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The Student Branding Blog, part of the Personal Branding Network, is the #1 resource for career and personal branding advice for high school, college and graduate students. Typically the few students who did raise their hands were from the business school.  I was absolutely shocked because business cards are the bread and butter of professional branding.  They are a passport to the professional world! The first myth that needs to be dispelled is that business cards are just for those interested in Fortune 500s. The #1 fear most employers have when hiring students is that the boss will have to spend a ton of time training them on email, phone call etiquette, how to network, and other soft skills.  By showing off your business cards, these folks will immediately drop that fear and start thinking about how you can contribute to the office with real work. One of our former interns, Gabe Pelegrin, used a colorful, simple deisgn for his business card that is 100% Gabe–check it out here!  (He used this same design on his personal website and on his resume too!).

Don’t fret–even if you are not design savvy, most schools have template business cards you can use simply by calling your career service center and ordering cards through them!  The typically use your college seal, which while not overly unique, still says a lot about who you are. If it gets you your next internship or job–this will be the best $10 you have ever spent.
Having business cards as a student has helped me attain 2 internships without having to interview.
Dan Schawbel, the founder of the Student Branding Blog, is a world renowned personal branding expert, the international bestselling author of Me 2.0, as well as the publisher of the Personal Branding Blog. Trying to land an internship or job without a business card is a bit like showing up to a soccer match without cleats – you can still play but you are going to look funny.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Nathan joined long-time friend and co-founder, Andrew Maguire in starting InternMatch to build a better way for students to find interesting internships. Having a business card certainly does make you stand out from the crowd as a student, and help you secure an internship that will help strengthen your skill set. I am currently a Communications and Marketing Intern for the Northern Virginia Urban League.

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