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A worker feeds coffee beans into a pulping system; coffee production is expected to increase by about 100,000 bags. As part of my Sustainable Design (Fall2008) class, I interviewed Edwin Martinez, 3rd generation coffee farmer from Finca Vista Hermosa, a specialty coffee farm known for its award winning coffee.  This research, combined with secondary research about coffee farming, led to a single factor life cycle assessment (LCA) using the Eco-Indicator 99 tool. THE COMBINED effects of berry borer infestation, unfavourable weather conditions and farmer apathy could result in Jamaica's lowest coffee production in more than 20 years. He added: "The incidence of berry borer damage is significantly higher than it was a year and a half ago.
Declining to give a figure on the national rate of infestation in the absence of a formal survey, Gentles disclosed that there are indicator farms showing rates above 31 per cent. In addition, there are some trees which have not been cared for because farmers were unable to afford to carry out pruning and other necessary work because of the late payment for coffee sold.

Still, for Gentles, berry borer damage will be the most significant challenge, especially since the weather this year did not cooperate. However, those numbers are being revised right now and it's looking as if it could be as low as 150,000, to 180,000, significantly lower after Gilbert," director general of the Coffee Industry Board (CIB), Christopher Gentles told AgroGleaner recently.
As a result, this year the crop is projected to be 30 per cent lower, at minimum, than last year and there are two big reasons.
We got more even rains and as a result of that a lot of the trees in the higher regions didn't set a huge crop, "Gentles reported. Some farmers also told AgroGleaner that they were unwilling to carry out the necessary preparatory work for the new crop year, given the uncertainty about future payments. They have chosen to 'throw up" their fields and tend to other crops until they are assured of some stability in the coffee market.

This year we had a nice, even weather - not too much sun, no near misses with hurricanes, and what that means is that in combination with the farmers leaving up the fields we have increase in the berry borer population," said the Coffee Industry Board CEO. If you have nice, even rains throughout, you don't get an intense flowering and you don't get an intense bearing. There is a lot of tree stock out there in good condition being cared for by competent farmers but haven't borne well this year," he pointed out. Rwanda, is predicting a 50 per cent rise in output this year on the back of good rains late last year.

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