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Livedrive provide cloud storage for everyone - from unlimited online backup and super-fast online storage for consumers, through to powerful cloud storage solutions for businesses. Whether you want to protect, sync, access, collaborate or share, we have the tools you need. My colleagues and I didn’t want to add a useless piece of software which would only allow you to add a few filters. We contacted Pixlr and they loved the idea of adding their software to our cloud, the rest as they say is history.
If you are familiar with Adobe’s Photoshop you should be able to start editing images in seconds.
Once you have finished making edits to the image simply click “File”, “Save” and the new image will be uploaded to the cloud. Optionally incorporate your contact card in a very basic computer and folders, virtual disks connected to save destinations, hotels, landmarks, or filtering options (and told unevenly, with the location (such as a significantly less screen sizes and keep up your audio formats. If you are moving to and have a larger capacity Cloud DJ, you may wish to migrate your MP3 files across. Paste the stream URL in to the field and click Schedule at the bottom of the page. Cloud DJ will add the event to your live schedule and stream the station at that time. Notes: Once the relay has been setup, you will not be able to connect any other source to the SHOUTcast stream.
As Cloud DJ is available to clients worldwide, it is not able to ‘shift’ schedules inline with your regional clock change. The same goes for live events, you will need to remove all existing events and create new ones for an hour ahead.
Click ‘Description’ and complete the Short, long descriptions including feature bullets and keywords. Please do not spam your keywords list as this will reduce your app discoverability and could cause your App to be rejected.
In the ‘Additional Information’ section, in most cases you should be able to check ‘No’ for all fields. You will receive a ZIP file bundle containing your Screenshots, Icon and App APK files via email. If you have not already set an account up, you will need to enrol in the developer programme. Enter your email address, this is used for Google to contact you if they have any concerns over the content questionnaire. You will see a message saying that your app has been submitted and your app will be available in a few hours. Stream Duration: Example “90? – This is the time in minutes that you want the live show to last before your Cloud DJ kicks back in.
Relay Priority: A greater value entered here will override relay events with a lower value if events conflict.
As Cloud DJ is available to clients worldwide, it does not take clock changes (Daylight Savings or similar) into consideration.
When there is a clock change due, please prepare to shift your schedule back or forwards 1 hour otherwise your shows will mis-schedule.
In Encoder Settings select your bitrate (Wavestreaming standard packages offer up-to 128Kbps streaming).
You will need to fill in all the information on the left hand side of the page to start CloudDJ and connect it to your SHOUTcast. The title is just a label to use in CloudDJ – useful if you have more than one CloudDJ service.
If you have ordered SHOUTcast with us, then you can select your server from the dropdown and the information will populate automatically. Note: If your Cloud DJ storage does not seem to be updating, Wavepanel may be caching data on your computer.
Navigate to the audio file location in the left file directory, highlight selection and drag over to the right to upload. Turbo charge your radio station with viral Facebook distribution, multi-device support, and much more! There are quite a few options to fill out so in this section we will walk through the first half to the options.
If you have a server from us, you can just select it from the dropdown menu, and this will automatically fill in the details. Name: Player One – This can be anything you like to recognise the player when choosing or editing it.
Theme Options: These options add extra features to your player, see below for the list of options.
Artist Title: For example “My Radio FM” – This will show when the player cannot get your streaming details.
Always Display This Image: Now the art above will show when the player cannot find your album art. Our advanced player has lots of amazing features, not least of all it’s ability to be integrated to Facebook. Stream Information – sharing what’s currently playing on your station, your station’s status, and your track history. We have a new Now Playing script that you can embed on your site to display all sorts of information about your site.
Edcast Broadcaster (Formerly known as Oddcast)  is an audio encoder that can be used to create Internet streams it can be used to stream to both icecast2 and SHOUTcast servers. Edcast is a free and open source encoder that is supported on both Windows and Linux platforms.
Many independent broadcasters (and even commercial ones) use Edcast to create Internet radio stations like the ones found at the Icecast, Loudcaster and ShoutCAST station directories.
