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What makes your business different from your competition?  Not just in your mind, but in the mind of your customers?  Your brand is what sets you apart.  But your brand is not just your logo. We can provide you with clear, persuasive, and well-differentiated communications that position your business as a market leader of choice, give your team a common voice, and successfully support your brand.
Third Wing is highly experienced in developing compelling, exciting new emerging brands, as well as growing and supporting major, internationally recognized businesses as they expand their product lines or market reach.  With Third Wing, local, regional and national or international businesses benefit from access to world-class creative resources at reasonable, cost-effective prices. We realize it can be overwhelming to stay focused on your own product, team, and customer, and simultaneously stay vigilant of potential competitive threats.  Third Wing can help you understand your current position in your marketplace, weaknesses that may be slowing you down, the strengths and apparent marketing strategies of your competitors, and a roadmap to not only compete, but to dominate. The internet has exponentially increased the amount of product information and options available to buyers. MOIB Director Mike Shelton; Mayor Pro Tem Bob Townsend and Mayor Du Hu of Pengzhou, China, signed a "friendly city" agreement in September.
Richardson officials and representatives from Marseille, France, posed at a "Taste of Provence" reception in December. Technology, innovation and the sands of global lands are practically a part of the city's roots, starting with Texas Instruments (TI) rising from the ground in the '50s, creating new neighborhoods, families and cultures. Today, Richardson has the highest concentration of international businesses in the region, with more than 50 global companies headquartered here.
Foreign direct investment into the community: It's important to help Chamber members understand exporting and his office provide opportunities to share leads and connections that open doors. Cultivating international relationships takes time and leveraging the many connections in our region can help international businesses and residents assimilate, feel welcome and at home.
To help him approach international markets, Skelton formed an advisory board of local business people who travel abroad frequently and can guide him. REDP received accreditation by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), which analyzes different economic development groups around the world. Singled out for recognition among communities its size (populations 25,000 to 200,000), REDP earned a silver Excellence in Economic Development Award by the IEDC in the Responding to Globalization category.
As the eighth in the country and one of the first to earn this designation, Richardson's Telecom Corridor qualified for "Areas of Innovation" membership in the International Association of Science Parks.
Richardson ranked third in D Magazine's "American Cities of the Future" for Attractiveness for Inbound Foreign Investment.
Skelton said many people don't realize that 40 to 50 percent of the major arteries of Internet traffic flow through here, thanks to telecom giant MCI for working with the federal government to implement Richardson as one of three metropolitan exchanges.

A first-generation immigrant who has raised three children here, Chen earned two master's degrees in the States and started his career in IT. Chen is a Richardson Chamber of Commerce board member and sees the impact of the city's international initiatives. Button grew up in Taiwan and migrated here to earn a master's degree at UT Dallas, where she met her husband, Darcy. When asked what she would say to an international company considering Richardson, "I would say 'do you realize Richardson is the official International Business Capital of North Texas? An 11-year resident of Richardson, Susan Yost is a marketing strategist and writer who is passionate about inspiring creativity that helps communities and families grow stronger. In this article we explain the difference between positions and roles and show how this applies to your business. As you may have seen in an earlier blog I love the metaphor of the Shakespeare play for a business, and you’ll probably keep seeing it here. In Bell Shakespeare, they employ a particular set of actors who together can perform all of the required roles. As you can see, I’ve made a start on it (click the image below for a larger version), but would greatly appreciate your input.
How about asserting the identified problems or needs at a high level with some things like competition, (survival), or efficiency, (profit)?
Your brand is also the cumulative experiences that come to mind when prospects and customers think about and interact with your business–what is your company really good at?  What is it like being your customer? Certainly a major part of the challenge for smaller businesses is the wide range of cost in establishing a recognizable and memorable identity. Changes in leadership, rapid growth, customer needs, and product expansion can all be factors in this dissolution. As experts in marketing, advertising and branding, Third Wing can help you better understand the market where you currently compete and build strategies to capture buyer mind share.
That's what local business leaders are saying about Richardson, the "International Business Capital of North Texas" as proclaimed by the Texas Legislature.
Soon after, the Telecom Corridor area was born which became a major target zone for businesses to incubate, especially during the dot-com boom. This rich history in technology and cultural diversity has culminated into a greater focus on international growth with the creation of the Mayor's Office of International Business (MOIB), which is part of the Richardson Economic Development Partnership (REDP), a partnership between the City of Richardson and the Richardson Chamber of Commerce.

When it's time to renew, the MOIB can help them find the right spot to stay in Richardson versus moving to another city.
He's also a member of the Japanese American Society and keeps our real estate brokers educated on the market. Now he has his own business, DFW Technology, a corporate IT service provider with clients such as Samsung, Parkland Hospital and the City of Dallas. Responsible for the International Business Center of North Texas proclamation at the last legislative session, State Representative Angie Chen Button (District 112) is another influential voice for Richardson's global position. This could be the need of the author (to make money, to gain reputation), the need of the reader (to be more productive, to be entertained), or preferably both. If the author is writing on behalf of a business, or the reader is researching on behalf of a business, a different set of needs apply. Re your question over level of detail, I think its useful to illustrate how specific solutions would meet functional needs. We can provide an objective third party analysis of the power and effectiveness of your current brand identity, build a strategy to focus the strengths of that identity, and unify the core elements of your brand across your organization. Ultimately, appropriate product positioning will help you dominate your market by successfully influencing purchasing decisions. Even as that bubble burst, the spirit of invention, leadership and vision charged ahead, leading to a resurgence with no end in sight. He relies heavily on word-of-mouth, which means being in front of various groups and organizations regularly, including traveling abroad.
If a business here has an office in the place I'm visiting, I meet them as well," Skelton said. When dignitaries visit the area, the Richardson Chamber wants his office to be the international interface.

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