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Good ideas can change the world around us or at least give a start to an outstanding software product. But the question is a€?Where can we draw our inspiration from to come up with the IDEA?a€? Moreover, the Idea has to be urgent and in demand later on. First of all, a moment should be taken to look around and to give some thought to what needs to be changed, improved or eliminated. Secondly, there are always people around whose work can be spied upon for possible drawbacks and faults while working on their computers. Having followed this tactic there is a strong possibility to abridge the operation to just a few clicks or introduce any other solution aimed at making everyday life quicker and simpler. Nevertheless, a balanced idea and a strong motivation are hardly enough to build a sound software product.
Software product development process is a crucial procedure of implementing a series of features designed to face the requirements of a specific market segment.
The keyprinciples of a software product development process are to meet clientsa€™ requirements and execute the challenge in a professional and efficient way.

Any product development process should satisfy at least two requirements: guarantee reduced time to market and build an effective software product able to advance its clients in the market and make their business thrive. At the next phase it is time to work out a strategy and assess the tools that will be needed to implement the project.
It is of great importance to define whether you have all necessary skills and knowledge at your disposal. In the framework of this knowledge area there is also comprehension of the key part of the problem and the idea of how to deliver a relevant software solution (product).
It is usually product managers who identify what needs to be tested in a software product); system administration (After the completion of the first software edition, it is highly recommended to launch it on the Internet and observe usersa€™ satisfaction and feedback. Basically, it is the art of finding people who may be interested in your product and provide a sound reason for them to buy it);project management (This body of knowledge is among few spheres that are indispensible in practically any project with specific goals to achieve. Project management is an onward deployment of activities aimed at organizing and encouraging resources to meet assigned objectives. The sources of inspiration can be various: from your own experience to other peoplea€™s every day life.
Furthermore, there is a variety of practices to address to in order to develop a well-functioning and faultless software product by the deadline.

A software product should prove useful for users, be well-timed and top-notch, and settle particular issues.
Although building a software product sounds like a whole big deal and almost an insurmountable and challenging task, it is a very cognitive and intriguing experience. It is also worth mentioning that a strong belief in the idea, personal skills and resources can stand in defence of any bold plan. On the practical side, one more weighty argument is that a successfully embodied and marketed software product can bring considerable profit. If Market Linea€™ records are to be trusted a€?the world software market exceeded $265 billion in 2010.

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