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Content from our sponsor Please note: The Wall Street Journal News Department was not involved in the creation of the content below. Deloitte’s Insights for C-suite executives and board members provide information and resources to help address the challenges of managing risk for both value creation and protection, as well as increasing compliance requirements. Employees were identified as the top source of supply chain fraud risk, followed by vendors and other third parties, according to a poll conducted by Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP among 2,060 professionals from various the banking and securities, technology, retail and distribution, process and industrial products, and consumer products sectors. As Global Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of Allianz SE since 2008, Thomas Wilson has witnessed turbulent market events as well as a number of substantial new regulatory requirements.
Owen Ryan, CEO of Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Risk Advisory practice, discusses what companies and their boards are doing to address the growing number of risks, including adding new positions to oversee risk and using wargaming and scenario planning to build and test strategies.
Fewer companies apply risk sensing tools and capabilities to detect emerging strategic risks than to other types of corporate risks, such as financial and compliance risk, even though strategic risks tend to be the most important to senior executives, according to a global survey from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited conducted with Forbes Insights.
The Growing Need for a Water Stewardship Strategy as Water Risks RiseMuch of the world is parched. Following is a discussion of the reasons behind water scarcity, the risks associated with the growing lack of water and why water is a significant issue for management, including CFOs as well as CROs.
In Corporate Water Strategies (Earthscan, 2011), William Sarni, director and practice leader, Enterprise Water Strategy, Deloitte Consulting LLP, makes the case for how precarious water availability really is.
All of those factors are converging to make water an increasingly scarce resource—at a time when demand could not be greater. Preparing for water scarcity starts with understanding your water use across your value chain and then understanding what risks and opportunities that creates. Determining usage (both water withdrawal and consumption) is a major component of a water strategy (see Figure 1). Based on that analysis, companies can decide what to do in order to decrease their water risk. There should also be a water resource evaluation (along with energy) component in mergers and acquisitions due diligence in consumer products industries, among others. For any business, however, the time to create a water stewardship strategy is before it is needed. Different countries have taken steps to restructure water pricing in response to persistent droughts. 3.“OECD Environmental Outlook to 2030,” Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, March 2008. This publication contains general information only and Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries ("Deloitte") are not, by means of this publication, rendering accounting, business, financial, investment, legal, tax or other professional advice or services. A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals.
A hardy domesticated ruminant animal that has backward curving horns and (in the male) a beard.
Cloneburgers wona€™t come with warningsBy LIBBY QUAID, AP Food and Farm Writer 26 minutes agoWASHINGTON a€“ Cloneburgers wona€™t come with warnings. From appearances at the most high-end restaurants to street food carts coast-to-coast, goat meat and dairy products are being embraced across the country as the next big thing.
Palo Alto Software offers Business Plan Pro, the word's leading business planning software, along with other business and marketing planning solutions. Start-up Sample Business Plan Eating Meat Linked To Disease, Report Says Horse meat - Wikipedia, the free. Pakistan's goat meat consumption of 779,000 tons in 2011-12 ranks it among the top 3 in the world. Along with rising meat consumption, there has also been a big surge in milk consumption with the ongoing livestock revolution in Pakistan.
Although meat consumption in Pakistan is rising, it still remains very low by world standards.
Although still below average relative to the world, per capita consumption of meat, milk and edible oil are rising with rising incomes in both India and Pakistan. Somethings wrong with you, most of this is good news, that somehow standards of living is rising. The $5 billion mega meat merger concept floated with great hope is on the ropes after only a couple of months of debate. South Island meat co-operative Alliance, based in Invercargill, launched the audacious concept in mid February as a cure for an ailing sheep-meat industry.
Crunch time is looming for the five meat companies to commit or not to the concept so more detailed work can start towards putting a package to the Commerce Commission by June.
Alliance chairman Owen Poole said yesterday he was looking for that by the end of next week. The proposed game plan is for Invercargill-based Alliance and Dunedin-based PPCS to merge to form a $3b-revenue meat co-operative which will buy out the other players -- Affco and Anzco which have revenues of about $1b a piece and the smaller Bernard Matthews. To make it work farmer-suppliers in the giant co-operative will have to stump up with cash to buy out the others.
But North Island farmers see the crisis in the sheepmeat industry as a South Island problem and one to be thrashed out between old rivals PPCS and Alliance. PPCS had never been involved in the preparation or development of the proposal or even the discussion with other parties, Garden said.