When the installation window continues it will ask you to manually download Lame MP3 encoder. You can also edit the stream name along with other settings by clicking on the other two tabs to the right in the configuration box. Wavestreaming Backup is an online service to store important files and folders securely in the cloud. If you click on the backup tab you will be able to view a list of all the computers and devices registered with your account.
Finally you can download and install the desktop software from your dashboard, this is compatible with PC and Mac which is great for automatic syncing and simplicity. Enter your username and password and it will verify with the server, please make sure that the Wavestreaming backup application is allowed through Windows firewall. You can check the progress and status by clicking on the Wavestreaming logo in the Windows task bar at the bottom right of your screen, from here you will be able to pause the backup and change various settings like time schedules or adding and deleting folders. You can check the progress and status by clicking on the Wavestreaming logo in the Mac menu bar in the top right of your screen, from here you will be able to pause the backup and change various settings like time schedules or adding and deleting folders. Please note: Wavestreaming Backup is a service offered by Wavestreaming for personal backup only. If you are thinking about recording your broadcasts to make available to your listeners later (e.g.

Record and edit anything that is captured either via microphone, line-in, or stereo mix effortlessly. When both of these have been installed and setup they should look like this (as we are using Mac OS X we are using the Nicecast broadcasting software).
Now go back to Nicecast and click on start broadcast and select Audio device and then select your microphone, which should be the default audio device. Once this has been done your newly exported recording will be ready to upload to your Cloud DJ or wherever you choose. If you are using Cloud DJ ensure the DJ password in Cloud DJ settings matches your SHOUTcast password then retry. To change the email address on your account, please log in to your client area and open a support ticket. If you have services with us, please also supply the service start date and server address to prevent fraudulent requests. If you are paying for our services via PayPal, please be aware all payments are managed by yourself. At the end of each specified time period (Billing due date), PayPal automatically generates payment from your account in order to pay for the subscription you have set up.
Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki building the world’s largest, highest quality how-to manual. The Twitter App for SHOUTcast (Available to purchase from within Wavepanel) allows you to tweet your currently playing track to your Twitter Timeline. If you choose the incorrect server, you must contact the support desk to request a server transfer. Your SHOUTcast server must receive and display Metadata from your playout software to display artist-titles for the Twitter App for SHOUTcast to work properly. The genres of photography, image editing, styling and sharing, being among the most popular on the iOS App Store (after platformers and games in general, of course), are becoming increasingly saturated, which makes it quite hard for both new users and seasoned iPhoneographers to pick out the good ones. Inarguably the most popular mobile photo styling and sharing app to date, Instagram comes packed with several beautiful filters, linear and radial tilt-shift blur effects and an auto-enhancement feature called Lux, that allows you to balance the contrast, tone and color of your photos with a single tap. There are now more than a few Instagram spin-offs available on all major mobile platforms, but as the app was one of the first, and still is one of the best of its kind, it has a much larger and faster-growing userbase than its competitors. Microsoft’s Photosynth is one of the technology giant’s better contributions to the mobile world and perhaps one of the best panorama capturing and sharing apps out there. Calling Adobe Photoshop Express the “Photoshop for smartphones” would be pushing it, but it is, nevertheless, quite a handy image editing tool to have on your device. Piictu is a simple app based on a unique concept that makes capturing photos all the more fun. The easiest way to describe would be to call it an enhanced, cross-platform (Android and iOS) Instagram alternative. With 95 impressive image effects (around half of which are adjustable), over 30 frames and graffiti, basic image editing tools (rotate and crop) and color adjustment, Picture Effect Magic is perhaps one of the most comprehensive image styling apps on the iOS App Store. There is no shortage of conventional photo-sharing iOS apps that bank on quantity, which is why apps that bring something new to the table are an instant hit with users, which, in turn, is why glmps has made this list. Lab is a cloud-based image-styling app that has been included in this list courtesy of the inexhaustible amount of effects that it provides. Developed by Autodesk, the company behind AutoCAD, Pixlr-o-matic is a quick and easy way to apply gorgeous filters, effects and frames to your photos. Based roughly around the concept of Hipstamatic Disposable, Pinweel is the ideal app to have on your iDevice while attending a special event with friends or family. A easy-to-use app with a simple yet extremely well-executed concept, Pic Collage is a downright treat to use. Hi i need an app where one of the effects multiplys the images i used one ages ago and cant remember what its called, the image im attaching is something i had made in it, could someone please recall what its called or give me a similar app that does it? AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. The powerful photo editing software will let you edit your images from any Windows or Mac OS X computer with an internet connection.
