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The ambition of the new Global Strategy and Business Development (GSB) organisation is to bring together Statoil's corporate strategy, business development, and merger and acquisition activities to actively drive growth and corporate development. Business development execution: responsible for business development project execution, technical evaluation and commercial analysis. GSB will spearhead inorganic moves towards Statoil's growth target as outlined in our renewed strategy. Flat design set icons Start up Business development success result strategy concept vector illustration. After spending some time across the past couple of months with diverse audiences discussing the subject of business strategy, it became clear to me that what most people are looking for is a simple, practical definition of strategy that they can use to move their business forward.
Once your strategy has been defined, it should become a guide for day-to-day activities at all levels of the credit union. Essentially, Walmart is in the logistics business because their strategy is all about providing low prices to consumers. Walmart’s distribution pipeline is controlled down to the last detail to ensure that costs are not increased by the movement of products from one location to another.

Though a well-defined strategy doesn’t guarantee success, it puts you on a path with a much higher probability of achieving it and prepares your team to respond effectively to changes in that require you to adjust your course. This entry was posted on Monday, January 11th, 2010 at 5:10 pm and is filed under Strategy.
Improve decision making, strategic thinking and leadership in your credit union with tips and articles from the CU Strategy Blog.
Mark brought value to our organization through his ability to design solutions geared to results. Mark gets the team to do the work that is critical for developing a specific strategy for their organizations.
Taylor made our leaders think about and act on developing and mentoring employees for great performance.
GSB sets the strategic direction for Statoil and identifies, develops and delivers opportunities for global growth. Start by rigorously evaluating your credit union’s strategy against the four questions above-does it effectively define a vision that addresses each question?

Next, consider how effectively your strategy has been integrated into the day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month activities throughout the credit union-are the things that people do each day structured to produce the defined strategic outcomes? Finally, examine the effectiveness of your communication process as it relates to your strategy, because this is where even the best strategic plans often fall short-is your strategy being continuously reinforced and used to drive the actions of the team? This is achieved through close collaboration across geographic locations and business areas. Statoil's renewed strategy, which was launched in June 2011, plays an important role in guiding Statoil's business development focus.

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