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More shows will roll out as the summer continues includingA a summer beer cocktail show along with Duff's Food World featuring Duff Goldman ("Ace of Cakes"). We recently spoke with Seidel to learn why he left television to create online content and what sets "Hungry" apart from the competition. Seidel also points out one of the great things about moving online is creating high-level content at a lower price.A That, plus, where else do you have 800 million potential eyeballs at your fingertips every month?
Here are three ways Hungry is setting itself apart from the competition to expand the food category. Granted, there are niche channels out there (The Sweetest Vegan, BBQ Pit Boys) with moderate followings in the ten thousands. While Food Network's YouTube channel, FoodNetwork TV provides its own videos on how to make cocktails there's no real "how to" page on its site. One of the other things the channel will take advantage of is user engagement, something television can't receive immediate feedback on.

The talent will engage on the channel as well, directly answering back viewers with food-related questions, comments on recipes, etc.
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Traffic Broadcasting System (TBS) is a is a terrestrial TV station offering traffic information and music videos (K-pop, etc.).

Instead, Seidel says starting a new YouTube channel provides plenty of opportunities unavailable to the food networks on TV.
As the channel grows, the channel will listen to user-generated feedback and if there's a real push for a niche item missing from availabilitya€“gluten channelsa€“Hungry will consider adding them to their arsenal. You just have to visit and there you will find many selections of monitors that will get your job more collaborative and fun. With less than $900, you can get a giant monitor that will make your audience more comfortable while watching your presentation.
Still Hungry has a way to go to reach the 2.6 million subscribers of popular channel Epic Meal TimeA which joined YouTube September 2010.

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