Garden rejected a suggestion the company was posturing and wanted to avoid a valuation central to any merger.
In his letter to farmer suppliers, Garden said a partial industry restructure was untenable because it allowed players to challenge the super meat company in beef and venison and potentially re-enter the sheepmeat industry again later. Alliance chairman Owen Poole, championing the concept, is conciliatory towards the wishes of other players. He questioned PPCS being willing to sacrifice $400 million of gains from a merger for the sake of the beef business. Alliance is proposing the companies commit to a valuation process next week so that a detailed business case could be developed. Stuart Weston, chief executive of Affco, which is controlled by the Talley family, said PPCS was creating a lot of pre-conditions before the bargaining even began.
Japanese-controlled Anzco was a vertically integrated business with a much bigger beef component than sheep and three food manufacturing plants.
During the recuiting process and upon request, accommodation for applicants with disabilities is available . Determining objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate. Establishing any local policies with respect to police services, after consultation with the detachment commander or his or her designate. Austrian born, he studied art in Toronto and spent a number of years in illustrating and production positions before undertaking freelance assignments and opening his own studio. Neil studied at the Slade School of Art in his native London, England, and moved to Canada in 1958. Craig, a resident of Perth, Ontario, is internationally known for his realistic paintings of Canada, especially for a series of paintings of Ontario railroad stations and steam engines; in fact, his first job after graduating from high school was as an office boy for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Randy was born in Germany in 1956 and attended Concordia University, where he obtained a degree in Fine Arts.
Pierre was born in Ottawa, Ontario in 1961 and studied Fine Arts at the University of Quebec in Hull, Quebec. John was born in Renfrew, Ontario but moved away at a young age because of his father's military career. Marillyn Saffery was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 1970. A graduate of Toronto's Ontario College of Art and Design, Karole Marois continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence Italy, where she was particularly inspired by the expression of the human spirit in the art of the Renaissance. Learn more about the great services and products available in Downtown Pembroke and the Ottawa Valley with more than 50 exhibitors. Like all other municipalities across the province, the City of Pembroke has been proactive in preparing and constantly reviewing and updating its official Emergency Plan.
We rely on technology more and more to keep in touch with our family, friends, and colleagues with a click of a button. For Zoning By-laws and the Official Plan, please refer to the Planning Section of this Site. If you have a general inquiry regarding a by-law listed above, please contact our Municipal By-law Enforcement Officers at (613) 735-6821 Ext.
The City of Pembroke’s By-law Enforcement Services team is committed to serving, protecting and providing a desired quality of life for residents of the city.
Purchasing is responsible for the procurement of a large variety of goods and services at competitive prices and to maintain integrity and fairness in the selection of vendors and contractors. Nestled on the shores of the beautiful Ottawa River, the marina offers several amenities including gasoline, oil, river charts, pump-out, public washrooms and boater showers and laundry facility.
Navigational rivercharts of the Ottawa River are available for sale at the Pembroke Marina from May to Thanksgiving, or at the Recreation Department at 393 Pembroke Street W (Pembroke Memorial Centre) year round. Follow blue and white signs for the Waterfront (anchor or Amphitheatre symbols) from Hwy 17, turn north off Lake Street towards the Ottawa River.
Pembroke is blessed with a beautiful urban forest, and local forester Robin Cunningham describes most of the common species found here, as well as some of the outstanding specimen trees we have in our city.
Communities In Bloom is a Canadian beautification and environmental awareness program that provides information and education in order to instill civic pride and community appreciation of our surroundings. The civic beautification program encourages residents and businesses of municipalities to take pride in their communities, and each year participants are judged on their efforts in 8 different categories, including: Tidiness, Community Involvement, Environmental Effort, Natural and Heritage Conservation, Urban Forestry, Landscaped Areas, Floral Displays, and Turf and Groundcover Areas.
Pembroke has received special recognition for its Floral Displays, Environmental Effort, Tidiness, Community Involvement and Heritage Conservation. This program has helped Pembroke to blossom, and it is because of the efforts of the local committee that is made up entirely of VOLUNTEERS. If you would like to be part of this exciting program, please contact the City of Pembroke at 735-6821 x 1510.
For further information about Communities in Bloom, please click here for the Canadian web site. A sneak peek a some entertainment this year will include a horse-drawn wagon ride and a live show from Little Ray's Reptiles.
