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While working through some SEO enhancements for Homebräu, like building Sitemap with images, I needed to find a way to gather all the images on a page and return them nicely. Here is tutorial for creating a script that will scrape a page or HTML string for images, and return all of their src attributes. You should also take a look at the thread inside the heatsink and remove any residues which might be left from manufacuring.

You can insert the inlay and clamp the Wades extruder onto the hot-end or widen the hole for the inlay until you can put the upper part of the heatsink into the extruder. After this you can now connect the wires with the plug as described at the end of the arcol 3.0 assembly. The slot inside the heatsink is a little bit smaller (4.7 mm) so that one has to use pliers or a vice to fix the heatsink inside.

This fits exactly into the holes of the wades extruder used to connect it to the x-carriage.

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