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The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the oldest and largest marketing association in the world.
Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd by overlooking the importance of quality designs and creative marketing solutions. Deptford Signarama serves South Jersey’s signage needs, making signs, vehicle graphics, banners and displays for businesses throughout Gloucester county and Salem County. Marketing is often seen as a chore—‘the work that you have to do when you’re not installing septic systems’—and the less-than-enthusiastic result barely goes beyond a sign on the truck, a box of business cards, and a list of contacts. The good news is: Just as there are logical ways to execute a waste water treatment project, there are equally logical and common-sense marketing tips and techniques that will put us on a trajectory to a greater level of achievement and expectation in our septic system businesses. These success tips are the culmination of years of training, education, experimentation, argument, failure, and breakthrough—all the building blocks of success. New Web Marketing Association Report Details Trends in Award Winning Websites Derived from More than a Decade of Web site judging for the WebAwards Web site development competition.
Once the total user experience is attained, the site becomes a sales tool itself because it has captured the visitor and the winners of the WebAward do this especially well.

The ISAR index is an average of all scores in the Web Marketing Association's WebAward competition sine 1997.
The ISAR report also includes an index with a running benchmark of web development to which each industry can draw comparisons. Drawing off information found in the ISAR report, web developers and others within organizations responsible for web design, can leverage statistical data to make more informed decisions in an effort to create more effect websites.
The worst overall industry websites included those such as Regional, Consulting and Investment websites.
Web Developers anxious to see how their site compares with the ISAR Index can enter the 2008 WebAward competition in April and receive valuable feedback regarding their web development efforts. Now in its 12th year, the annual international WebAwards competition sets the standard of excellence in 96 industry categories by evaluating Web sites and defining benchmarks based on the seven essential criteria of successful Web site development. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Wilbraham Designs handles every design project, whether big or small, with the idea that a crisp and bold design will put the exclamation point at the end of any marketing message and ultimately help you stand out among the rest.

We have to approach marketing as deliberately as we do our training, education, and even our installation jobs themselves.
In them, you’ll find dozens of straightforward strategies that will have you nodding, perhaps disbelieving, but, ultimately, becoming seriously motivated—perhaps for the first time in a long time—to move up to the next level in your career as a septic system installer. The ISAR Index reversed a downward trend and the overall standard of excellence in Web development rose across 96 industries. It has over 300 collegiate chapters world-wide and over 75 professional chapters across the United States and Canada. Our consultants draw upon their extensive expertise in Brand Management, Marketing Analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to deliver customized strategic and tactical plans that drive sales and keep your customers coming back. Our unwillingness to market ourselves is an unacceptable obstacle that puts a fatal limit on what we can become.

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