The livestock sector is an important segment within the economy of Indonesia, providing almost all meat and eggs and part of the milk for domestic consumption. Rising per capita incomes and changes in the demographic composition of the population have led to changes in food consumption patterns that place increasing demands on the development of food processing and the livestock industry. This chapter provides information on the processing and the marketing of livestock products in Indonesia. Under Indonesian law these four types of slaughterhouse can be managed by any person with Indonesian citizenship or by a corporate body.
The meat processing industry in Indonesia encompasses over 900 slaughterhouses (Table 7.1). Of those slaughterhouses managed by the local government, some are not up to standard because they have been operating for more than 50 years. There are six modern slaughterhouses with mechanized line dressing facilities in Indonesia.
PT Ciomas Adisatwa, a modern poultry slaughterhouse in Jakarta, has a commitment to produce not only high quality products needed by consumer but also halal certified food.
To achieve the halal process, the birds should be in healthy condition and in a clean environment.
Most private slaughterhouses operate on a small scale and mainly process goats, sheep and some pigs.
Fees for the use of public slaughterhouse facilities and services are set by the local government and these vary substantially. The supervision of the slaughterhouses to meet international standards of hygiene is carried out by the Local Department for Livestock Services (Dinas Peternakan) under the control of the DGLS. Postmortem inspection is carried out by the inspector as soon after completion of slaughtering as possible.
Over the five year period up to 1997, the development of a cattle feedlot industry was followed by an increasing number of companies establishing their own meat processing plants.
Meat processing enterprises in Indonesia are small scale and follow traditional methods due to a lack of skill and financial support. Increasing beef demand has occurred at a time when a number of constraints are influencing the development of the cattle feedlot industry in Indonesia.
A simplified picture of the marketing for small ruminants in West Java is illustrated in Figure 7.2. A market structure that is made up of only a few buyers does not necessarily imply that the market is not efficient as other factors such as volume of sales should also be considered, (Soedjana, 1993). The commercial poultry industry is the fastest growing segment of the livestock sector in Indonesia. The egg and broiler industries have grown in parallel with the development of the commercial livestock feed industry. Poultry co-operatives are one form of operation that has evolved to solve farmer’s problems.
The best partnership pattern occurs by reorganising the national poultry industry, making use of comparative advantage and creating products of good quality. The development element in the partnership operation includes technical aid that will increase the productivity of the small-holder farmers. To guarantee that the smallholder bears the smallest business risk, a safety regulation is made in the agreement.
Slaughterhouse management can be improved by transferring public slaughterhouse management to private enterprise with the exception that meat inspection regulations and control over slaughterhouse hygiene and sanitation must rest with the local government under the technical supervision of the DGLS.
Livestock product marketing is in general satisfactory and conditions for competition between traders exists in most markets. While potential third-party national security threats and economic risks are on the rise, so too are the opportunities to identify and mitigate them, according to Marshall Billingslea, director, Deloitte Business Intelligence Services, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. Knowing where to look for supply chain fraud, waste and abuse, red flags and other faint signals can help organizations focus limited resources to drive supply chain transparency and efficiency while reducing fraud, waste and abuse risks.

Senior leaders and boards have recognized it as a strategic risk and made it a priority to proactively manage third-party relationships rather than reacting to a specific event.
He also talks about the importance of looking for ways to use risk strategically and opportunistically in order to create and build value.
While 80% of the C-level respondents say they use risk sensing, it is applied in a greater degree to financial, compliance and operational risk, which may indicate that organizations are open to the risks that risk sensing should be protecting against. Last summer, just under 56% of the contiguous United States was experiencing drought conditions, the most extensive area in the 12-year history of the U.S. There will be an estimated eight billion people occupying the planet by 2030.? As a result, more people need more water. Regulatory risks. There has been an increase in water regulations globally due to the recognition that there really is no substitute for the resource. There are a number of case studies where businesses were negatively impacted because stakeholders within a watershed believed that the company was not operating in a responsible manner with respect to water use. You can’t generate energy without water and you can’t treat and deliver adequate water supplies without energy. The obvious one is improving efficiency—trying to run your business with less water or even no water at all. Among the rewards of early action can be enhanced brand value, a head start on water risk mitigation, greater confidence in your license to operate in specific markets and an added measure of security around the prospects for business continuity in what may become an increasingly unpredictable environment.
