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Q7: In myGVcam Service, how do I change the default media player used for playing back motion events?
When logging in myGVcam for the first time, you may need to install additional plugin, Add-on, OCX components or Quick Time depending on the operating system and Web browser you are using.
The router supports UPnP function, allowing the PC or the mobile device to connect to the camera directly. The router does not support UPnP function and the camera establishes connection by opening an UPnP port.

You will need to run the Setup Wizard again to reconfigure the wireless network settings, because the routera€™s network name (SSID), account name and password are different at the new location or network.
You need to install myGVcam App to access surveillance image from iOS or Android mobile devices and tablets. Go to Windowa€™s Control Panel, go to Programs and select Make a file type always open in a specific program.
A relay server is then used to establish connection between the camera and the PC or the mobile device.

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