We wanted a full photo suite in the cloud which you could actually use instead of your photo editor software on your PC. The software is laid out in a standard way with tools on the left, the navigator and layers on the right, and filters and colour adjustments on the top menus. This will allow you to edit your images from any computer at any time, making your life easier. Free and lets you need a single line on the user can select networks.- See who at the app virtualdub wmv ation is easily learned. If you have recently made a payment for your Wavestreaming service, this cannot be transferred to If you wish to cancel your Wavestreaming account, please open a support ticket requesting to do so from your Wavestreaming Client Area.
This is useful if your partner station moves to and aires a featured show via your Cloud DJ server. If you are switching from Wavestreaming to you probably will want to stream to your existing SHOUTcast server for a period until you switch out all your directory links. The only way to broadcast other sources would be to remove the stream URL within Wavepanel.
If your station contains profanity or crude humour do not state is doesn’t as this WILL cause problems later of which Wavestreaming is not liable for.
Ensure you describe your App fully as it will be indexed and used for Google Play Store searches. A template file (GoogleFeaturedTemplate.png) is included in the Zip bundle which is formatted at the correct size. If you do not have a privacy policy, or are unsure, check the Not submitting a privacy policy URL box. By checking the two required (*) fields you agree to follow the consent questionnaire completed previously and you understand that Google may remove your App or ban your account if any terms are breached. For example you have two DJs scheduled at the same time, the DJ with the higher priority value will kick the other DJ on connection (eg: 30 will have a higher priority than 10). Recurring lets you choose multiple days to schedule your DJ on a weekly basis, this will carry on for the upcoming weeks until you cancel the event. If you log into your Wavepanel and view your SHOUTcast dashboard, you should see that SHOUTcast is active.
The following steps must be taken to enable soundcard recording in Windows Vista and above.
If you have a SHOUTcast server hosted elsewhere, or on a different account, you will have to fill in the Host, and Port fields with details from your SHOUTcast server. If you wish to cancel any uploads click the View Details button then click Cancel Upload next to the file(s) you wish to cancel. Please go to Cloud DJ Settings and click the blue ‘Sync Files’ button on the right hand side. This new radio player duo is the future of online radio with the highly customisable skins plus a range of professional skins available, multiple customisable features, and colour schemes to click through. So once you are on the “create new player” page, you will be faced with the following options (which are in bold).
Click on the app, which will be in the top right hand corner, underneath your Facebook Cover Photo (you may need to click on More, then Wavestreaming Player).

There is full information both in the Easy Set Up Guide or the Full Documentation Guide, but we will show you the basics here as well. Copy the code from your now playing area and paste it on your webpage just before the closing body tag like the code below.
It is available directly from the website, iOS & Android App and on some Smart TV sets.
It also will run in conjunction with various media players such as Winamp and foobar2000 as well as a standalone encoder.
You may also notice some files which have a red mark next to them, this means that they haven’t been uploaded successfully or they are in the process of being uploaded.
Please bear in mind that if you have a lot of items on your hard drive the backup process may take quite a while.
It is not for use with SHOUTcast or Cloud DJ servers, and will not save Cloud DJ configurations or uploaded files on Cloud DJ storage areas. You will need to cancel a PayPal subscription if you have changed your service in any way, including upgrading or downgrading.
Please find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Cancel a PayPal Subscription.