Australia is an excellent example of how public policy and pricing have changed to address increased water scarcity and persistent droughts.
After all, water may be free up until the time that it’s not available.  And then you have a problem. This publication is not a substitute for such professional advice or services, nor should it be used as a basis for any decision or action that may affect your business. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals. When the government approves food from cloned animals, expected in the next year, the Food and Drug Administration doesna€™t plan special labels.
With its excellent flavor, wide-ranging versatility, and numerous health benefits, goat meat, milk, and cheese are being sought by home cooks.
The so-called Meat Eater's Guide, compiled by the Horse meat (or horse beef) is the culinary name for meat cut from a horse.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. 1.7 million tons of beef consumption in Pakistan is ranked 9th among beef consuming nations.
Pakistanis consumed nearly 39 million tons of milk in 2011-12, according to Economic Survey of Pakistan. At just 18 Kg per person, it's less than half of the world average of 42 Kg per capita meat consumption reported by the FAO. As the dietary habits change, it'll be important for policy makers and health and fitness professionals to watch the changes and help educate the people about healthy eating. 1.7 million tons of beef consumption in Pakistan is ranked 9th among beef consuming nations. It is effectively saying the other players must put their whole businesses into the super meat co-operative, like it and Alliance, or it is out. It would also mean the farmers in the super meat co-op would be funding the purchase of the other sheepmeat businesses which might not be performing that well anyway. Without naming them, Poole says they had been positive and engaged in discussions and were being asked to sell their sheepmeat businesses to a big co-op to create a sustainable sheepmeat processing and exporting company -- with an 80 per cent market share -- and a sustainable industry.
North Island farmers were resisting the concept of having to stump up with capital to be part of the super meat co-op. The practice of accepting unsolicited applications for employment adds to our costs, has legal implications and gives the incorrect impression that all unsolicited applications will be considered for every employment opportunity. Did you know that you can now start an apprenticeship in a skilled occupation while earning credits towards a graduation diploma? Did you know that you can save training time and $$$ by sponsoring a high school student who has decided to pursue a career in a skilled occupation?
Call you local high school co-op or guidance office or contact your school board OYAP Co-ordinator. He has produced many commercial and advertising projects and designed greeting cards, books, and magazines. At the age of 18, he began his career as a professional artist when he was commissioned to paint a billboard for Renfrew County Coach Lines.
Campbell has won 22 artistic merit awards over the years: his paintings are in great demand by galleries, corporations, and private collectors. His first mural was in Montreal, on a building since demolished, but he has done other murals in Quebec City, Quebec and St.
He attended high school in Kapuskasing, Ontario and Pembroke, and he is currently enrolled in Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo, Ontario.
After painting his first mural in his parents' basement, Pierre has continued to paint murals full-time since 1984 and has over 40 murals to his credit.
Several exhibitions of her figurative artwork have highlighted her interest in painting people, and Karole has numerous commissions to her credit, in particular historical murals painted for Parks Canada and the National Museums. Yet natural disasters, such as floods or tornadoes, technological or environmental accidents such as chemical spills, or service disruptions, like the massive power blackout in August 2003, can strike any community, including ours, at anytime. The plan provides guidance to key officials, agencies and departments within the city regarding the expected initial response to a serious, large-scale emergency and an overview of what their individual responses should be. During an emergency situation, it is important to know how to keep our animal companions safe. But what happens in the event of a major emergency? Suddenly these tools can become vital in helping you and your family deal, get in touch, and stay informed.
This will make it easier to reach important contacts, such as friends, family, neighbours, child's school or insurance agent. The event will feature Ontario Wines by Pelee Island and Megalomaniac, Ivanhoe cheese by Gay Lea Foods, meats from Ullrich's and olive oil samplings from Urban Gourmet.
With local landmarks and hockey obstacles, golf enthusiasts will enjoy 18 holes of family fun with a touch of competition thrown in. They ensure that each year a local competition is held between the residents, businesses and institutions, that there is an annual Community Clean-up, and that the public is aware of the overall importance of this program. A wide variety of family activities are offered along with musical entertainment at the Waterfront before a spectacular fireworks display at Riverside Park, followed by an outdoor movie on a three-story screen. Families of seven, for example, making between $48,000 to $52,000 a year could qualify for a $540 annual credit if they use electric heat. Find out what’s going on, where and when, by checking for information at your local recreation centre or seniors centre, and there will be posters everywhere.
