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TV is increasingly part of a multi-screen experience, vying for viewer attention in a sea of multitasking behavior. That wasn’t the most popular second-screen activity, of course, but it’s another indication of the growing influence of mobile devices on video viewing.
Ericsson’s list of identified activities being carried out on second-screens is by no means exhaustive, and tends to focus on more TV-related than unrelated activities.
While traditional TV is competing with online video sources, scheduled broadcast viewing remains popular.
By comparison, 63% of respondents from those markets are watching content on their own schedules, streaming on-demand and time-shifted TV and video content, including YouTube.
Social network multitaskers on both Facebook and Twitter were most likely to log on to accounts when they were planted in front of the TV; more than eight in 10 Facebook users and about two-thirds of Twitter users used social networks while channel surfing. Women were slightly more likely than men to turn to social media while watching TV, traveling and exercising, and significantly more likely to do so while shopping. The shift from desktop to mobile, whether smartphone or tablet, is happening across a variety of activities, including social networking and digital video viewing.
Apple is pitching media companies on a plan to allow viewers to skip advertisements while watching TV as part of its plan for an Apple TV, Jessica Lessin reports.
To offset the lost viewership, Apple would compensate media companies for the skipped ads, says Lessin, a former Wall Street Journal reporter who is starting her own tech news site. Americans are using their cell phones to find new ways to engage with the TV shows they are watching. US tablet and smartphone owners are increasingly multitasking when it comes to watching TV, according to data released by The Nielsen Company in October 2011. Ad pages also declined in Q1 2010 compared to Q1 2009, falling 9.4%, according to the Publishers Information Bureau (PIB).
Total US TV and online advertising revenues dropped 12% in 2009, although online revenues independently grew, according to research from The Yankee Group.
In 2009, the total US TV and online advertising market totaled $67 billion, compared to $77 billion in 2008.
Internet advertising grew during 2009, as a result of consumers spending more time online and less time watching TV. The total amount of time consumers spent on media per day actually declined 14.3% between 2008 and 2009.
Americans spent an average of three hours and 17 minutes per day consuming TV and video in 2009, compared to an average of four hours and 13 minutes a day consuming online content. Of the 280+ million mobile phone users in the US, rarely is ones phone more than 4 feet away!
A Pew Research survey suggests that roughly over 50% of adult cell phone users send and receive text messages these days, up from September 2009.

QR codes are simple bar codes that, when read with a free QR reader, will link the viewer to a website, send a text message, receive contact information or instructions or even dial a phone number. Send text alerts to your mobile marketing database offering special sales to liquidate overstock or fill voids in appointment times.
Here are some major retailers using text messaging to alert their customer base of sales and other events. The newest edition to the successful Sony Ericsson GreenHeart mobile phone portfolio, Sony Ericsson Aspen handset, allows easy multi-tasking combining the touch experience and a real QWERTY keyboard.
Now it appears that TV is competing with something beyond the usual suspects (email, social networking, internet browsing): more video. Indeed, among a subset of countries, owners of the respective devices reported spending less time watching TV on a weekly basis, and more time using portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. 83% of respondents from a subset of 9 markets (US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Brazil) claim to watch scheduled broadcast TV more than weekly. But the two networks were also extremely popular while traveling and among those who were supposed to be working. Time spent with mobile phones and tablets, excluding voice calls, has risen from 13.5% of all media time last year, and has nearly tripled since 2011. Consumers who spend an hour watching TV while multitasking on tablet devices, for example, would be counted as spending an hour with TV and an additional hour on mobile. It has reportedly been developing a full-blown television set, but nothing has happened yet. In addition to many independent startups we’ve discussed in the past, the old guard, that already owns most of broadcast TV stateside, has a startup of its own called ConnecTV.
TV advertising, by far the largest portion of this combined market, was hit especially hard by reductions in spending during 2009. This was significantly more than the 4% (or roughly $2.1 billion) decline The Yankee Group originally forecast in June 2009. Online ad revenues grew 8.3% between 2008, when they totaled $24 billion, and 2009, when they totaled $26 billion. Consumers spent about 14 hours per day on media in 2008, but only 12 hours per day in 2009.
Internet display advertising expenditures increased 7.3% for the year, aided by sharply higher spending from the telecom, factory auto and travel categories. Text message marketing allows businesses to communicate with their client base in a cost-effective manner that is convenient to the client. Text messaging marketing campaigns deliver your message near instantly in your customeris hand. Now you can use text message marketing business cards by telling your prospect to simply text your name to 32020 and receive a text with all your contact information.

Per Nielson Mobile, less than 40% of marketing emails sent are actually viewed whereas over 90% of text messages received are viewed within 15 minutes.
QR codes are essential in printed advertising, business cards, promotional items and product catalogs or point of sale displays.
Instead of having to wait for printed ads, a customer can show their phone at the point of sale for a discount. Many consider email today to be the new 'snail mail' in that most people will look at a text message sooner than they will check their email.
Organise and adapt panels to change during the day and use Slide View for quick access to common features.
According to a new study [pdf] from Ericsson ConsumerLab, 1 in every 4 TV viewers surveyed across a range of countries is using a second screen to watch 2 or more programs, live events, or shows at the same time.
They also admitted to a much greater propensity to use social media while drunk or on the toilet than women.
As social networking and video reach plateaus in terms of share of total desktop time (around 29% and 18%, respectively), these activities are growing more quickly on smartphones, and especially tablets.
In development for two years already, ConnecTV is currently in beta and has the hopes to go live in January. Thus the overall pie will continue to shrink while some parts grow and other parts shrink dramatically. As highlighted below, a shift in consumer attention primarily drove the steep decline in the TV ad market. Thus Yankee Group advises marketers and advertisers to increase their focus on online and mobile promotions.
Text messaging is known to have better response and conversion rates than traditional forms of marketing. Create your own phone booth with optional extra Bluetooth Noise Shield Handsfree VH700 and charge your phone the eco-friendly way with the Energy Saving Mini-Charger EP800.
The share of all tablet time spent with video, for example, will nearly double this year, from 10% to 19%. If Apple were to compensate for lost ad revenue, it could get pretty expensive pretty quickly. The idea is of course to put what you might want to see on your second screen while you watch the main action on the big screen. This includes sports scores, statistics, as well as what your friends may or may-not be saying on Twitter or Facebook — and of course advertising.

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