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Today I’ll show you how I created and optimized a professionally designed, socially viral landing page for an eBook, and how you can do the same in just a few hours, without writing any code. I used three online services and one page design marketplace to bring my vision together as quickly as possible, each of the tools is either free or has a free plan to let you try out your concept with the minimum of fuss.
ThemeForest: For my landing page design shopping experience I headed to ThemeForest to check out their new landing page section. Unbounce: I used Unbounce (obviously) to construct the landing page in a code free WYSIWYG editor.
PayWithATweet: This great new free service is what adds the viral secret sauce to your page. Each template comes packaged with Photoshop PSD files and they usually have a variety of color palettes to choose from. My goal was to find a page template with a nice big hero shot of a book cover to showcase the eBook I wanted to give away. The Premiere Landing Page theme had exactly what I was looking for and at $8 was a no-brainer. The ThemeForest files typically include images already cut up for you (great for people without Photoshop experience), but I sometimes cut them up myself in case I want to make any customizations to the design. I made the page section tall enough to contain the background image and set the background to stretch to the page edges. Some templates (such as this one) show the hero shot of the product at an angle which makes it harder to replace with your own image.
For the bottom half of the page, I added another series of images containing the bullet points and section titles. To provide some context for who wrote the eBook, I wanted to put a short showcase video onto the page.
I wanted to add a simple form in the footer to capture email addresses in exchange for a special Unbounce promo.
This clever network effects means that the more people pay for your product with a tweet, the more new people will get to hear about it – perpetuating the flow of traffic to your landing page.
You decide what the default tweet text will be, but your customers can edit it before it’s posted to their stream. After watching the conversion rate hover around 25% I decided to try and figure out why more people weren’t clicking my CTA.
Qualaroo is a small interactive widget that appears in the lower–right corner of your page either immediately, or after a predetermined delay (I set it to 20 seconds to give people some time to digest the page messaging).
It allows you to survey your visitors with simple questions to gain insight into their experience. When you set up your account at Qualaroo, they provide you with the script to paste into Unbounce. To see how valuable the eBook was perceived against the currency of a tweeted recommendation. I was pretty surprised by some of the results, which I’ll explain below along with the steps I took to optimize the landing page based on the feedback I gathered.
Overcoming click fear: I positioned two statements close to the CTA stating that you will have the opportunity to edit the tweet before it gets sent. Infographic preview: On the hero shot I placed a link to an enlarged view which launched a modal Lightbox style overlay containing the infographic, allowing people to see it and judge the quality.
Text content preview: As the PDF was based on a blog post, I linked to the post, explaining that it represented the content of the eBook, again allowing people to see the quality of the content.
Ideally the content preview would be a single chapter of the eBook in PDF format, because I suspect that a portion of my visitors are clicking through to the blog post and are content to consume the information there (not needing or wanting a PDF version). If you have any thoughts or other ideas of things to test, I’d love to hear them in the comments . I’ve recently seen a few instances where discounts or free downloads have been offered for a tweet.
I was first hesitated about the pay it with tweet option as I didn’t want to share something I haven’t read.
Since I have been following you on Twitter and LinkedIn, I decided it won’t hurt to share something from you and went ahead, shared it. This is truly one of the most interesting, practical and useful articles I have read in quite some time.
I am planning to considerably up my visibility on Twitter over the next month and have been testing out a number of Twitter-related WordPress plugins to help with this and your article certainly gives me a range of new ideas. Additionally I must admit that KISSinsights is new to me as I typically use SurveyMonkey so looking forward to checking them out shortly. KISSinsights is very specific in it’s use and provides great point-of-conversion feedback. As always Oli, you manage to take a great marketing experience and break it down into its most simplistic and educational form. Another reason for your own case study may be because they could access your extensive article over at SEOmoz? Yeah, I think the link to the blog post would definitely have an effect as it nullifies some of the need to get the PDF.
That’s the beauty of this type of feedback, you can learn how to set expectations for future exercises. Great branding is the secret to the success of most business ventures, artists of all kinds and even non-profit organizations.
In addition to using Wix to create a website for your business, we’re happy to also provide you with more general tips to guide you through the tasks of effective branding. Strong branding easily fits a large number of platforms: print, Facebook brand page, email marketing, full website, landing pages, online ads, conference talk, networking pitch, etc.
If you want to create long-lasting bonds with your target audience, get them involved in the conversation!
Even though branding is a planned strategy and not a spontaneous action, it should nevertheless remain authentic and genuine. It’s very flattering to get great feedback on Facebook, an impressive number of website visitors or high click-rates on emails, but you should always remember that these are the means and not the end. A major portion of branding efforts is being directed to online media, which makes perfect sense because it is a highly effective way to communicate with large numbers of people. Branding is not something that you can do haphazardly, it needs to be reinforced on a regular basis. People react strongly to a brand that doesn’t simply offer this or that product, but can weave the product or service into a story. What distinguishes brands from each other is their unique “voice” – the tone and mood that directs how they act and interact. So far we have mentioned the topic of design a few times, and it certainly is a crucial aspect of branding.