The government of Indonesia is keenly aware of the importance of the livestock sector as a supplier of animal protein for human consumption, raw material for industry, and manure fertilizer for agriculture. The information on the processing sector includes the development of slaughterhouses, and the processing and handling of meat.
Public slaughterhouses are operated by the local government under the supervision of the provincial meat inspector and under the control of the DGLS of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Slaughtering of domesticated animals has to be carried out by Moslem officials according to the approved method issued by the Indonesian Islamic Council (MUI) to meet the demand of the moslem majority. Moreover, in 1993 PT Ciomas Adisatwa has become a prime supplier of McDonald’s for all of Indonesia. The local inspection staff is associated with the DGLS, but they are under the administrative control and are paid by local authorities.
Before slaughtering the animals, the inspecting officer has to carry out an antemortem inspection of standing and moving position of the animals from all directions, mouth ephitelium, eyes and nose, skin, sub maxillaries, lymph node, paratidea, pre scapularis and inguinal, sign of hormonal treatment and body temperature. These include at least eight hours hanging on a deboning rail in a chiller room at low temperature, having good air ventilation, and clean and hygienic conditions.
Since then, international standards have been implemented for slaughterhouses, boning rooms storage, and meat cutting standards. Common processed meats are meat balls (bakso), sun-dried beef (dendeng), dry shredded beef (abon), sausages (beef, pork or chicken), bacon, ham and beef chips (made from lung, endloins, cartilage, etc.). Only a small portion of prime grade beef required especially by hotel and restaurants is produced.
Hence, the main determinants of marketing efficiency are the road condition, transport availability and distance from local markets. Only a small proportion of animals are sold directly to final consumers and about 10 per cent of the animals sold in local markets are bought by local farmers as replacement stock (Soedjana et al., 1984). A similar system was found in Aceh, but in North Sumatra no credit system seems to exist between the farmers or producers and traders (Carlson and Scholz, 1991).
The commission broker sells animals for a flat fee, the floor-price broker arranges a floor price with the farmer and then tries to sell the animals above that; and the price-fixing broker pays a percentage of an agreed upon price to the farmer and then tries to sell the animals. It accounts for the major proportion of the eggs and broiler meat consumed by the population, especially in the cities.
This relationship is very close, since many of the large feed mill industry own breeder flocks and hatcheries and distribute day-old-chicks (DOC) as well as poultry feed, equipment and supplies.
Through this organization, farmers may substantially reduce their dependency on other agents for inputs. This means that every country should be open to imports and the local products should be able to exports. Therefore, the national poultry industry has to be a vertically integrated industry with streamlined operations.
Namely (a) an income guarantee of 5.8-6 per cent of the total costs, and (b) a fixed price based on the components of production costs and income guarantee.
The alternative policy is to up-grade selected slaughterhouses to modern standards of hygiene and public health. Wilson believes that CROs contribute to profitable growth and shareholder value both through traditional risk control activities and by being deeply engaged in strategy and in the upfront design of products and services. And while roughly 70% of global water use is associated with the agricultural sector (a critical input to the food and beverage sectors),? other sectors such as power and apparel and even semi-conductors require large quantities of water to operate. For example, if a company has a growth strategy that includes emerging markets such as India, China or Africa, then they are facing increasing water scarcity. Even if their supply chains reside in one of those regions, there are real risks imposed by not having enough water to grow crops or manufacture products. Even the perception of extracting water to the detriment of other stakeholders within the watershed is a problem in a world where almost anyone leveraging social media can impact your social license to operate.
Water availability may be a global problem, but it translates into local action because the fundamental building block for water is the watershed. Another is to embrace “collective action”—engaging stakeholders to make reasonably certain that everyone has water when and where they need it. Some companies understand very well quantitatively if a particular location has the right quantity and quality of water. In fact, water should be managed like any traditional risk—understand what the risk looks like and value it accordingly. For example, there are cost savings associated with reducing water consumption, in particular when energy and water use are viewed together—essentially an integrated energy and water strategy. Given that unpredictability, however, it behooves businesses to prepare for water scarcity now and reduce the ripple effects. And several cities, including Las Vegas, have put new “fixed” fees in place during the last year. The pricing reforms, which include changing tariffs to signal efficient water use, have led to reduced consumption in urban areas. Before making any decision or taking any action that may affect your business, you should consult a qualified professional advisor. Providing in-depth information on proper grooming, handling, feeding, and milking Covering the basics of goat health and nutrition Offering tips and advice for using your goat to produce milk, meat, fiber, and more Understand what makes these useful and delightful creatures so popular and gain the knowledge and skills to properly care for and utilize their many offerings. Government scientists have found no difference between clones and conventional cows, pigs or goats.
