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Judging by this ad I noticed on the StarWarsCelebration site, Build-A-Bear looks to be offering Celebration exclusives as well as an opportunity to pre-order the next collection of Star Wars-themed Build-A-Bears. I was really hoping to pick up the Chewbacca at Celebration, but they were pre order mail order only. SANS10400 are the Building regulations in South Africa, and both international and national standards, are fundamental to successful building and construction projects, both big and small.
We are however caught up in a real predicament and all we have is an engineers report that state the property we bought is over a 100 years old. You don’t say where you are, but the various local authorities do have there own guidelines and requirements as well.
I stay in Oakdale (Bellville – Western Cape) and am considering building a double garage on my property.
My questions are thus: (1) Can I build the garage onto the road boundary (with the door or doors fronting onto the sidewalk area, (2) How close to the corner of the property can I go (all the way?) seeing as how my one vehicle will then effectively be accessing the garage almost on the bellmouth and (3) alternatively I could rotate my garage so that the left and back walls get constructed as my boundary walls and I make the entrance of my garage parallel to the boundary wall. Just want to know what I could do to build a room on top of my garage on the boundary wa,my neighbour approved this howewer the town plannning from swartland. This year, with the start of the SE wind (the end of winter) he complained again about leaves. At some point I had a discussion with the neighbour and said that whilst I would rather not have the trees removed, that if he wanted he could have them removed at his cost. The bamboo screen rests on top of the wall (the wall is on my property and I own it) and is attached to about 8 vertical timber beams screwed into my side of the wall and cross-braced with 2 horizontal battens.
A few days later I had the building inspector serving a notice on me, not because of leaves, but now because, according to him I have no prior permission to build. We are tired of the on-going drama and it seems that no matter what we do it is never good enough – what is the most practical solution here?
Hello Penny, My neighbours to the back of my house have build a real eye sore and I want to put up a screen to cover it. My neighbour is building a house in front of mine (site A), and is excavating and disposing the excavated earth on the neighbour’s property adjacent to him (site B), which is also partly in front of our house (presumably with the owners permission). Hi penny, hope you will help, my neighbour erected fence over a panhandle boundary and we informed the concerned parties but no one is helping, we have to park our car 2km away for safety.

Are you saying that they have blocked off the panhandle so that you can’t access your house?
All the measurements on the plan are in metres and show the distance from a road at the bottom and at the top, from a public open space.
All properties have their own characteristics and features and the boundary distances may vary. There are NO plans that the municipality have on file and they want us to demolish the property. Different local authorities have different by-laws regarding building on road boundaries, and zoning of your property will determine how close to the corner you can go. Removing the tree branches resulted in his balcony being easily visible from our entertainment area and swimming pool. He also said that the leaves were a nuisance and that he had contacted law enforcement about this. One option is to sink some poles into the ground 300mm or 500mm away from the wall and then to put the screen on these (same height).
As far as a screen is concerned, as long as you erect it according to the regulations they can’t stop you from erecting it. How will this affect the calculation of the maximum height of any building on site B in the future. I would think it should be covered by Part F of the NBR … but the info here is scanty. You will also see that the side measurements that go on to the neighbours properties is less than that for the road and the open space.
You MUST check with your local authority even before you have plans drawn up to avoid having to re-draw and re-submit the plans again and incur extra delays and costs.
There were 28 structures demolished in the name of the group areas act in the town and what we want to do is restore and preserve this structure that we found served as the power station for a period after WWI to run the main street lights for 3 hours at night. You will have to have them redrawn to comply otherwise should you go ahead and build, they have the right to force you to demolish the structure. The timber elements are visible on our side only as when we started attaching it to the wall the neighbour complained that they would be visible to him, so we had the screen installer place the bamboo on his side.

Another is to cut the bamboo into panels and to attach brackets to our wall so that we can lift and move these easily (they are not heavy) – this might then be classed as a temporary structure. They built their house very low as the terrain is descending on their side so I have a direct view of their roof and water heater not to mention their poorly built house. There are roads, public open spaces and servitudes that all have their own unique set of boundary requirements. We do not know what else we can try and do to hang on to the preservation the old property ? From the boundary which will limit my space and force me to do a concrete floor where I would have made use of a wood floor. Nobody in law enforcement will take your neighbour seriously – ask him what law he is trying to enforce!
They saw me putting up the screens and have threaten to take them down as it will block sun from going into their property which is not so.
If you want to build within the specified building lines you will have to apply for a waiver to the local planning department.
How do we apply for a restoration permit if there are no plans on file and the building runs 35 cm from the border of the subdivision ? To cover yourself, notify your local council in writing that you will be erecting the screen from whatever you plan to use, and give the height.
They will, more than likely, require you to get your neighbours consent in writing before you can get approval .
Do I get an architecht to draw up new plans with proposed changes and try to submit these even if they are totally against modern building guidelines ?
Me and my neigbour went in person to see town planning and they gave us the above story however I’ve seen around cape town similar double storeys on the bounder. If they object they will have to go to the council or an attorney – which is why I suggest you cover yourself by notifying the council.

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