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The Office of Undergraduate Admission announced today that 2,063 high school students have been admitted to the Class of 2020 from a pool of 43,997. During New Student Orientation, I attendedA a mini-lecture by Professor Hank Greely on navigating career paths. Like in Monsters, Inc., there are many doors open to you but you can only hang on to so many. Something else that stuck with me came from the mouth ofA the former Dean of Freshman, Julie Lythcott-Haims.
I took her words to heart, andA apparently so did my classmates, for everywhere I turned I quickly found willing collaborators.

Happy Holidays from all of us in the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid. The freshman class is beginning to take shape, with acceptance offers sent to high school students from 48 states and 34 countries. Stanford offers admission to 2,063 students from around the worldRD Decisions to be Released March 25Happy Holidays! My classmates and I studied together, discussedA concepts on shared whiteboards, and tutored each otherA in a fair trade of weaknesses and strengths.
My collection of foxtail seeds have stuck withA me throughout my time in schoolA and changed the way IA approach life, beyond college.

Not all of these will resonate with you, but if just one makes you stop and think, I willA have accomplishedA my goal.
It is something that I believeA every successful workplace should strive to create, and something I hope to bring with meA wherever I go.

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