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Within days of writing my blog post on the Three Roles of a Transformed B2B Marketing Organization and announcing that one of the roles is “Relationship Builder”, Eric Whitlake writes his thought-provoking blog post, Marketing Is Not about Relationships!  Although much of the debate sparked by Eric’s blog post can be chalked up to semantics, I still maintain that building relationships is a new and extremely important role for B2B marketing.
Marketing initiates and then builds relationships with customers and prospects via demand and lead generation campaigns, and lead management and nurturing programs. With account based marketing (ABM), marketing partners with sales to do strategic account planning and execute an account-based sales and marketing strategy with tactics to achieve the established account objectives.
2.  Marketing builds relationships directly with customers via on- and off-line community marketing, and customer engagement and advocacy programs.
Relationships may start online or via email, but to truly develop, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. There are four levels of community, each level building a tighter relationship until you reach the ultimate goal: a trusted advisor relationship between provider and buyer. I have been researching technology services and consulting marketing since 1988 and one thing I can say with confidence is that there has been more change in marketing in the last 3-5 years than in the previous 20!
It stands to reason that the nature of marketing’s relationships with customers and prospects will differ from sales’. About JulieJulie Schwartz has been researching, writing, and thinking about B2B services marketing since 1988. It may be easy for most to understand why network marketing relationship building is key to success. The benefits of people having a great relationship with you in network marketing, is the fact they support you.
With customers it is all about what you can do for them, the value you bring to them, and the showing of your appreciation for their business. Also you can build a better network marketing relationship by giving away free products, prizes, and making your customers feel as they are your number one customer.
I have personally had several network marketers join my team after speaking to them time and time again through social media, email, and even on the phone. Using means such as social media, email, and even commenting on other marketers blogs, is a great way to build the relationship.
It is simple to say, that network marketing relationship building is the largest piece of the pie  when it comes to success. If so, leave a comment below on your thoughts about network marketing relationship building. But before we dive in, let’s take a look why e-mail marketing is so effective in the Internet marketing industry. A conversational marketing firm specializing in conducting productive conversations with your customers on your behalf.
As a Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CMEO, we speak to many people all day, so building a relationship with each person may seem overwhelming! Building a relationship with your customer also leads to more satisfied customers, which is always a win-win.
Here are a few tips on how your Conversational Marketing™ Experts (CMEs) can build better relationships with your customers.
These are just a few tips that can be easily implemented with any Conversational Marketing™ Expert (CME).

I have been a member of the Incept family since June 2005 and have been working in the Social Media Department since March 2010 - and there is no turning back! Customer Loyalty through Digital MarketingNovember 23, 2012 • 1 CommentWhether it’s  using Facebook, Twitter or a customized app to engage customers, experts know that having the right Digital Marketing strategy can help boost customer loyalty. Today, more and more people are becoming accustomed to using the Internet to find information about products and services, as such, brand managers know that creating their products or brands online presence is becoming vitally important as well.
For this reason, the practice of Digital Marketing sets the bar high for having an excellent customer relationship management (CRM) in place. Whether it’s through a loyalty program that offer rewards or with exclusive content, an essential element to building customer loyalty is by offering the customers something that is relevant to them. Marketing builds relationships with customers and prospects in collaboration with sales, and also directly with customers through community and customer engagement programs. Think about it like this; the more people like, know and trust you, the better off you are. Other marketers who are successful will invite you to side projects, and you will get opportunities that are not just for anyone to have. When people buy from a person or business, they want to know the person was grateful for their support. Sending emails of thanks, cards, and even calling them often to let them know you still think of them is a big way to build their trust.
You always bring value to them, offer them value and education such as this article, and do things that will benefit their business.
These marketers were not getting the support they needed, nor the training they needed from their upline. Not all of those I reach will I be able too, but just like everything in network marketing, it is a numbers game. Everything you do in network marketing, leads to the relationship between you and the individual.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The openness of the digital space, social media to be more specific, creates the demand for responsive and competent brand representatives to engage with the public. Likewise, when people come to a brand’s Facebook page there is a high possibility that they have something in common with the brand and what it stands for or they see something potentially interesting with it. Targeted actionable messages are great to keep your customers engaged with your brand online.
A website, Facebook, Twitter or Social Media in a broader perspective are just components of Digital Marketing. If your brand is a baby product, it would make sense to offer rewards that are related to babies or mommies.
This is relationship marketing at its best–shifts sales focus to customer lifetime value rather than the immediate transaction at hand. Of course, marketing is not going to be able to build a direct, personal relationship with every single customer and prospect. The goal should be to move all customers through to become promoters, but the most intimate relationship level is reserved for those customers who offer tremendous value to you and you to them.

In the new, transformed organization marketing plays a direct role in generating revenue and building relationships. Marketing’s role in the relationship spectrum is to initiate contact (spark epiphanies, increase awareness and knowledge), sustain contact until a prospect is ready to buy (nurture), and build advocacy among existing customers (ABM, community and customer engagement programs).
This holds true to my own experiences, and if you are not trying to build  a relationship with your prospects, why not? Looking at it as not worth your time because they are not in your business, can bite you down the road.
Some of the prospects I cold call, and get to know, lead to either great team members down the road, or even a little inside secret project I get invited too. It also allows the customer to share why they are calling, or if you are calling them, can better set the tone of the call. But while this fact puts pressure on investing in a good customer relationship system for brand managers, the same fact allows for the brand to create and nurture relationships with customers that if managed well leads to the most coveted customer loyalty. Finding that specific quality that connects the brand with its market is key in community building. By offering exclusive tokens (can come with little cost or free if you are creative) not only entice customers to stay active in a community online but also makes them feel the value of being part of a brands customer base.
There are other channels to consider such as e-mail and SMS to include in your marketing mix. But it’s also not just about giving them something they like, it’s also making the system convenient to interact with and coursed through an appropriate medium that the consumer uses.
Whatever's on your mind, feel free to drop us a message and we'll let you know how we can help. I am going to explain why you should be practicing network marketing relationship building, the benefits of network marketing relationship building, and how to master network marketing relationship building.
Also, have you ever noticed that you are better off with more connections in the industry, or any industry at that.
But with me, they always got what they needed and felt that I had taken better care of them regardless of the benefit I got out of it. When building a relationship with a customer, by the end of the call it is not expected for you to be best friends with them, but you should leave them feeling that you honestly care about them.
If the CME sounds grumpy and uncaring, the customer will mirror that and can become frustrated.
Nurturing the communitiy by offering information that strengthens their affiliaton with the brand is essentially good for customer loyalty building. Exclusive information or exclusive promotion are just some examples of tokens that can be shared with them.
The idea is to identify all relevant forms of communication that will push the brands’ message to the target market. In the same way, the same communication channels should allow the customers to easily get in touch with the brand.

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