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When I was designing my first ever business cards, before I had started the Parachute Digital business and was just operating as an independent digital marketing consultant in Sydney, I wanted my title to send a very clear message to anyone who was given my business card, I wanted it to represent my personal brand – as an individual as well as a professional, and what I came up with was, Digital Adventurer. I am very happy with my strategic decision to list my services and a testimonial on my business cards. I often attend business networking events and when the business card box comes around I look at the business cards and I’m so glad that I made the strategic decision to put some additional information on my digital marketing consulting business cards.
I know some people may scoff at my Digital Adventurer title, bullet points and testimonial on my cards but by and large I’ve had a good reaction to them. At Parachute Digital Marketing, we like to take our clients on a digital adventure, but we always make sure that we guide them in safely to a successful landing. As my digital marketing consulting clients grew, I decided it was time to register a business name and think about getting serious.
I actually love telling the story of how it all came together because for me it illustrates how fate and destiny guide us. About UsWe're on a mission to educate and inspire the not-for-profit industry about digital marketing & fundraising so we can give every donor a great online experience.
Hertfordshire, administrative and historic county of southern England, adjoining Greater London to the south. The county lies mainly within the London Basin, but its rim, the chalky Chiltern Hills, cuts across northern Hertfordshire from southwest to northeast. To identify suitable keywords, we can use the Google Keyword tool to expand our list and find out the number of searches each month. There is a status in wearing designer goods and many pop stars like to have their photograph taken wearing Prada Glasses. If you are having difficulty reaching the top page of Google for your keywords, you should consider finding an SEO consultant or going on one of many SEO courses available in the area. The county has some of the principal roads in England: A1, A1(M), A5, A6, A41, M1, M11, and M25.
I am very aware that most people have no idea what I do, so I wanted to at least give them some hints.
It was important for me to clearly demonstrate that I was not your average digital marketing consultant.

Again, before I had started my own business and even before I had concepted the name Parachute Digital (Marketing). If anything, there is more data to support why digital marketing drives higher return on investment (ROI) than other marketing channels. My business cards already had a silhouette of a dandelion, which I chose because again, I wanted to represent my personal brand and I love nature and the environment. I really feel that I was meant to be my own boss but it had to come to me when I was ready for it and all of these things fell into place (along with some hard work) over a 12 month period.
Finishing the agreed project looking forward to continuing working along with the customer. One-on-one, in-depth interviews to professionals of all entrepreneurial and hierarchic levels conducted by journalists and psychologists with broad experience in market research and with a busy social activity. Most of the county, therefore, drains southward toward the Thames by the River Lea in the east and the River Colne in the west.
Even apart from that planned growth, the residential and industrial development of other centres such as Watford was rapid. In these harsh economic times, there is a tendency to go for home improvement with extensions and loft conversions in St Albans rather than having estate agent and solicitor fees. The keyword difficulty (CPR) is 4.8 so that appropriate optimisation of the website and a few good links should bring a website to the top.
That tagline also represented my personal and professional brand as a Digital Marketing Consultant. I also thought the dandelion was a beautiful representation of the internet and the way we connect one website to the next through links. In both those valleys the sands and gravels of the London Basin have been extensively worked, creating a series of flooded pits used now for recreation or for water storage.
No county in England has a greater array of direct road and rail links with London, and the whole county lies within easy commuting time of the capital. So how do I know what they do within a business that I have no idea even what industry it is in? I want to work with businesses who want to try new things, who are prepared to test strategies and scenarios and take a few risks.

The gently rolling countryside is well wooded and attractive but has been increasingly occupied by the encroaching suburban development of London.
Light industries dependent on access to markets, offices moving from central London to areas of lower rents, film studios, and thousands of exurbanites have since the war overflowed into Hertfordshire. Welwyn Garden City hosts Roche UK’s headquarters (subsidiary of the Swiss pharmaceutical firm Hoffman-La Roche) and Cereal Partners production facilities, Pure the DAB radio maker is based in Kings Langley. As a Digital Adventurer I wanted my clients to understand that I offer something a little bit more exciting, more passionate, more adventurous and more risky than some of my digital marketing consultant competitors in Sydney. While I may be a risk taking, passionate, Digital Adventurer, I still want to make sure that my clients feel in control and as though I am simply a guide, helping them land safely wherever they choose to venture in the digital world.
The Potters Bar area in Hertsmere borough lies outside the historic county of Hertfordshire and within the historic county of Middlesex. The Green Belt legislation has restricted that urban growth and helped to preserve what is left of the countryside in the vicinity of the metropolis. There is an associated program with the same name that uses the same technique but does the work on automatic pilot.
The historic county of Hertfordshire, however, includes much of northern and central Barnet borough in Greater London.
In the following example it has been used to look at keyword difficulty for a series of potential keywords that SMEs in Hertfordshire might be interested in. Hatfield used to be connected with the aircraft industry, as it was where de Havilland developed the world’s first commercial jet liner, the Comet.
The National Pharmacy Association (NPA), the trade association for all of the UK’s community pharmacies, is based in St.

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