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Our video conference services are designed to help you effectively communicate face to face with your colleagues, while at the same time save time and money.
Todays technology allows for almost perfect video and audio from extreme distances, making video conferencing the communication tool for the future.
Reducing travel time and cost is the obvious benefit, while allowing participants to view each other and see facial expressions and body language adds to the convenience. We are affiliated with the largest video conference networks in the world with site partners in every major city.
In today’s tough and competitive economy, business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their business to keep staff and clients happy.
Staff Communication- Several studies have shown that about 80 percent of working Americans would like the option to telecommute to work. Saving Money- In today’s economy, many know that the cost of traveling is climbing higher and higher.
Balanced Life- Constant travel between office spaces and meetings with clients can easily burn out team members, including the business owner! Connection- Video conferencing allows you to maintain a personal connection with staff and clients without the need to travel.
At Delta Intellicom, we specialize in the latest telecommunication technology to bring video conferencing to your business. To get started with Delta Intellicom, call us today at 1-800-946-3358 or visit our contact page! According to new research, UK is the jewel of the crown of the western European SMB cloud market. A 2013 cross-sector survey ran by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), concerning enterprises, SMB and the public sector, revealed that cloud computing has “achieved mainstream deployment” in the UK with 69% of organisations formally adopting at least one cloud-based service.
Cloud based video conferencing services (running directly on a vendor’s network) especially are growing in popularity as cost efficient alternatives to expensive full-scale video conferencing system deployments.
Offering a host of advantages for users with the most primary benefit being radically lower IT costs, cloud based video conferencing fits perfectly for SMBs which are forecast to emerge into a lucrative customer base for cloud services with the “pay-as-you-go” subscription based business model as a perfect fit for small enterprises with limited IT budgets. While matching all the criteria required to reach those level of satisfaction, NeoCloud powered by Vidyo is one of the fastest growing provider of video conferencing solutions and is now looking for new partners to “communicate, collaborate and connect” (as stated in its motto).
By joining the NeoCloud’s network, you’ll be able to offer great packages of video conference solutions which will push any of your client’s business forward but will also push your own business forward as you will be eligible for a free license to use.
Moreover, as NeoCloud powered by Vidyo knows that seeing is believing, you will also be able to offer a free trial to any prospect without any obligation or hidden fees. Why use Skype when Co-Merge has the best tech and service for your business video conferencing needs?!
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There has been a bit of confusion associated with the terms video conferencing and web conferencing. Video conferencing involves a set of interactive telecommunication technologies that allow two or more locations to interact via simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions.
Web conferencing, on the other hand, is used to conduct live meetings, presentations, training, etc. One often overlooked fact, however, is that many of today's top web conferencing services (such as PGi's iMeet solution and Cisco WebEx) offer real-time video capabilities with the use of a webcam – something that is already installed on most computers, tablets and smartphones.
Want to know more about conferencing solutions from today's leading audio, video and web conferencing providers? According to a recent study conducted by the University of California at Los Angeles, more than 50% percent of what an audience learns comes directly from the visual messages seen during a presentation, compared to less than 40% from audio messages. Between new policies and new benefits, business owners are trying their best to implement ways to keep morale up along with the profits of the business. Employees that have children, are caring for an older relative, or are faced with move can benefit from video conferencing. Video conferencing allows your business to save money on traveling to put towards other projects within the office. Video conferencing allows you to maintain a healthy life balance without becoming overworked and no longer focused on your business. Seeing a person’s body language and facial expression while talking allows you to still connect with them without the need to travel.
For over two decades, we have provided the Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas with the latest products and systems from top brands like Shortel and Avaya. Between now and 2016, the overall UK cloud market will rocket 79% to ?2.5bn according to cloud vendor Parallels’ annual SMB Cloud Insights research. This reveals a big appetite for cloud-based IT services as this number has been increasing for the fourth year in a row.

The main value proposition for enterprise users is that they can even access videos-as-a-service over the internet for a simple subscription fee. In addition, the realities of the tough economic and financial climate is encouraging organisations to move from in-house infrastructure to accessing on-demand services as and when required. My clients are often looking to connect a remote desktop user to a video conferencing enabled meeting room.
Although they are often used interchangeably, the fact of the matter is that video and web conferencing share more differences than they do similarities. Video conferencing, requires an audio connection – either standard telephone lines or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – the use of a webcam or additional video equipment, and a large amount of bandwidth to support the connection.
Moreover, because web conferencing is available on multiple devices, participants can either host or join a meeting from anywhere, anytime, and are not limited to a designated conference room. Give one of our professional account managers a call today or sign up now for conferencing services and we will help you find the ideal conferencing solution for your business! By combining audio and visual presentations, presenters can ensure their objectives are met. Video conferencing also keeps staff members in the office, which can help increase overall productivity. We understand the benefits that video conferencing can bring to your business, so let us help you choose the system and products that are best for your business.
With satisfaction rising as high as 91% of the sample, 68% of current users are saying they will extend the use of cloud solution. In addition, most video conferences require the use of a designated conference room that holds the specialized video conferencing equipment as well as a screen on which one or more participants can view the conference. Most modern web conferencing solutions are available on virtually any device and require only a web browser and an Internet connection.
While video conferencing may not seem like the most professional way to conduct business, it can actually hold several benefits for businesses and business owners. Staff members are able to work from home when needed without the stress of missing something at the office. Video conferencing also allows teams that work in different office spaces to communicate more often and more effectively.

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