brand strategy and brand management and fosters community among marketers. Branding is a business process—one that is planned, strategically-focused and integrated throughout the organization.
This requires you to look at evolving nature of different target segments and their existing and potential profitability.
A brand vision statement is by definition long-term and transcends particular products, markets or even current executive leadership. This highlights the fact that marketers can no longer think of their brands as a single entity but must also manage the brands with which their celebrity endorser may have other arrangements. What is better than the image of a living, breathing, likeable person as opposed to a faceless corporate entity? Often the task includes periodic regrouping multiple product groups, brand families, reposition them to reflect their role in the market and to create a structure for immediate successful marketing.
The objective is to maximize clarity, synergy and leverage to maximize customer value and internal efficiencies.
It helps everyone in the organization see and understand all the connections between corporate brands, sub-brands and master brands. It makes decision making easier when it comes to allocating and sharing marketing resources such as advertising and promotions.
Protect brands by being over-leveraged and being diluted by over-stretching communications messaging and graphic design options. Head and Shoulders dominates the dandruff control shampoo category and Pert Plus targets the market for combined shampoo and conditioner.
So you know, Morgan is an anthropologist (he holds BA, MA and PhD in Anthropology) and has a special interest in youth culture.
In dressing rooms and on display floors, he used an exacto knife to perform a little brand surgery and, arriving at school Monday morning, proudly showed us all his new t-shirt, complete with over 100 safety-pinned alligators.
Where a luxury food market has sprouted from the soil of organic green beans grown on farms outside city limits and then sold at the Farmer’s Market in the local park for 3x times the price of green beans in the grocery store, so too might a similar scenario emerge in established luxury brands and products. I’ll pass on that one when it comes to traditional luxury and where Web 2.0 fits into marketing them because buying online, making messages too public and SNSing with just anybody about the $52,500 Louis Vuitton Patchwork bag seem to contradict the anti-massness of luxury. Imaginary- Consumption sometimes operates at a level of the imaginary, but it also has real effects in facilitating the construction of self-identity. The individual must experience consumption as part of the journey towards personal development, achievement and self-creation.
Nike, for instance, does not aim to attract particular meanings to its products; it just needs to attach the swoosh to any person, place or event that is granted cultural value in the world of sport. There’s another way to explain what’s happening is that the imbalance in our current spending patterns which perhaps may be viewed as a market failure caused by consumption externalities: (In English please?) Basically, in a little economics here, the fact that greater consumption by a group of people actually imposes costs on others. He led over 500 Business Link workshops, focusing on marketing strategy and internet marketing. Nigel is the Founder of The Marketing Compass, which provides marketing direction for small business owners. Increasing competition running a business develops comparable products with top quality from various manufacturers.
It consists of tasks for example tracking as well as measuring of the brand endeavors, measuring their own performance, managing the actual visual identity from the brand, as well as maintaining the corporate status. Your brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life, and works to position you as a certain “something” in the mind of your prospects and customers.
And of course it’s a discussion that is highly pertinent to all marketers because not only are brands today in the business of belief, but they only work if the people in the business believe in what they are there to achieve.
People wanted to believe in the exclusive and unique quality of the Apple brand, so much so that they were willing to pay a premium and evangelize the brand. It’s a process of continuous learning, discovery and creation of new meaning, which drives profitable growth and adds value to the lives of customers, employees, owners, partners, and the community. [Brands work for us because] it’s impossible to consciously evaluate all of our daily choices and decisions.
Great designers are in tune with our present beliefs and design new ones that make it easy for us to adopt and evangelize.
Customers lose belief when their desires are not being met, or when something or someone else is better at stimulating and satisfying those latent desires. BSI is a service of The Blake Project, a leading brand consultancy based in the United States, serving marketers around the world.
Branding establishes the direction, leadership, clarity of purpose, inspiration and energy for a company's most important asset—its  brand. It involves judgments and decisions about when to commit and be willing to bet, when to delay making a commitment, when to kill something that won’t work and when to change the rules of the game.
It also provides guidelines to determine what kind of research to put in place to monitor brand building progress and return-on-investment.
A brand vision statement should be complimentary to the company’s vision statement and sometimes can be combined. Michael Jordan selling Nike sneakers is no question an effective strategy and flawless execution. This is less exciting previous sessions as the primarily focus of this one is on the economics of brand management.
Consider GM has 32 brand names, P&G has hundreds, BMW has 3 or 4, IBM has 5 and Starbucks has 1.

The establishment of a clearly understood and coherent brand architecture creates the structure within which the vital day-to-day tactical decisions can be made. Pantene is positioned as a brand with a technological heritage and the benefit of enhancing hair vitality. Even though he had long hair and listened to Ozzy, we all thought that was pretty fxxking punk rock! What is meant by him in this formulation is not the triviality that humans desire others, when they sexually desire (an observation which is not universally true).
So by definition, every time a brand gives room to consumers to express their individualism, it becomes an exclusive, luxurious good.
So in this changed world, a big part of people's meaning might come from co-creating a business and seeing it thrive. This suggestions leads to the important conclusion that meaning does not necessary emanate from the material or functional aspects of products or services.
