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The Challenge Cargill turned to Franke+Fiorella to design a new logo and identity system to reflect their new business strategy. The Solution The redesigned logo preserves a visual link to Cargill’s legacy through the incorporation of a leaf shape. The Result Cargill’s new logo and brand identity system were key components in strengthening the Cargill brand—helping the company grow from $50 billion in revenues in 2001 to $119 billion in 2011. Cargill has now completed the acquisition of ADM’s global chocolate business for an enterprise value of US$440 million. The acquisition constitutes a milestone for Cargill’s chocolate growth strategy, strengthening its position in the cocoa and chocolate industry.

The combined business provides Cargill with enhanced capabilities and product ranges to deliver a broad portfolio of products that support the long-term needs of customers. The company’s cocoa and chocolate business now operates globally with 27 sites in 11 countries with more than 3,000 employees and serves customer needs with high quality cocoa and chocolate products, tailor-made for confectionery, bakery, dairy, and other applications. Addressing the European Commission’s conditional clearance, Cargill has agreed to divest ADM’s industrial chocolate production facility in Mannheim, Germany.
The facility is kept as a separate entity with its own interim management until transferred to a prospective buyer. Additionally, company leaders wanted to make it easy for their global workforce to leverage the new logo and identity system in all their communications.

As part of the initial launch, Franke+Fiorella designed the stationery system and signage plus a robust online identity guidelines website complete with templates. A desktop reference guide and at-a-glance reference tool were also developed to assist employees in adopting the system.

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