And while goat is the worlda€™s primary meat (upwards of 70 percent of the red meat eaten around the world is goat) never before has there been a cookbook on this topic in the United States. Anzco and Affco are said to want to keep their beef businesses separate and sell the sheepmeat businesses to the super meat co-op. In his earlier days, he painted in a renaissance style of the great masters, and was an accomplished portraitist. After a stint in Toronto, Ontario, he returned to Pembroke and worked as a designer for Eddy Match and for Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. He has created murals on walls, on panels, out of tiles, and in other media and has won the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award for figurative painting two years in a row. David is currently painting murals across Canada, and most recently completed work for a large restaurant chain. John attended Sheridan College in Oakville and graduated from a commercial arts course at Assinaboine College in Manitoba. She studied fine arts in Johannesburg at the University of the Witwatersrand, and much later studied Art Therapy at the University of Western Ontario in London. Knowing what to do when a disaster strikes will help you better control the situation and be in a better position to recover more quickly. Featured exhibits will include Friday the 13th superstitions and artwork by the Deep River Potters Guild and Tara Chant. MPAC has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that only basic property information along with current value assessment is available to viewers. Operational throughout the spring and summer, the course is lit for evening enjoyment as well. As of 2015, the local program was renamed Keeping Pembroke Beautiful, and the goal is to maintain the momentum and successes acheived!
A family in the same situation making less than $28,000, would get back $900 under the program. McCool Business Park has been chosen by various industries and services to the mutual benefit of both the businesses and the community.

In addition, the livestock industry has the potential to generate employment, increase rural income and result in the productive use of land. Improvement in nutrition levels suggest that the consumption of animal protein is within reach of the standard 6.0 gram per person per day. The discussion of marketing will focus on the marketing patterns and the structure of marketing from the farm level to the final product. For this to happen, foreign and private investors are needed to stimulate the activities of meat business. These relatively new facilities were built to cope with the rapidly increasing demand for meat in Jakarta. Warm carcasses or hot deboned meat, bones and offal are transported to the meat markets for sale on the same day. Consequently, the livestock specialists at slaughterhouse are not very keen to implement and to enforce standards, especially where expenditure by local authorities is necessary to resolve problems. The postmortem inspection involves a simple procedure such as a smell test and a visual test of meat colour. In addition meat can not be treated with other materials or chemicals that can change its natural color. Processed meats are made in small scale facilities for local consumption or prepared in small, semi-mechanised factories. Abon is fried shredded meat, similar to flaked coconut in consistency, that is sprinkled on top of rice dishes. Generally, demand is for fresh slaughter-warm meat, and even in large cities people often prefer fresh meat to chilled or frozen meat. Meat used in most hotels and restaurants is imported beef of a certain quality and with a guaranteed level of hygiene. The location of the local market depends largely on the geographic distribution of animals in a given region.
Also, the large investment in the facilities required for an efficient operation may not justify more than a few buyers. Both feed products and DOC are distributed to small producers through poultry shops in and around the major cities. The objectives of national policy are to determine the minimum and the maximum sizes of each farm, consistent with availability of feed ingredients and local agricultural products. The smallholder’s increased productivity will then be conducive for the formation of a partnership, because such a partnership will create efficiency.
If the market price of production is higher than the fixed price, the farmer receives a bonus of 20 per cent of the balance. With an average of 5.7 cycle per year, an estimated annual income in a broiler business is around Rp.
The majority of slaughterhouses could be turned over to private sector management with the DGLS retaining authority over slaughterhouse hygiene, sanitation and meat inspection as well as the food safety and inspection services programs. The market information position of the farmers vis-a-vis the middlemen should be improved by developing a reliable livestock market information system which routinely would yield market price data and production projections that should be based on the periodic verification of livestock numbers and production.
Billingslea, former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy, discusses challenges and considerations for implementing strong supply chain risk management processes and describes how federal CFOs can help lead or catalyze the change management effort.
