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At the core of our business philosophy is a simple objective: To put each client—buyer or seller, landlord or tenant—in the best position to achieve their commercial real estate goals. Our benchmark is to maintain the highest levels of quality and professionalism, no matter the size or scope of the task at hand. With 14 of the area’s most respected commercial agents—some with over 30 years experience in our region—the Radius Team has cultivated an expansive network of professional contacts, solidifying our competitive advantage in getting the word out quickly and to the widest net. Radius has cemented unrivaled presence and visibility in the market via lucrative advertising agreements with the area’s leading publications and news sources, including the Santa Barbara New-Press, Pacific Coast Business Times, Noozhawk and Montecito Journal. With access to numerous resources for reaching qualified prospects, we are prepared to begin promoting your property immediately via targeted messages delivered by postal mail, E-mail and by phone. Although our expertise is physical building space, our marketing approach goes well beyond brick, mortar and property line to extend our reach beyond the market and maximize exposure for all our clients’ offerings.
Outside brokers, investors and business owners from around the world look to the Radius website as the premier resource for quality commercial real estate in our region. By activating RADAR, Radius agents have at their fingertipsthe most sophisticated software and data tool in the industry to assist clients in the marketing of their properties.

Our team leverages the unmatched power of RADAR (Radius Analytics & Research)—the leading on-demand brokerage operations software and the most comprehensive proprietary database of current, past, and potential buyers and tenants in the market—designed specifically to track commercial real estate activity and assist our agents in helping you drive winning business strategy. Critical to the success of our marketing program is staying connected with prospects and outside brokers and relaying important feedback to clients.
In commercial real estate just as in sports, ultimately it’s good follow-through that gets the job done. No other local brokerage invests in the scope and caliber of resources with which we empower our Team to achieve the successful outcomes our clients expect.
To that end, Radius consistently raises the bar with unparalleled marketing services and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Like crafting engaging, persuasive listing flyers and promotional materials that showcase each property’s unique benefits and value from a buyer or tenant’s perspective.
Like RADAR (Radius Analytics & Research), an industry-leading tracking and analytics tool designed to harness the most current, accurate market data to help drive commercial strategy and strengthen our clients’ negotiating position. We extend our considerable reach by communicating daily with other commercial brokers both inside and outside the market to identify alternative leads or prospects who may be interested in our offerings.

In addition, our ace marketing and design team execute winning creative strategy to ensure our campaigns always stand apart from the crowd. Additionally, our affiliations with organizations such as the International Council of Shopping Centers, provide valuable points of contact to aid in marketing our properties.
Near or far, serious parties in search of property for sale or lease are guaranteed the quickest and easiest access to all Radius listings. We will also update you regularly on our progress by providing recaps of our activity including prospect status reports. Once we’ve brought a qualified buyer or tenant to the plate, we will devote the time and resources required to coordinate and complete the transaction in a timely manner, from acting as liaison between both parties (and in some cases contractors, architects, utility companies and governmental agencies, for example) to managing the flow of legal documents and correspondence.

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