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Text2Vip is a full service mobile marketing firm that provides solutions for small to medium size businesses. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. To validate and document our Opt In permission based cell phone number list the Email-List traces and provides the opt-in website source and time stamps the date and time of when the consumer opted in.
Yes, you really need to incorporate cell phone marketing into your business and advertising plan. Cell phone marketing, by far, has surpassed all kinds of advertising and promotional activities with overwhelming return on investment and instant responses. It not only helps you effectively communicate with a large consumer base, but is also cheaper and faster than the rest of the traditional marketing such as television, radio and print media. Step 3: Once they have subscribed, you are free to send text messages and marketing campaigns to your cell phone subscribers. Step 1: If you have a restaurant and you want to instigate the cell phone marketing to let people know about your existence and interesting food items and recipes. Create a text marketing message to add it to your menu, website, receipt, billboard, banner, flyer etc. Step 3: send at least two messages in a week, so that they feel updated with the ongoing offers, discounts, events and activities. Special messages that can help like “Welcome to Sunday night, cause a special gift coupon is waiting for you….. One mobile developer, Trevor Eckhart, has lifted the veil on mobile carriers’ insanely invasive practices, which include tracking almost everything we do with our phones, from locations to keystrokes and beyond.

In the middle of last year, when Carrier IQ raised another $12 million round, the company told us its software was on more than 90 million mobile devices by 12 leading vendors worldwide.
More: MobileBeat 2016 is focused on the paradigm shift from apps to AI, messaging, and chatbots. In essence, text message marketing has the potential to become a virtual walking billboard with target-market, laser beam precision.
In other regions, notable Text2VIP clients include: Bare Feet Shoes, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Saladworks, and the LPGA. Text2Vip assists clients in identifying mobile strategies and creating unique call to action graphics, campaign strategies, practices and regulations.
In recent years, almost all major companies have started switching to cell phone marketing to promote their products, services and market presence. Recent statistics demonstrates that approximately 5.3 billion people currently have subscriptions for cell phones, and alone in Europe the total number of cell phones are about one third of the world’s population.
It should be something like: “have special dinner in our restaurant and have a surprise coupons, or movie tickets”. You have to root your phone and uninstall the mobile operating system to get away from its prying gaze. The “opt-in” nature of the campaign not only provides the consumer with total control, but it targets the consumer with time sensitive offers that traditional advertising media simply cannot deliver. They assume SMS programming responsibilities and provide detailed reporting for measurable ROI tracking.
It will let you make personal contact with them and inspire them to make a visit to your website right from their mobile and Smartphone devices.

The countries such as US and Japan have higher number of cell phone subscribers than the population. In order to expand your reach, build a local Opt-in cell Phone Number List (take help from a trustworthy vendor) and send your promotional text messages. At that time, the company said its software was already deployed on 35 million cell phones through seven mobile vendors.
Quick & Easy Deployment, that is Text2Vip, the leader in text message marketing for retail businesses and it has taken the city of Naples FL by storm. Clients range from independent restaurant, bar and retail business owners to multi-unit quick service food chains and national franchises. In these extremely difficult economic times, Text2Vip’s premise is a win-win for the business owner and the consumer. The privately held company is headquarted in Atlantic City, NJ with multiple satellite sales offices throughout the country.
The business owner, employing the latest new technological tool to drive sales, only pays for the actual number of patrons who subscribe to receive text blasts and unlike traditional advertising, the creative is not time consuming or costly.
With cell phone marketing, you stay in touch with the end number of customers no matter where they are, living in your neighborhood, away on vacation, or traveling abroad; people never forget to carry their cell phones.

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