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Perhaps the most powerful computer-aided industrial design (CAID) software on the planet, Autodesk’s Alias line of products is an industry-standard tool for producing and visualizing automotive designs.
Beginning with a selection of sketching and illustration tools, as well as the ability to seamlessly scan data into the software, Alias Automotive also provides comprehensive surfacing and object modeling tools. Construction is impossible without first transferring a visualized vehicle design into a tangible image accessible to your customers and investors. The aesthetic appeal of an automobile is extremely important, so high-quality modeling and visualization are crucial to the automotive industry. Bunkspeed is one of the premier options on the market today for all levels of design, whether it be for a hobbyist wanting to see their visualization come to life, a student learning the ropes of the design industry, or a professional creating top-quality visual plans for products and marketing. Created to provide an intuitive atmosphere for sketching and painting, Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro is a virtual artist’s crucial toolbox. If you are into or intend to be involved with the industry of car design, it is essential that you have access to automotive design softwares such as HDR Light Studio. Design professionals in many industries use Autodesk Maya to create accurate 3D representations of a real world object. CAR DESIGN COMBINES CALCULATION, DESIGN AND EXPERIMENTATION TO DELIVER HIGH PERFORMANCE ACCORDING TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS. With a highly-skilled team of designers and the facilities to back them up, we have all the necessary tools to realise your targets, whether in complete vehicle design or specialised part development.

TMG has demonstrated its skills in full-car development via TOYOTA works motorsport projects such as the World Endurance Championship-winning TS040 HYBRID. TMG’s car design department uses Catia V5 technology and offers part designs for almost any application, utilising our extensive experience in high-performance development while integrating our established time and cost-saving procedures. Our calculation group will confirm structural efficiency through material and geometry optimisation while experimentation on our component testing rigs verifies calculations or proves prototype parts and systems, validating the achievement of performance targets and ensuring effective development.
Supporting the design and development process, our material specialists ensure you select the best solution for your performance and pricing specifications.
We have in-depth knowledge of composite design, including structural items and impact absorption structures, with specialised calculation engineers to ensure appropriate strength and weight while various static or dynamic load cases can be tested in controlled ambient conditions. TMG is also at the leading edge of gearbox technology, including driveshafts and differentials, and offers a full range of developments supported by specific tests.
Alias Automotive, the iteration designed especially for work within the automotive industry, is used heavily in every step of the automotive design process from sketching to modeling to visualization. Complex surfaces and objects, including the Class-A surfaces necessary for automotive work, can be created quickly and easily. A product which will equip you for this task is the program CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application), a fantastic software suite for designing automobiles from scratch. 2D design, drafting and ultimately presentation, are what make this modeling software relevant in designing automobiles and other machinations.

The complex interface facilitates the entry of dimensional information to produce intricate wireframe models.
The software is most often used by designers, but its tools for measuring and checking proportions quickly can also be utilized by engineers to assess real-world feasibility. Alias also facilitates the manipulation of surfaces and objects in a process intended to mimic physical clay modeling.
Students, freelancers, teachers, and long-term employed professionals are known for using this 3D software. A skilled Maya modeler can build a computer model of a detailed machine part, or a multi-floor building, using just this flexible software. Alias is also capable of rendering high-quality objects suitable for various print, video or interactive presentations, or projects can be easily exported to Autodesk’s Maya program for further visualization work.

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