And that scarcity is a finance issue—one that has the potential to disrupt business and supply chain operations, lead to increased costs and increase the price of commodity products. For example, discontinuous water availability for a beverage company can disrupt the manufacturing process and lead to revenue loss, lack of water for power plant cooling can disrupt energy generation, and inadequate access to water can preclude or delay the development of shale gas.
The semi-conductor industry, for example, uses something called ultrapure water that has to be of very specific quality for use in processing semi-conductor chips.  Other companies may have to make the decision that it is easier to manufacture product and ship it into a water scarce area than try and deal with the issues of water scarcity. Water scarcity is also driving innovation in operational models, product development and market entry, and, as a result, business opportunities.
Deloitte shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this publication. It goes against everything we believe," said George Siemon, CEO of the 700-member cooperative. Goat is a no-holds-barred goatapedia, laugh-out-loud cooking class, cheesemaking workshop, and dairy-milking expedition all in one.
As positions become available, they will be posted on this website, advertised in local newspapers and other applicable trades sites, with the appropriate contact information for applicants.
However his unique ability to capture wildlife in its natural habitat soon made him one of the most sought-after wildlife artists in North America.
Generally self-taught, Robin returned to school in his early thirties to study art and graduated with honours.
Rob assisted mural artist Robin Burgesse in 1990, and he worked with Pierre Hardy in 1991 before undertaking his own mural in the same year.
Assemble a pet emergency kit and make arrangements for your pet in the event that you must evacuate.
It needs to be noted that if the slaughterhouse was developed under the investment program based on Ordinance Number 1, 1967 of the foreign Investment Program or Ordinance Number 6, 1968 of the local Investment program, the Head of the Department of Coordination for Investment (BKPM) had to give permission according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia number 33, 1981 and the Decree of President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 54, 1977.
The Department of Animal Husbandry has to certify that the location of the slaughterhouse will not create environmental pollution. Almost 87 per cent of meat production in 1997 (876 kt of this is poultry), came from traditionally managed private slaughterhouses. Environmental considerations, primarily waste disposal, was another reason for their construction.
The slaughter process must be done quickly using very sharp knife by cutting the three gutters - the respiratory tract oesophagus, the vena and artery blood vessels.
With the increasing number of McDonald’s outlets in Indonesia, - there were 75 in 1997 - PT Ciomas Adisatwa has developed very quickly.
Although regulations often require hanging meat at least eight to ten hours before distribution to the markets, a lack of facilities precludes hanging in many cases. The purpose of postmortem inspection is to guarantee the hygiene and suitability of the product for human consumption. Many of the feedlot operators that are members of the Indonesian Beef Producer and Feedlot Association (APFINDO) have sent staff to learn international standards of meat processing in the USA and Australia.
Some processed meat products have a short life if not refrigerated, and there is no inspection of these products. In Java, although farmers have easy access to daily or weekly markets, farmers more commonly trade through the local village collector(s). For example, a single buyer with a large facility providing significant economies of scale, may operate much more efficiently and at a lower cost than a large group of small, less efficient buyers. Large poultry farmers may develop their own outlets directly to wholesalers and retailers, but smaller ones have to depend on traders who collect from a number of producers. Hence there is a need to revitalize farmer groups and poultry co-operatives through a better strategy and approach.
Therefore every country has to be prepared so that local products can at least share in the local market, and also compete in the world market.
Smallholders in Indonesia have been the backbone of livestock production, specifically in the rearing business. If the market price of production is lower than the fixed price, the buying price is the price guarantee. The profit motivated private industry would gain more incentive to maintain quality standards, thereby improving the product quality. NewTechnologies for Small Ruminant Production in Indonesia, Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development, Arkansas, USA. Insurance leader for Deloitte LLP, and David Garnitz, principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP. Part of the problem is that the demand for fresh water has doubled over the past 50 years.? Moreover, it is likely that things may get worse. Management needs to ask, “Do I have enough water of the right quality and quantity when I need it and where I need it?  In water scarce areas or areas that are being stressed, the lack of water has the ability to not only disrupt business, but to shut it down for some period until reliable, sustainable access to water can be restored.
And others may decide to operate in water scarce areas by efficiently using water coupled with watershed wide strategies with stakeholders to effectively manage scarce water supplies. With recipes such as Pan-Roasted Chops with Blackberries and Sage, Meatballs with Artichokes and Fennel, and Chocolate-Dipped Goat Cheese Balls, this book is sure to become the resource for this new frontier. Reports that it would take only $400m to buy out the other players were understating the cost.
