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Certified Financial Planner with a successful history of  providing comprehensive financial planning advice for  retirement, estate, investments and risk management.
Maintain financial reporting records for Global Operations Division  within Hyperion Enterprise. Designed standardized a cost per unit  model to provide accurate product cost for all financial cycles. Established process documentation,  creating a centralized calendar accessible to all finance professionals. Earned "Highly Successful" rating on  annual review (less than 10% of employees receive this rating). Received Kudo Award from internal customer  for providing effective responses to frequent ad hoc requests. Sold life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance products  and annuities throughout a 525-mile area of Texas as an  affiliate of a $10 billion company.
Generated over $70 million in written  insurance and annuities; recognized as a top producer. Selected after just one month to train new  recruits; successfully trained 21 sales professionals and 40  administrative personnel. Earned numerous awards, including Rookie  of the Year, Top Producer of the Year, Trainer of the Year  (twice) and HEART, awarded to the salesperson who best  exemplifies the total package of expertise, knowledge,  humor, and caring attitude. WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time. Es ist die Frage, die sich jeder Banker eines Tages stellen muss: Gesetzt der Fall, dass er aus seiner Karriere mehr machen will.
Das Branchenportal «Business Insider» hat die Probe gemacht und zahlt elf Grunde auf, warum der CFA die bessere Wahl ist. Die Hurde beim CFA ist hoher: Schlechte Mathematiker werden es schwer haben, die Tests zu bestehen. Der CFA bringt spezifisches Know-how, das in der Finanzanalyse oder im Portfoliomanagement notwendig ist. Fur Banker und Investoren nicht unwichtig: Das CFA Institute wurde von Benjamin Graham, einem der beruhmtesten Investoren gegrundet. An der Wall Street werden CFA-Halter vermehrt von Hedge Funds und Private-Equity-Firmen angeworben. Fur das schlechte Resultat werden die Markte verantwortlich gemacht, das Management kann nichts dafur.

Man notiere: Wenn man den Sumpf austrocknen will, soll man nicht mit den Froschen sprechen. Aufgrund von einer oder zwei Neueinstellung von einer 'Personaloffensive' zu sprechen, scheint mir doch etwas vermessen. Kostenlos abonnierenAbonnieren Sie jetzt den und Sie erhalten kostenlos 2x wochentlich die wichtigsten News aus der Schweizer Finanzwelt per E-Mail. Seasoned analyst with expertise in strategic pricing, business  development, loan structuring, capital leases, asset recovery  and ad hoc analysis.
Establish strong client relationships, while maintaining balance between company and customer agendas.
Compile and analyze statistical data to establish software, maintenance and implementation pricing objectives. Responsible for updating group pricing models with regular macro adjustments and modifications. Structured complex financial loans and leases for IBM Global Financing's core business customers. Performed capital and operating lease analysis, as well as other revenue recognition accounting tests. Awarded four Recognition Awards in 4th quarter of 2008 by internal sales team for consistently reaching sales goals. Collaborated with credit advisors, asset recovery analysts and IBM brand managers, thereby ensuring  efficient and strategic IT financing proposals. Approved capital budgeting decisions with  project analysis pertaining to initial cash outflows,  operating cash inflows, net present value, risk analysis,  Internal Rate of Returns and EBITDA margins. Earned "Top Sales Achiever" distinction, generating highest departmental revenue for two consecutive quarters. Analyzed profit margins, monitored market  place trends and analyzed revenue-cost analysis forecasts in the Southeast. Well-versed in competitor knowledge and IT trends with regards to new equipment and financial solutions. Calculated and approved profit margins and write-downs with present values of future cash flows.
Negotiated "terms of agreement" with company's largest clients, ensuring the satisfaction of all interested parties.
In this episode, Bob Galen help us to better understand the role of the Product Owner and how Business Analysts can best support the PO and the team.

If a Product Owner (PO) has strong product management skills, they may be weak in Business Analysis.  A Business Analyst can partner with the Product Owner by breaking down features and capabilities into smaller chunks that the team can deliver in small iterations, creating meaningful user stories or use cases, and helping the PO understand impacts and dependencies.
In some organizations, instead of having a Business Analyst on the team, there’s a pool of Business Analysts coupled with the product organization from which the Product Owner can pull for support. Sometimes, organizations convert Business Analysts to Product Owners.  In those cases, the Product Owner has strong Business Analysis skills, but lack strength in product management or another area. The Product Owner role is an aggregate role and the Business Analyst can partner with the Product Owner to complement the role with their skills. As a Business Analyst, you need to bring curiosity and openness to the team.  Ask why and don’t be afraid to suggest that the team shouldn’t do something.
To get more valuable content to enhance your skills and advance your career, you can subscribe on iTunes. Ein MBA (Masters of Business Administration) bietet Themenvielfalt und studentische Kameraderie, wahrend ein CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) in einsamen Lernstunden prazises Handwerk vermittelt. Ein Fulltime-MBA verlangt dagegen eine Auszeit, was der Karriere nicht unbedingt zutraglich ist. Beim MBA bekommt man hingegen oft nochmals die Basics der Volks- und Betriebswirtschaftslehre vermittelt. Proficient in working with various groups,  including: legal, IT, sales and customers to determine optimal  strategies for attaining sales quotas.
Successfully led RFP for Fidelity  resulting in $8M in incremental revenue with 12% EBITDA margins.
He is a deeply experienced agile coach who is active in the agile community and regularly writes & teaches on all topics related to the agile methods. Adept at evaluating data and delivering sound advice  based on risk tolerance, financial goals, and individual  circumstances.
Bob wrote the book Scrum Product Ownership, which is focused on that role and driving value in team delivery. I read each review and it helps keep me motivated to continue to bring you valuable content each week.

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