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But, to the professional videographer, editor, filmmaker, or whatever role you can imagine, video editing needs to constantly be in the back of one’s mind to produce a successful video, and this is especially true with professional corporate video. For example, a few weeks ago we produced a short promotional video that my fellow intern, Damian, and I had been planning for about a month.
If you were to compare the shot list to the most recent cut of the video, you’d notice that there are some radical differences. Editing is one of the many elements of successful corporate video that helps distinguish the amateurs from the professionals. ABOUT SVGSkillman Video Group is a Boston video production company specializing in marketing videos, training videos, videos for home improvement contractors,  live event videos, corporate videos, promotional videos and professional videography for companies in Greater Boston and beyond.
Olivia had an internship in summer 2015 with Black & Veatch, a Kansas-City-based engineering, consulting, and construction company.
As an English major, Olivia did not start the internship with a particularly strong interest in engineering topics, but she was pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed the work.

Olivia believes that this internship is tremendously useful in preparing her for a future career in editing. I had written the script, crafted the shot-list, so I had a pretty good sense of how to edit the story together after the footage had been loaded into Avid Media Composer.
The company works in multiple global markets including energy, water, and telecommunications. She appreciated the opportunity to edit text for real-world applications, the personal responsibilities the company placed on her, the experience of helping engineering experts polish their writing, and the encouragement and help she received from her supervisors and colleagues.
It exposed her to corporate style guides, standard writing formats, the important issue of writing consistency, among many other things. But, just because a plan has been made does not mean that it’s the best plan to stick to. Editing, professional video editing, requires an understanding of rhythm, movement, and a basic understanding of how the human eye reads images. Editing requires a certain type of intuition that allows the editor to instinctually feel when a cut works or when it falls flat.

Luckily, Skillman Video Group can help move your concept to content, even in the editing room.
Working within the companya€™s Technical Services Department, Olivia edited a variety of policy and procedure reports, with topics ranging from dam construction procedures to safety measures for electrical plants. I help companies and professionals get noticed by writing powerful and effective content for their websites. Olivia also edited many internal technical training PowerPoint documents used by the engineers in the company.

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