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I discovered that all the bad things that happened to my business in the last 10 years made my business stronger. Problem: We screwed up three web design projects in a week and made three clients very mad. Problem: A marketing consultant that used to send us two-thirds of our new clients went out of business.
Saying no often keeps you sane and energetic so when you do say yes, you do a great job at that.
For the past five years I’ve been trying to find the perfect balance between work and life.
When I have a lot of energy and inspiration I work 14-hour days, but I have so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work at all.
Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur, marketing speaker, author of The Internet Marketing Bible and CEO of Digital Aptitude, a data-driven digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. I’ve recently resigned from working with two of my clients so that I can refocus on what gives me passion, and find my days are full, productive and exciting.
Hi Jill, the policy at The Outsourcing Company is that as long as we get things done, make our clients happy and provide them a great ROI on their investments, we have some flexibility as far as when and where the work is done. After first watching this video in our Sandler Sales Training meeting yesterday, we discussed the business applications that could be translated from Sharma’s experiences.
At one point in this clip, Sharma and a buddy are laying on the ground looking up at the wall he’s about to take on. You may not be a rock climber, but these lessons apply to you, whether you’re the business owner, a salesperson, a marketer, or an employee trying to make a difference.
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Your small business may not have the fan base of a company such as Coca-Colaa€”at least not yet. The Takeaway: Small brands can encourage the same kind of involvement by urging users to provide content to share with other fans and followers.
When Radioshack held a contest to celebrate its sales of Verizon phones, it introduced the new product on Twitter by encouraging users to Tweet at its account, using the hashtag #itskindofabigdeal.

Takeaway: Figure out a way to make a game out of your product or servicea€”perhaps by adding a competitive element to your request for user-generated content.
Clearly, no one at Oreo heeds the childhood command, a€?Dona€™t play with your food.a€? From June to October 2012, the company held a 100-day campaign to celebrate its 100th year.
The Takeaway: The best brands market their product in a way that will connect with people, no matter how mundane it may seem. Zappos could have just gotten by on its great service alone, but its culture is what makes it really stand out.
I realized that the sales process we were using wasn’t very effective and spent four weeks improving it.
I now leave a lot of free time in my schedule to work on projects I enjoy, catch up with work that take longer than expected and rest when I’m tired and need to recharge my energy levels. But when I’m tired and unproductive, I go for a run, hang out with friends or take my wife out.
Its a project I will be proud of, gives my company good visibility or will add positively to our portfolio.
Working on what gets you excited is so much easier, and gives you energy instead of sucking the life out of you. He talks about how he approaches a wall and the things that go through his mind as he looks up at the massive structure. This means he has to completely release both hands and both feet with the goal of reaching another spot. Sometimes it’s hard to run a business or to stick with content marketing when it seems counterintuitive or simply takes more time than you expected.
And, finally, bold risks always end up positively – either you learn something or you succeed massively. Submitted via Expediaa€™s social media apps, the a€?Find Yoursa€? series groups together videos, photos, and content about their travel experience.
The Tweets were sent directly one of several Verizon phones, placed on a table and set to vibrate whenever they received the Tweets.
This will encourage even more engagement, and perhaps gather more fans and followers for you, since youa€™re offering an incentive.

Each day saw the debut of an Oreo cookie, cut, carved, and shaped to celebrate the historical significance of that day. You can do this by offering nice perks, of course, but a large part of worker happiness is sharing values. You probably know of several other companies that have caught your eye because they did something creative or unusual. When we hired a new salesperson, we had an amazing system and she was much more qualified than our previous salesman.
Sometimes we need to make calls at certain times or meet with clients at certain places, but most of the time we can be pretty flexible.
He may have to adjust once he’s actually up there, but he starts with a detailed plan. Below, wea€™ve listed some companies that have built their brands through special engagement efforts. Each vibration made the phones move, and the Tweeters responsible for making a phone fall off the table won that phone.
Once youa€™ve attracted new fans, however, youa€™ll need to keep creating great content to keep their attention.
Its Instagram dazzles with colorful pictures that show the markers themselves and the drawings made by staff. Besides fostering a great work environment, the companya€™s approach to work also makes it a brand that people love. Because in the Zappos mindset, a€?Culture is programmed by values, values drive behavior, behaviors drive actions, and actions produce results.a€? Invest time and energy in cultivating a company driven by values, and customers will be reminded of those values whenever they see your logo. In both bouldering and soloing, you’re literally free-climbing, and a miss means a drop of up to 60 feet.
When you make the effort to inspire, amuse, or simply connect with your audience, the results can be just the boost your brand needs.

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