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This is the best all around hackintosh pc build at a 1000$ for video editing as well as playing games at 1080p high-ultra high settings no problem.
About UsThe BUILD Blog is a discussion of modern design in the Pacific NW written by BUILD LLC, an industrious architecture company based in Seattle, Washington. We just finished updating the BUILD LLC website and it got us thinking about how important it is to keep a website current, relevant, and sharp. Alongside the obvious characteristics of a good website (beauty, creativity, organization) is a lesser discussed quality that may actually surpass all others in terms of importance: Good editing.
I’ve missed that window several times simply because it requires the coordination of so many moving parts.
We dropped a couple of projects from the website not because the projects aren’t great examples of what we do, but because we failed to document them properly upon completion (entirely our fault). Use a professional photographer on every project or make sure your photography skills are up to scratch. In the age of the internet, digital photos disperse, propagate, and get copied all over the place. On many of our projects we have about a 4 hour window to get our final photos between the finish carpenters wrapping-up and the owners moving boxes in.
Among other things, thorough documentation includes staging the house for high quality images and getting photos with people in them (we usually get these photos at the open house party).

When you are the author of the project, it’s important to establish yourself as the original source of images and information. This is where it’s very handy to have a design blog and a Facebook fanpage where projects like this can still be represented. Years ago we just weren’t as skilled, organized and prepared as we are now on the documentation program. While there are some side-effects (like geeking-out over lenses and occasionally finding ourselves discussing white balance at dinner parties), it’s one of the best ways to keep a website up to date.
With the speed at which the internet operates, original equals first, so get that project published to your website as soon as you can. Photos with boxes in them are an obvious no-no (see item #3), and taking photos once the owners are settled in is typically too late. Weeding out the website also allows more emphasis to be placed on exemplar projects like the Risley Remodel.
Our photography program has advanced enough over the years (with lighting, fancy wide angle lenses, and sophisticated post-processing software) that many of our vendors now approach us to purchase finished project photos, which we provide at a relative discount since we value those relationships.
That way, when all of the additional coverage references back to one source, you get credit for the project and your website benefits from the traffic. Similarly, some projects, like the space we completed for Chase Jarvis, throw big, crazy parties that are a wonderful opportunity to capture photos.

We learn more about photography with each project, which continually pushes the quality of the website. If you’re social media savvy, all of your other media avenues (blog, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) should also point back to the project on the website.
Planning for those windows of opportunity and being prepared to capture photos is vital to high quality documentation and keeping your website up to date. The downside is that the older the photo, the less likely that it meets the quality of the website.
Missing that window (which happens occasionally) usually excludes a project from having a presence on the website.
Subsequently a few projects were cut simply because the photos weren’t up to par (again, our fault).
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