Like a well-trained treasure hunter, you have to work with a roadmap to get to your destination.

When your goal is to successfully promote your brand to people, “yes” should be the right answer to almost any question that you will be asked or that you will ask yourself. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas.
As mentioned in my prior article on Preselling, building a good landing page is key to getting any traffic you send to leave you a valuable email address and see what you have to offer. Landing Page, often called an opt-in page or a squeeze page it is a small web-site that is designed to collect information from the traffic you drive to your site.
And you can also expand on those to mufti-page fancy sites with graphics such as in the picture above. You might need to get a little technical help with this, but the whole point of a good landing page is to have a web form that you can get a potential customers email address and possibly name.
As a side note you can find someone to build your landing page to your specs very cheap or in the case of the professional landing pages, like in the image above you can get services that will let you use them month to month.
You will have to find the appropriate language online, but these are standard policy and legal language that you can use. Okay, so we may have taken a little creative license with the statistic in the headline, but proper landing page optimization can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. Your landing pages serve a purpose. From setting goals to creating interesting and valuable content, to the right design and promotion strategy—crafting a landing page that will engage and convert is a multi-step process.
Next week, on Thursday, April 28, we're hosting a WordStream and Wistia webinar where we'll go in-depth about the best practices for creating a landing page that converts. A great landing page has to have an organized structure with a goal in mind—making it easy and worthwhile for an audience member to become a lead. Minimal navigation: You want to keep folks on the landing page and signing up for your content, without making it easy for them to absentmindedly navigate around your website and forget about your offer.
An explanation of what's beyond the gate: Your audience wants to know what they're signing up for—will this content give them value? Webinars are a great opportunity to give your audience valuable information while inviting them to get to know your company and team members behind-the-scenes. The live Q&A delivers added value, since folks can ask questions that are specific to them and take that information back to their companies.
Adding video to your webinar landing page is a great way to drive registration numbers up while appealing to folks considering signing up. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more, and webinar videos are super easy to make, low-risk, and high reward. E-books and whitepapers are a great way to create marketing and sales enablement content to give out on a landing page.
Great e-book landing pages have a clear value proposition, showing the audience what they'll get for their email address, why it's important, and how it can help them in their careers.
Whether you're doing physical events or online get-togethers such as live-chats, you can use video to grow your registration count, therefore growing your leads. It seems like more people are moving into having videos on their landing pages and away from just static ones.
The only cash outlay came from buying the page design – for about the price of two cups of coffee.
The screenshots below show some of the steps I took to re-construct the design in Unbounce. Luckily, the designer of this page had included very precise instructions for how to recreate the angled view in Photoshop. After moving it close to the right spot, I nudged with the arrow keys for an exact placement on the product box. I usually stay away from having more than one call to action, but wanted to experiment to see if people would be interested.
You can then pass the data through to a list at an email provider like MailChimp or AWeber and receive automated notification email updates whenever a new lead is captured. They can’t remove the link back to your page though which is how the viral nature is preserved.
I grabbed the link, set it as the target for my button and set it as the page conversion goal in Unbounce (so that I can track how many people click the button).
I also placed some links strategically around a few pages to generate some extra traffic, but Twitter was the primary inbound source. You can watch a complete instructional video which shows you how to create a simple survey question and how to add the Qualaroo script into Unbounce. Having only recently discovered Unbounce this is the type of post that I love – it reveals actual metrics yet offers practical advice how how the rest of us can use these techniques. How long do you think it takes to get to a level of expertise that allow you to create landing pages as good as this one? Having only recently discovered Unbounce this is the type of post that I love – it reveals actual metrics yet offers practical advice how how the rest of us can use these techniques.
Ideally there would be a 1-2 chapter preview of the content as a smaller openly accessible PDF as a teaser and proof of quality.
It’s an ongoing process that becomes an integral part of the everyday tasks and goals, but where does it start? Let us introduce all the important aspects of building a strong brand that attracts clients and generates long-term relationships. Playing it safe will not get you very far, so be prepared to take calculated risks and to challenge yourself to try new directions in design, marketing or messaging. Establish eye-level contact between brands and customers by engaging them through social media, or offline encounters.
Nothing will get you there faster than catching the attention of trend-setters and culture influencers. Even if you are exceptionally gifted in design, writing, administrating and all other branding related tasks, give yourself room to rely on the experience and advice of others.
Always think about the next steps, the things you haven’t tried yet, the weak spots you want to work on.
If you want to see results you need to stay active and dynamic, and to keep a frequent rhythm of updates and campaigns.
Collect data so that you can refine your branding activities into more precise and effective ones. Storytelling in branding invites potential customers to imagine themselves as part of the story of the brand. It’s helpful to stop every now and then and ask yourself whether it’s time for a new logo, whether your website could use a fresh look, or whether your Facebook cover photo should retire asap.
