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Tell stories.  Storytelling is another overused term, but at its core, it means packaging information into meaningful and entertaining narratives to forge stronger emotional bonds with customers.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. A brand positioning is not a clever advertising idea, a cool tag line, a slick logo, a graphic standards manual, or a website. An e-commerce client of ours recently noticed that millennials represent their largest  and fastest-growing customer segment. And the best stories aren’t just splashy entrepreneurial chronicles, like Steve Jobs’ life or Richard Branson’s latest exploits.
Employees, in fact, can be both a rich source of stories and a powerful channel through which to tell them. Staking out a position on a topical or important issue and offering insights or ideas can yield far-reaching brand benefits. Consumers are exhausted of traditional brand communication and they desire to receive communication in an entertaining and enjoyable way. That simple fact, backed by the right data and company history, qualifies them to build content and create speaking platforms around what they’ve learned about marketing to millennials. The most persuasive might be closer to home; they can be customer testimonials, community happenings, or employee exploits.

The essence of good PR is having someone else talk about your brand rather than the company itself. One of our clients, McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union, has embraced a campaign around financial wellness. There are many ways to use classic PR strategies to add depth, color, and cohesion to the building blocks of brand identity.
When we placed a local newspaper story about an employee who lost 50 pounds and regained her health with the help of the fitness and wellness resources available to her at work, it added depth and credibility to the client’s reputation. The third-party endorsement – either implied or explicit – is often very effective, sometimes more so than paid media. It’s an example of thought leadership around a key issue relevant to many customers that has nothing to do with coffee or social networking. It sponsors a series of Financial Learning Seminars, underwrites research about the cost of financial stress in the workplace;  and raises funds for financial wellness causes.
We help a brand to be present in the content itself and therefore become indivisible from the story.
It represents the values, personality, and experience that people associate with the company, product, or service. It helps when the publicity results include “proof points” that reinforce a brand proposition or identity. Such combination of the brand within the script of a film assists in conveying the brand message in an entertaining and appealing way.

A customer testimonial is an obvious example, but third-party endorsement can also come with content sharing and social media community-building. Brands help companies command a premium price because of the added value associated with brands. Most important, a strong brand helps customers understand your company, and it imparts a sense of mis­sion within the company. A good brand positioning provides guidelines for every action from product development to answering the telephone!A brand image of your company, product, or service evolves whether you are involved in shaping the process or not.
Think of the little redheaded boy, the blonde cheerleader, New Orleans, Nike, IBM, Intel, Starbucks, Ford, Firestone tires.
These are managed through brand positioning elements from name and graphic components to product dis­tribution channels, pricing, and so on. The goal is to generate consistent purchase behavior among a target base (thus providing you with a consistent return on the investment of capital in that asset). Our work with McDonald's and Coors shows that both have strong, loyal con­sumer bases but that this loyalty is constantly tested by competitive efforts. All Rights Reserved Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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