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Download a free Financing Not Fundraising e-book when you sign up for email updates from Social Velocity. A good strategic plan starts from an in-depth understanding of the outside community marketplace in which the nonprofit operates (trends in clients, funders, competitors, etc). A good strategic plan makes sure that the strategy for programs is aligned with the organization’s business and financial model so that the resulting strategic plan includes programs, financing and operations in an integrated way. A good strategic plan includes a tactical plan so that the broad goals are broken down into individual steps to get there. If you want to learn more about the strategic planning process I take Social Velocity clients through, go here. Learn more about nonprofit innovation anddownload a free Financing Not Fundraising e-book when you sign up for email updatesfrom Social Velocity.
I couldn’t agree more, strategic planning is critical, and it indeed has gotten a bad name in most organizations. I just wonder how much one can plan into the future assuming you are still really small and not yet reached that point in your life when you are knocking too many doors. And to your second question, I don’t think a nonprofit is ever too small not to have a plan in place. Another huge issue with strategic planning in the non-profit sector is whether or not the organization is functionally ready to undertake such a planning process. I’ve been through a couple of strategic planning processes with operationally dysfunctional organizations. I don’t think you can bring board members to the table without their biases and pet projects, rather you have to help them understand, through the process of creating the plan, that those pet projects and biases are not in the best interest of the larger organization and the impact it is trying to achieve. I absolutely agree with you, an organization has to be ready for a strategic planning process. Download a free FinancingNot Fundraising e-book when you sign up for emailupdates from Social Velocity.
License: Creative Commons Debt consolidation works exceptionally well for some people. After the crude oil prices in US rose despite a rally on Wall Street, Asian market also saw a significant rise.
Board members with pet interests are reigned in and staff members who are not contributing are encouraged to realign themselves with the new plan. A poor strategic plan focuses only on programs and assumes that the money will somehow follow. It sets forth a bold vision for the future and a specific road map for getting there, which inspires confidence and investment.
A real strategic plan is bold, compelling, tactical, well-financed, integrated and inspiring. Social Velocity helps nonprofits grow their programs, bring more money in the door, and use resources more effectively.

A good strategic plan has to include filters for deciding what not to do, and to that point those filters have to be flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing external environment, while still staying true to the ultimate mission and goals of the organization.
We are still a very small team too, but that can change in a short time as I see it, assuming we take some bold initiatives. First, no matter the size or age of the organization, it is always difficult to plan into the future because things can and do change so rapidly. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, you will not be able to do so unless you’ve figured out where you fit in the larger market, what your revenue model is, what social impact you want to have, etc. They’ve tried to use the strategic planning process as a way to both fix the dysfunction AND move from point A to point B programmatically. If you’ve got a dysfunctional organization, you have to fix that first if you have any hope of a strategic planning process being successful. I too plan to use this to help bring the board to a better understanding of what strategic planning really is. The problem that you identify is a huge reason why I encourage nonprofits to have an outsider manage the strategic planning process.
Also read the weekly world news where Barack Obama has proposed financial aid of over $1 billion to Pakistan. But the fact remains that to be truly effective at creating social change a nonprofit organization MUST have a strategy for the future and a plan for how they will get there. One nonprofit told me that at a board retreat years ago, board members were asked to write their goals for the organization on post-it notes, which were then tacked all over the room and voted on. A poor strategic plan fails to articulate a value proposition and assumes that everyone outside the organization loves it and understands its value just as much as everyone inside the organization. A poor strategic plan only deals with the easy or non-controversial issues and leaves the difficult questions aside. A poor strategic plan is boring, maintains the status quo, and elicits only nominal external support. It gets everyone (staff, board, funders, volunteers, clients) moving forward in a common direction from which real change flows. Let me know if you have questions or would like more information as you continue your discussions about the next steps for your organization. We are a new organization and we are just shaping our strategic plan; so this is timely for me to have gone through it. So a good strategic plan needs to have good filters contained in it so that an organization can respond to those changing circumstances and update and revise the plan as needed.
I do invite your comments on how to successfully bring board members to the table without their biases and pet projects. An outside person who is skilled in managing politics, egos and process can navigate those choppy waters and help everyone reach a final direction that is best for the organization (and that everyone is excited about and invested in), not just the individual actors within it. Here are the latest tidbits from the business news today and weekly world news to set your day right again.

You have some key points in this article that everyone interested in true organizational leadership needs to hear.
Grab that steaming mug of coffee and start your day with the daily dose of world happenings.Most Asian markets witnessed a rise in the crude oil prices after prices in US went through a rebound. The global bench mark, Brent Crude rose more than 3% along with the US standard WTI, in spite of the countrywide strikes at numerous oil refineries in US.
Keeping with it, Reserve Bank of Australia also slashed interest rates to offset a fiscal slowdown, for the first time in eighteen months. Reserve Bank of India said on Tuesday, it will keep the overall investment limit of $30 billion unchanged and also the purchase of short term debts is not allowed. However, the foreign funds will be allowed to reinvest the interest earned from bond coupons of government.
The reinvestment of the government bond coupons will free up to $two billion for further purchases.President Barack Obama proposes over $one billion in military and civil aid to Pakistan. US president said that Pakistan is strategically important and it will receive help to fight terror, develop economically and be safe from nuclear installations.
Jean Claude Juncker said on Tuesday that Brussels will not amend its regulations just to bail out the debt predicament in Athens. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, is scheduled to meet Juncker to talk about the Brussels’ government strategy to trim down its debt and end strictness in course of action.Britain is first to exhibit green flag to Three-Parent IVF Technique.
On Tuesday, Britain voted for the exclusive IVF technique in which mother, father and a female donor will donate genes to the genetically tailored embryos.
According to doctors, this technique will help in preventing the incurable diseases among children inherited by their parents.
Parliament is yet to vote on the approval of technique which is also called mitochondrial donation. Those who are opposed to this step are seeing this as a step in the direction of making artificial babies.
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