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The early harley-davidson motorcycle, The harley-davidson motorcycle was born in milwaukee wisconsin in 1903.
What I see is a badass snowmobile, that I would love to ride in 2ft of fresh snow, a thing that would be seen on a kiddie ride in front of the supermarket, that was put together from parts of a bicycle & parts of a toy airplane pedalcar & a v-twin eng found in a platers junk pile AND a motorcycle themed MOTORCYCLE- good looking MOTORCYCLE Jesse!!!!! Jessie James is the original custom bike builder and this proves that he still has what it takes to build a sweet, custom bike that is made to ride! Sr’s machine like said before would be super fun to romp around in snow or mud and just cause havoc. JJ needs to lay off the bashing, I know it’s his style but it just makes him look like an insecure a$*hat. Make each of them ride them 500 miles like the old Biker Build Off shows, then we’ll see who wins. I don’t want to see another theme bike, i want to see a bad ass chopper and they all failed in that category. Sr’s machine, by the way the show was editted, he never intended on competing, plain and simple. As far as Discovery trying to say the winner will be considered the “best” custom bike builder in the world??
I started watching the show thinking Jesse would just be head and shoulders above the Tetles. But after watching for a while a listening to Jesse’s annoying trash talk, and noticing that PJD did pretty much just as much in shop fabrication as Jesse. I voted for PJD but Jesse’s bike ( not anywhere near the top of my wish list) would be the one I would want in my garage. My view of the CHOPPER LIVE BUILD-OFF, Jesse fabbed a bad ass chopper to ride as he said he was gonna do, not an airplane look-a-like thing or a atv on steroids . One shoots fire out the front, one shoots fire out the back, and the other smokes like a burned out moped. Paul Jr bike is the best he has done to date,, Don’t know how Sr can even call his a bike,, and JJ is just a plain Jane bike JJ need to get back into the game he was good 5 years ago.
Now I am thinking that all this circus will not help one bit the custom motorcycle industry. Most of the bikes that Cyril features, including his, are much better than what I have seen in this soap opera.
I thought JJ would have made something unpredictable, Of all of them, the only one unpredictable was the tracked beast from Sr. What you have here is a real agressive snake, in the form of JJ (not a slam, but just observation that he would probably agree with), dualing with a dove like Jr.
Overall , VERY dissapointed with DISCOVERY CHANNEL for letting it go this way, would have been so much better with rules and having to ride them..

My inside source {the voices in my head] tell me that Sr’s bike is a prototype commision from the Lego company. Interesting show, wish there’d been more time spent showing us the actual builds but I guess the editing room wanted drama instead.
I thought about voting for Jesse, he seems to be the most hands on builder, Until I saw him having to look off to side (unable to look over the headlight) just to ride his bike.
Out of all three there is only one bike that would be truely rideable and that is Jesse’s. Man…this thread sounds like a bunch of high school girls talking about Twilight movies! Let them all ride a few hundred miles to see which one is really made to be ridden as has been said. Going by the photos JR bike looks interesting, OCC aught to be ashamed of themselves and Jesse 2001 called they want their bike back. Too much smack talk, Jesse dissn’ Bacon several times and many other stupid moments made for flipping back and forth to a boring football game.
As to road worthiness, he had his out on the road and had no problems looking over the handlebars. There are still several very talented builders left in the industry that I assure you that the show coverage would give the Discovery Channel fantastic ratings. For the rest, everybody doing his own show biz thing to attract votes from people with no clue of what makes a good builder and a good motorcycle. That asshat that does your designs makes a mockery of your business and helps people dislike OCC that much more. Glad he refrained from acid trip paint work, however TV Ferrari red is a predictable color to catch the viewer’s eye. That type of bike was done 5+ years ago from various shops across Europe to compete in the World Championship Series.
WTF did OCC build, they let some moron design a gaudy contraption that is essentially useless.
My question is which bike or contraption would you feel comfortable riding down the freeway at 80 mph? James, you kept looking forward from the sides of the tank, was the visibility that bad on the bike? I sure hope they have a sense of humor about the whole thing, I think the three of them could learn a lot!
I realize the trash talk was there for a reason…I thought it was hilarious and made the show fun to watch. They all did good, but the Jr, and Sr are hating that Jesse is back and the drama between family shit is over! It was like Bacon was made the Punching bag for some Drama on Jesse’s side in editing. My friend Vince at American Suspension, designed and built both the frame and front and rear suspension of his build.
Innovative doesn’t mean you have to build a Batman snowmobile just because you want to be different.

If you have to look on the side to ride your bike, especially when you are as tall as Jesse, your design has ultimately an issue. The legend, The builder of custom motorcycles.  The most skilled builder of motorcycles on the planet.
There is something to be said about JJ building a bike from the ground up, frame and all with his old school skills. His designs obviously due work well for their niche business model of themes bikes for corporate America, so we need to give credit where it’s due. Jesse’s bike looks like what he always builds, look at the others and ask yourself if the other two knuckleheads bike look what they always build!
Never did once was there any footage of exactly what junior built by himself or what parts where built at his shop other than the gas tank and other related parts. I like the Idea of the through the tank exhaust, and giving JJ a shot of smoke to get him back a little for the cake and the trash talk, but that’s me.
They seem out of the contest from the first minute of the show, spending time blowing cars and cardboard stuff and doing donuts on some electrical nightmare. And Jesse sure makes it hard to root for him.Jesse is the man when it comes to hand fabricating a frame or taking a design from his head to the streets. Jesse james has that ability and it shows in his work.  The custom motorcycle he built is one of a kind hand crafted work of art.
It’s a biker build-off, not a competition to build the next machine for a super hero movie.
Which probably why he took so long to get the thing done.Jesse James seemed to be the odds on favorite to win the biker build off this year. He seemed ready to win and seem to understand what caused him to lose last years bikers build off 2011. You would think having the most experience of any of the builders that were there would seem that he would win hands down.
Spending too much time bagging on the other teams and spending too much time stroking his own ego.  Jesse we know you are the best custom motorcycle builder in the world.
I think that anything that makes people want to jump in the saddle or go out in their garage and work on their motorcycles is a good thing. I cant wait till I get a chance to check this motorcycle out in person.The parts used to build the motorcycle for the biker build off are pretty standard off the shelf 100ci engine and  6 speed transmission. Of course they are in a highly polished state and defiinity made to be a show queen only .  But that is what paul jr does. And in my opinion does it very well.  After the biker build off there definitly will be no shortage of trash talk and twitter rants about this episode and these motorcycles.
And they have theri own ideas on what the build off is really about.  I look forward to when PJD has its own show.

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