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In fact, in a recent $50,000 "Match It" Challenge, SiteSell, makers of Site Build It!, offered a cash award to any company or service offering comparable tools and rates of success at a price lower than SBI!'s. The Internet is a wonderful tool for obtaining quick information and insights on just about any topic one can think of, including products and services. Google has made online research a snap, yet some have learned how to manipulate Google to control what information is visible to searchers in order to control or manufacture public opinion.
When Google serves up a search query to a user, that result carries with it a certain amount of authority. What some Google users don't realize, however, is that Google's indexing system can be compromised, meaning some of those results are artificially placed.
Scam Build It should be the name of this search manipulation because this technique actually creates a scam pretext for a person, company or service where none existed before. The motives behind using the tactic are usually profit-driven as it creates doubt in the searcher's mind, causing them to go cold at the thought of transacting business. So when you read the phrase Scam Build It, keep the scam building technique in mind, and like the old adage, "Don't believe everything you read." Remember that just because you see a scam suggestion, that doesn't mean it's true.
Custom sites and happy customers Pictures paint a thousand words… have a look at some of the custom websites we have designed and developed. I thoroughly recommend using Build Me a Site to deliver the quality website your business deserves.

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These days, buyers are using those research tools more frequently in order to make informed buying decisions. Savvy Internet users know about this online progression and some have learned to use the trend for advantage, both business and personal. A scam query can be artificially created so that when a user searches for that person, product or service, Google will suggest they search for "john doe scam" (when searching for a person named John Doe), or "company x scam" (when searching for information about Company X).
This is because after encountering a scam suggestion, it often appears to the user that the knowledge is commonplace. Careful placement of Google advertisement pulls the user over to the competitor's business, diverting would-be customers at the point of sale. You will be dealing with a small niche team of Australian web developers, designers and artists. Their website immediately grabbed my attention and my initial email was returned with a phone call approx. Their level of communication and ease at understanding (exactly what the client wants) made them a joy to work with.
They are on the lookout for opinions, good or bad, and are particularly sensitive to scams.

It then undergoes its proprietary process to organize it, determining which results are most relevant and returns to the searcher what is assumed by many to be the best results for their query. We have corporate and small business experience and understand your ultimate business requirements.
They listened to everything I had to say, then delivered a solution that fitted my needs. I highly recommend Build Me a Site, the team were very patient as it took me a while to get my content and images to them.
They are very patient, respond to emails promptly and because of their attention to detail, they deliver a high quality site that makes the customer feel proud of their product. What was most helpful were the suggestions and initiatives for the most effective and web friendly ways to present content and images.
After a friendly conversation where all my questions were answered, I decided to use their services and was not disappointed.

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