Plan your path in advance, be prepared to adapt your course as you go along, but always push for that end goal. While you should definitely pay close attention to the individual tasks, remember to integrate this kind of focused viewpoint into the overall evaluation and broad planning. Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website.

Your landing page literally have seconds to grab that attention so you have to make this headline and possibly a sub headline or two powerful.
Your goal is to provide real value and service to your clients and you need to make sure they know it just so they do. You can give the sense of limited time offers by actually offering real limited time offers. It can have a first and last name field, an email address field, and a couple of qualifying fields that relate to your business goals.
Before you start building your page, ask yourself if your content is valuable for your audience and if it will help them through pain points.
You can use webinars to get out important stats, show the value in your product, and teach folks skills and best practices that can help them in their career.
Recorded webinars make for excellent gated content on your webinar landing page—these recordings are always relevant, evergreen content, that folks can refer back to at any time.
These webinar invite videos grow your email list while telling your viewers what to expect and how to prepare. They introduce the audience to the folks behind the scenes, help relay your brand's trust factor, and can catapult your registration numbers—populating your email list with informed members.
They can be excellent co-marketing pieces, and full of helpful information about your product and features, industry-specific tips, and how-tos.
The page is simple with clear and large CTAs, includes an easy form, and gets rid of any unnecessary navigation. That human touch makes a big difference, makes folks feel like they already have an in with someone at the event, and creates a more personal invitation. She focuses on building strong business partnerships and successful communities, and she has a passion for connecting people to the resources they need to do their best work and be the best in their industry. What would you suggest for people like me who are camera shy and a voice that leaves more to be desired? The screenshot below shows how I pasted in the embed code that I grabbed from our video hosting provider Vzaar. Digging into individual responses it seems that the primary reason for this was that people would rather tweet about it after having read the content and established an opinion about it’s value (as noted in the last point). Part of me is a little reticent to offer the email option as the viral nature of the tweet is lost with this method. Fortunately, there is a lot of branding work that you can do with no or minimal costs (like creating your own website), so be sure you do your research before you start paying. Your hook is the essence of your branding, that aspect of your product or service that you know is a sure shot.
Even if you don’t see yourself launching a huge billboard campaign, try to find the right avenues to connect with your audience face-to-face. Creating a lasting positive impression with a small audience will get you much further than reaching large audiences with a mediocre one. A great example of storytelling in branding is Dove’s Real Beauty campaign that invites women to share their own words on empowerment and confidence.
Branding work can be very creative and sometimes very detailed, and it can easily suck you in entirely if you let it. This art is often what separates a great marketer that makes it big with a mediocre marketer that just gets a few sales per month and barely any real traffic on their landing page.
I would consider researching some basic copy writing and marketing language to increase your chance of getting that attention.
Don’t mislead, but do real offers that exists for a short period of time if you use this technique and you will see more people sign up. A good landing page must prove to a consumer that the content behind it is valuable and worthy of their email address. You can use it to introduce your audience to speakers at the event, the space, and give an overview of what to expect. It's so important to do everything you can to make it seem like something they'd want to look at! While you definitely want the hook to have a prominent part in your branding and messaging, it’s important to practice moderation.
Bloggers, Instagram users, charismatic public speakers and local community leaders can be very powerful in spreading the word nowadays. Building your email list (a post for another time) is a priority and the lifeblood of your business. Saying that, you do want to capture valid email addresses and this is where a good developer can help. Add the video above the fold to quickly get your offer's value across to folks who come to your landing page. It also sheds light on how protective people can be about what they say via Twitter – again, it makes total sense when you consider that someone is effectively giving you a recommendation (often to thousands of people who have come to expect a certain standard). The plugin has features such as – custom background, video integration, exit redirects, etc. Almost everything that a landing page plugin needs.One thing that I really liked about this plugin was Countdown Timer and OTO pages. If you have purchased some products online, chances are you have already seen one of those “One time or limited special offer” pages that say – once it’s gone it’s gone. You will be able to add beautiful looking sales pages to your site, without changing the main theme. This is mostly used by internet marketers to generate additional revenue by offering an limited time discount.PT InstantPT Instant is somewhat similar to Profits Theme, which is built by the same company.
This plugin lets you create corporate style landing pages, confirmation pages, squeeze pages, and more, with just a few clicks. And the pages are pre-loaded with the sample content, which you can replace with your own copy.The plugin is optimized for tablet and smartphone, meaning your landing page will be render perfectly for viewing on all devices.
It provide sample text for landing pages, that you can replace with your own copy.Again, this is a theme, not a plugin.
Another great plugin which I didn’t mentioned in this list is OptinMonster, it capture leads by showing timely popups.After putting gorgeous looking landing pages in place, the next step is to test those pages and use that data to make new versions of your landing pages. You should check out our post on split testing plugins.What do you think about these plugins? I would suggest you to have look at Impact Page Builder its surely a good plugin and i think it deserves to be in this list. If you ever update this list, or write a follow up, I hope you’ll consider our plugin as well.

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