Mercedes Benz does aim to attract particular meanings to its range of automobiles; it just needs to have its logo to be seen in major events of golf of tennis where cultural value is being granted. This has always been one of my favorite subjects and one of my most popular among my keynotes.
Luxury is first adopted by the affluent and wealthy and inevitably translated and reinterpreted down to the mass market.
It’s frequently measured as the gap between the price your brand can command through its very presence compared with how consumers value non-branded products in your category. Today, he delivers marketing events for The Marketing Compass which provides impartial marketing advice for business owners. If you want to capture significant market share, start with a strong brand strategy or you may not get far. So Steve Jobs orchestrated every single touch point, including something as seemingly insignificant as the product packaging, to communicate and enhance that belief. However, when the choices we make are not giving us the outcomes we desire, it’s time to pay very close attention to [our] beliefs. When brands forget how to dream, the passion for the possible and for the customer typically goes with it.
Even the most potentially powerful strategy will fail if not executed effectively and consistently. Strategy is a complex system of acting and talking, a system that occasionally manifests itself in rational designs. Most of all it gives you a starting point and a mandate to start developing other elements to support the delivery of the brand promise. Without this brand architecture in place, these tactical decisions become strategic and long-winded in nature. The three brands basically optimizes their brand coverage instead all products under a P&G product brand names. And if consumers can’t make an authentic connection with a brand (translate, in this case: afford it) you can bet they’ll steal it. This will lead to a future of consumers using their self-expression to get the luxury into pretty much any brand in their brandsphere. The consumption of symbolic meaning, reinforced through advertising, provides the individual with the opportunity to construct, maintain and communicate identity and social meanings.
De Beers’ slogan “A diamond is forever” has been so successful in creating the illusion of “love and eternity” that a diamond is the material symbol of love and marriage. Marketing of luxury goods is evolving away from a top-down approach towards one that provides or facilitates innovations for new ideas and meanings- empowered by Web 2.0. The key issue is to differentiate your brand – which may not be easy if you are operating in a crowded marketplace.
A correct branding technique begins along with analyzing numerous measurable benefits of your item over your competition.
Brand focusing on and positioning assist you in defining such things as your manufacturer character, availability of the product on the market, and trustworthiness of your item. In common, an efficient branding technique helps your company attain much more profit, whilst developing quicker. Many brand strategy development efforts are unintentionally turned into corporate strategy discussions and as a result these efforts are blamed for not delivering any value. If this brand promise is to drive the future of the company, where Sony should be going next? The main inherent downside to a celebrity brand is that when the name is no longer the public’s darling or when the celeb pulls some stunts.
I think celebrity brands will continue to be welcomed by marketers and celebrities who are forging new relationships with marketerss with a a lot more complexity than the original endorsements and licensing deals.
It gets more and more complicated as companies have multi-brands as a result of merger and acquisitions, aggressive brand extensions due to pressure for quick profits and increasing complex structures involving sub-brands, endorsed brands and co-brands. One additional major benefit is to avoid a brand association that would be incompatible with another offering and adversely affect the other brand’s performance. Victoria Secrets is a great example of a marketer using the unobtainable, imaginary dreams of its consumers to drive sales.
For many, the gift of a diamond symbolizes eternal love, which in itself is an elusive concept (ok not all agree).
The co-creation of brand meanings through social networks and virtual interactions has become the basis for value. Today many of these conversations are happening in a vitual environment and cultural constructions happen a lot faster and are more global in nature.
Luxury marketers need to stay out in front of the luxury consumers, discovering new and different ways to give expression to the luxury consumers' desires. REMEMBER You cannot develop a meaningful brand strategy with the absence of a business strategy.
Yeah, there’s the old saying that there is no bad publicity as long as they spell your name right, and to some degree I think that is true.
Beautiful and perfectly proportioned models strut down the runway and grace glitzy catalog pages to convey the notion that the company’s products can enhance—or even instill such glamour. New technology creates new luxury needs and business opportunities, such as HD-TVs, iPhones and other electronic gadgets. Although you can still create a name, a logo, tag lines and a set of graphic elements for brand identification purposes to deal with short term marketing needs. INNOVATIONS that are easy to love, and EFFORTLESS to use, things that are not essential, yet hard to live without. I don’t know, may be not, for the simple reason that the prospective customer sees no natural connection to it.
So Moss now needs to continually up-keep her credentials as a style-setter in order to grow into a sustainable brand, with a degree of longevity, as opposed to being a short-lived marketing campaign. Today’s luxury drivers are rooted much more firmly in personal well-being and self-satisfaction while purchases such as jewelry, watches and handbags continue to satisfy the desire and to indulge one-self and one’s loved ones. Marketers need to induce the consumer with a preference or to pay a premium for luxury brands that are sometimes (somtimes) more mass produced similar quality products. Changes in fashion, too, are a way to continually reinvent luxury, so today's colored diamonds are hot.
But to assure the greatest long-term success luxury marketers need to connect with the luxury consumers' inner-emotional lives and create new products and services to meet those needs. There is a growing feeling that traditional marketing based on a brand's inherent core values is being crushed under the relentless march of celebrities collaborating with, and now creating their own, brands.

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