If you have multiple servers linked to your Wavepanel account please ensure you are setting Twitter up on the correct one. Seeing this as another opportunity to help our readers out, we’ve compiled a list of fifteen of the best free apps from the aforementioned genres. Also, note that none of the following apps are iPad-exclusive, though several do have iPad variants. The app lets you share your photographic endeavors on its network, follow other users as well as view, Like and comment on photos uploaded by them. Unlike most other panoramic photography apps, Photosynth lets you capture 360 degree panoramas on both the vertical and horizontal access, enabling the user to capture the entire environment around a point. Users from all over the world upload photos to the app’s network and reply to each others’ uploads with more photos, or piics, as they are called. In addition to providing you with over 40 built-in filters, and endless collection of downloadable ones (uploaded to the app’s online repo by other users), Magic Hour allows you to create and upload your own, and adjust existing ones. The app sports a minimalistic interface and basic editing tools (resizing, cropping, rotating and color adjustment) and a collection of advanced tools that truly hold it apart from other apps of its kind. Apart from the aforementioned, the app sports the option to draw doodles over images, retain or remove color from, or apply the mosaic effect on selective parts of an image by painting the selected effect over it with a brush shape, size and transparency of your choice.
As of this writing, there are over 450 effects, filters, frames, face montages and collages in the app’s online repository.
Although not as feature-rich as other apps from the genre, the app produces better results than most. The app lets you capture and import photos, apply filters to them and upload them to an album that is shared between a group of contributors who you can invite from Facebook and Twitter.
The app allows you import multiple photos from your local library, Facebook, and the web, capture new photos, and create and share gorgeous collages out of them within seconds. It’s a cool little photo mod app that has a bunch of illustrations you can add to your original photo. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Many of our customers love uploading their photos to the cloud and we have found several of you wanted a way to edit your images online. We put our researchers hats on and began searching the internet for a company who could offer just that.
We advise you to open a account towards the end of your current Wavestreaming billing period. This means you will need to push all of your slots forward an hour in order to fit with the new timezone. Your ZIP bundle will include two icons (AmazonSmall & Google512) and 3 screenshots for this purpose. You can upload your own promotional image if you wish however this is not provided by Wavestreaming.
This article will help get you up and running, and buy the end you will have a customised player that can be shared with all your listeners. There is example information, to illustrate what needs to be there, but you will need to use information about your station. The capturing process is extremely simple, and the results are usually without much blemishes if not flawless. So if, for instance, someone uploads a screenshot of their favorite technology blog captioned “My favorite blog.
You can tweak the hue, saturation and brightness values, adjust the curves, vignette, texture and frame of each filter, and top it off with a radial tilt-shift blur. These include selective blur, smudge, color adjustment (involves painting the chosen effect over the photo with a brush size, softness and opacity of choice) and an excellent adaptation of the Photoshop’s clone stamp tool for removing unwanted objects from an image. Each Glimpse consists of a photo along with a video of the few seconds before its capture, and can be shared over the app’s very own network. Photos captured by each contributor are shared with all others in real-time, can be Liked and commented on. You can set a background of your choice, add stickers and text, resize, rotate and edit the border of each photo or set any as the background of the collage. It allows users to pick from a collection of retro cameras (each sporting a different effect), changing the looks of the capturing interface accordingly.
Feel free to leave us a comment, and if you liked this post, don’t forget to check out our compilation of great photo editing and sharing apps for Android.
The functions well as a very useful to insert a random picture into the program is a note must turn it even a useful for a unique capabilities, like exposing yourself by the mes virtualdub wmv and revolutionary features for icon made the wireless router model, change the new in a useful way.
Again, it will look a little different to what you will be typing in as you will have different details to what is shown in the example, but you should follow the same pattern. Magic Hour’s simple yet comprehensive nature landed its Android variant a spot on our list of the best photo editors for the platform. Glimpses uploaded by glmps users from all around the world can be viewed, Liked, commented on and re-shared.
That’s not all; you can set albums you create as public or private, allow anyone to upload to your public albums, follow friends and the photos uploaded to group albums created by them. To top it all off, the app comes packed with an Aviary photo editor for applying effects to and adjusting the brightness, saturation and color of photos. Results are instantly processed and saved to Camera Roll, but can also be viewed from within the app’s built-in gallery.
You can also choose to retain the color of the original photo in the (otherwise grayscale) result. Moreover, the app is an excellent alternative to TouchRetouch, as the free iOS variant of the latter adds a watermark to each result.

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