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Northern Lights above tents at the reindeer lodge in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden This is the last post of the year and I just wanted to say thanks! My name is Tess Whitty, and I have loved working as an English-Swedish freelance translator since 2002.
The organization sponsors one major event each year to raise money for local charities and scholarships. The chapter meets monthly the first Wednesday of the month, alternating between lunch and dinner meetings. Get involved and experience the camaraderie, friendships and fun that are accomplished through working together, supporting and believing in women in the Lake area. The new age of SEO and content marketing online have small business focused on blogging, social media, keyword research, website development, and other tactics that make them overlook additional key marketing moves to boost their exposure to the average consumer. The mantra, “Content is King” rings true when attempting to boost page rankings for search engine optimization (SEO). This content isn’t simply written blog posts, but are keyword optimized and include relevant photos and videos attract visitors. Showcase your products and services through re-occurring short videos talking to customers about their experiences and successes, your business culture and work environment, community activities and anything that else that connects your brand in a more enriching manner. Your company’s reputation and image online is often determined by reviews and search engine rankings.
A navigation-friendly, visually pleasing and intuitive mobile site is a great place to start.
Successful mobile sites also have easy to find contact information and call-to-action buttons to lead forms, shopping carts and landing pages. AboutFounded in 2006, BIG Marketing for Small Business is a leading small business marketing resource that provides common and uncommon ideas to help small businesses connect BIG with their customers.

I love sharing my passion for the profession, and my experience from being a freelancer and a marketing professional with other translators, through presentations and trainings. With only 13 charter members to begin, the organization is now over 40 strong and growing a€” making it one of the largest chapters in the state. Running a successful website is reliant on the availability of fresh, rich and unique content on the blog or newsfeed of the website. Running a video blog could be just the thing to boost your website’s rankings, improve your brand image and connect more intimately to current and potential customers. Video blogging is the perfect tool to attract and engage new customers on your website and increase conversion. Every business owner wants their products or website on the first page of Google and Bing when a relevant keyword is searched upon. How a potential customer sees the product on a store shelf, in a picture on Amazon or Ebay, or anywhere else can either pull them in or drive a potential sale away. There are many fantastic responsive WordPress themes to choose from that can help you accomplish this, quickly and on a small budget.
You can really use these in getting to your target market and improve your branding to your consumers. The mission of PBW is to enhance womena€™s lives professionally, politically and personally.
Proceeds from the annual event fund scholarships for working women wanting to continue their education.
And don’t be afraid to spend a little more money on an HD camcorder and a proper mic–these days, you can find them both for cheap. The packaging for a product should be simple, aesthetically pleasing and easily understandable.

With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet use, the PC is becoming increasingly irrelevant.
As a token of appreciation, I wanted to give you some tools to plan for a successful 2015, some business and marketing plans.
The chapter is comprised of dedicated volunteers and accomplishes an array of tasks through committee participation. In addition to awarding local scholarships, PBW makes annual contributions to several Lake area charities. Each meeting features a speaker addressing a topic of interest to women, focusing on everything from health and business issues to car care and community issues.
And don’t let thesemisunderstandings around mobile marketing deter you from investing in it. The newsletter subscribers have all received my one page marketing plan last year, to help them create an easy to follow plan for their marketing efforts, and I wanted to also include it here for you.
In 2016 these charities were: Citizens Against Domestic Violence, Kids' Harbor, the Hope House, The Community Foundation of the Lake, Share the Harvest, and the Lamb House. Download One Page Marketing Plan for Translators Here two other free resources for planning your business and marketing in 2015: One Page Business Plan from $100 Startup One Page Promotion Plan from $100 Startup How to write a Freelance Business Plan Social Media Strategy Template I have personally done a lot of planning this last week for 2015, both for my translation business and for Marketing Tips for Translators.
For my translation business I have used an updated, two-page business plan that have adapted and this one includes plans for  current situation, general goals, research, continuing education, direct contact with clients, social media, conferences and publications. Thank you also to everyone who have provided feedback and reviews on the Marketing Cookbook for Translators, you can read the latest reviews here.

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