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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. I just had a call from an old client who was sending email featuring a YouTube hosted video and having that exact problem.
Now, click the bar that says “Show More” for some additional options – they make it a little hidden here because YouTube would prefer that people spend more time on YouTube. Now when your video ends, it just re-sets to the beginning, showing you (not your competitor) and making it easy for people to continue reading what you have on the page and staying on your site. This will allow you to have the presence on YouTube for great search results and maintain control of your brand.

Create long-term, profitable customers simply and easily through our online, video-based training. APAsia is home to two of the biggest countries in the world but the entire region is set to see major demographic changes in the next decade. The number of youth are expected to fall in most countries, while the age group for those in their 50s is set to surge.
Technology, entertainment, and healthcare face challenges, while luxury products and companies that operate in lifestyle changes are expected to do well.
Your customers want stories (not ads), because your stories share your passion and create a real connection.

Give prospects a reason to buy from you and give customers something to share with their friends. In a new report, Deutsche Bank points out the implications of these changes on the economy.

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