She has taught art, enjoys designing and painting theatre sets for local productions, paints, and has a private art therapy practice. Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased at the Champlain Trail Museum or from a Board Member. Frontages can be purchased from 60 feet upwards for less than half the price of a city building lot. Continued growth in the livestock industry, as well as in the general agricultural sector, helps absorb Indonesia’s increasing labor force and plays a part in the country’s transition to an industrialized economy.
This means that they are usually located outside centres with low population density, near to a river; or at the lowest altitude of the urban centre.
Under normal conditions, a slaughterhouse in Jakarta would handle 500 to 750 head of cattle and buffalo per day.
They have plans to build two new processing plants in Lampung and Surabaya by the end of 1997. Most consumers are unaware of the benefits of hanging, and are more concerned with obtaining fresh meat.
At the end of the inspection, the meat is classified as (i) meat able to be distributed for human consumption, (ii) meat suitable for human consumption provided certain requirements are met before distribution, (iii) meat that may be distributed for human consumption provided certain requirements being met during distribution; or (iv) meat that is not permitted to be distributed and not recommended for human consumption.
Most Indonesian beef is sold at local market or sent to Jakarta for both the wet and the institutional markets. However, small ruminants are easier to transport and have a relatively higher turnover compared to large ruminants. In Central Java, the local trader often becomes a respected member of the village society, while in North Sumatra was not found to be case. Market performance, the most important criterion for judging efficiency, is considered to be particular unsatisfactory where there is evidence of excessive or dominant concentration of particular market participants.
It is important to create synergy in equal and parallel development with the development of the large scale poultry company through partnerships. In the case of poultry products, these are world products and not products of a limited number of countries because technology gives every country the opportunity to supply eggs and broilers. Therefore, if there is a target to build an efficient livestock production system, smallholders need to be in partnership with large, modern companies. With respect to national poultry industry, it has to become vertically integrated with up to date facilities. Spedding (Editor), Agricultural System Elsevier Applied Science, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 25: 87-103. Furthermore, poultry slaughterhouses need to improve technical specifications, including the development of accreditation and certification procedures to guarantee the quality of livestock products.
During the holy days or Idul Fitri, as many as 2,000 to 2,500 cattle and buffalo are slaughtered each day. However, to produce standard meat products and to give it a chance to compete with imported beef, an Indonesian National Standard on meat products is required urgently. Imported feeder cattle, after spending 14 days in quarantine, are fattened for 60 to 90 days on grain.
For example, when there are few buyers, high profits for traders, and possible collusion between buyers, then there are strong indications that the market is not operating efficiently from the producers’ perspective. The importance of the poultry shop as an input supplier is particularly true for smaller commercial farms.
Poultry co-operatives should not only focus on the raising animals, but should also become involved in post-production marketing. In the last ten years, Indonesia has been spectacularly successful in becoming self-sufficient in broiler and egg production although the poultry industry is not ready yet to face globalization. As profit depends on marketing techniques, the consumer will benefit through increased competition between the markets.
There is also the need to develop Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and labelling. Organic food is also grown without genetic engineering.Organic is a rapidly growing segment of the nationa€™s food market.
At the end of the fattening period, all finished cattle are slaughtered, processed and stored in Jakarta before being distributed to hotels, restaurant, and supermarkets (Figure 7.1). The number of animals slaughtered at public facilities varies depending on the demand from adjacent larger towns and cities for fresh meat.
25,000 per head, including the overnight chilling of carcasses and refrigerated transport of carcasses to the markets. Table 7.2 shows the number of recorded slaughterings of animals in Indonesia from 1990 to 1995. After bleeding, the carcasses are hoisted and move along an overhead rail system where dressing takes place on a line. The purpose is to make a genetic copy of a superior animal and put its offspring into the food supply.Scientists have found no difference in clones or their offspring, and they have detected no difference in the animalsa€™ meat or milk. Carcasses are generally chilled overnight and delivered to the meat market early the next day.
That could make it tough to keep offspring, and their progeny, out of production."You cana€™t distinguish these animals from other animals," Glenn said. The process is incompatible with the standards, says Lloyd Day, head of the Agricultural Marketing Service, which governs the organic industry. The department still must decide whether the offspring of cloned animals are allowed, Day said.Cloning companies disagree.

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