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In the past when people have discussed the use of commercial games for learning, they usually take the standpoint of exhibiting a few gleaming examples of educational content within the perceived barren wasteland of commercial video games.
When assessing the academic use of video games, we tend to focus on two aspects of a game: content and gameplay mechanics. About an hour later into the game (2 if you were 8 years old like I was) you reach the first boss. After acquiring well over 20 new, and more powerful tools than the deku nut, you finally face the final boss of the game. Now, this is not to say that we should change the classroom to look something like this picture.

Jesse Sell grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where he spent most of his time playing volleyball and video games. Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. Games like Sid Meier’s Pirates, Civilization, or the Total War series are often held aloft as these gems of education within the commercial game scene.
His research interests include the power of play as a tool, livestreaming, and the future of professional gaming.
We’ve written some students off as just being naturally better learners almost as if learning is a skill you’re either born with or you’re not. Jesse spent his college summers working aboard cruise ships in the Caribbean and the Pacific Northwest.

Both his education and employment allowed him to meet and work with people from around the world. Through these connections, Jesse began to notice the universal and connecting nature of gaming. It will flash and stun the enemy.” You get an opportunity to test out the deku nut a few seconds later as you’re confronted with another enemy.

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