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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Free restaurant business plan sampleIf youve ever been to Carnegie Deli in New York City, you know there are two thingsyou can count on every time you dine there, mile-high sandwiches and wait staff withattitude. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. As a small business owner I understand the challenges small businesses face daily – what to prioritise, where to invest and how to maximise profit. Lets be honest, writing a business plan is a daunting task and when you see long planning templates which require answers you don’t know – like how much you’re going to produce in the first year – it can be discouraging! Every business plan begins with a SWOT – a review of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats ahead of your business. Remember strengths and weaknesses are internal or within your control, like staff training.
Then in a realistic manner set out what you can achieve within in the next six months, what can be completed within a year and what needs to wait until the second year.

Once you have written a business plan share it with a couple of trusted advisors and ask their feedback. Brand Amp specialises in strategy, marketing communications and public relations with a bent for wine, craft beer, drinks and food businesses.
If you start the journey knowing where you are going you will end up there – even if you need to detour along the way.
Grab a few trusted people – brainstorming is always easier with more than one brain – and develop your SWOT. Once you have analysed your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats consider how you can improve the result, maximise the impact, minimise the impact, achieve greater margins etc. With more than 20 years communications experience in New Zealand and Australia, Managing Director Nicola McConnell and the team can assist with specialist tactics such as; media monitoring, media relations or traditional PR, sample send outs for New Zealand and Australia, writing, event management, distributor communication, internal communication, direct marketing, digital marketing and social media. The deli has firmlyestablished its reputation as a quintessential NYC food fest destination.Meanwhile, over at The Drake hotel in downtown Chicago, their English Afternoon Teais a very fond and elegant memory. If the market changes and new opportunities present themselves review your plan – let the business plan live and change but whatever you do, don’t let it gather dust!

It beautifully mirrors the overall gracious experiencethe hotel offers its guests.Experiential RestaurantingWhen patrons leave your establishment, what do you want them to remember? What doyou want them to tweet about as they make their way to their next destination, while theirimpressions are fresh on their minds?
Stick it up on the wall by your monitor so you see it regularly or write a note in your diary to look at it every three months or so. Ideally, the lingering impression, the reasoncustomers become regulars, is the imprint of a great overall experience.The soul of your restaurant can emanate from the chefs personality and culinary skills, orbe rooted in local culture and history.

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