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Cincinnati’s #1 Slate Roofing Contractor Roofing Slate, a 100% natural material that is able to protect you and your home from nature’s elements for your lifetime and beyond.
Cincinnati’s #1 Slate Roofing ContractorRoofing Slate, a 100% natural material that is able to protect you and your home from nature’s elements for your lifetime and beyond. A.The term "square" in reference to roofing materials refers to 100 square feet of roof area. Created by Mother Nature over hundreds of millions of years, roofing slate offers a unique combination of all natural material, extremely long service life and unparalleled beauty.
Generally speaking, North American slate is some shade or combination of the following colors:Grey (Gray), Green, Purple, Black and Red.
Unfading slate is slate which changes very little from its freshly quarried look and whatever changes do occur are relatively uniform throughout the roof. The portion of the slate that you can see, (not buried under succeeding courses) is referred to as "exposure". Headlap is simply the portion of the slate that is overlapped by two layers of slate (from the next two courses).
One square of slate is the amount of slate that it takes to cover 100 square feet of roof area. It is sparkling water white and most of all free from any residual obnoxious odor of spirit. Extracted from the ground and fabricated by people with centuries of slate heritage, and installed by our craftsmen using methods passed down through generations, a slate roof imbues any project with a sense of quality, permanence and tradition. If slate isn't unfading it is known as "fading" (also "weathering" or "semi-weathering.") The amount and type of fading or weathering varies from color to color and quarry to quarry. Brown slate occurs in "weathering" or "semi-weathering" veins and after exposure to the elements. A reputable supplier can usually offer a fair prediction of the weathering characteristics of their slate. Which slates are destined to turn brown and which are not is not readily apparent (it takes a few months of sun and rain), so if brown is not a desired color in the finished roof, then "unfading" slate should be specified.
As you might guess, slate which is two or three times thicker than standard will usually be significantly more expensive.

Fading and color shifts do not affect the longevity of top-quality slate, but will affect the appearance and thus should be anticipated. Fading and weathering involves all or part of a slate turning some degree and shade of brown.
The percentage of brown that will occur in "weathering" and "semi-weathering" slate will vary from quarry to quarry with some deposits turning almost 100% brown and others as little as 10%.
Copper nails are in keeping with a good slate roof's longevity and the smooth shank is forgiving in those inevitable moments when you'll be forced to pull a nail or use the ripper on one. Knowing the weathering characteristics of the stone you're using makes good sense and avoids unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings.In addition to natural forms of weathering, slate can be discolored by any number of environmental factors including tree sap, rusty roof metal and airborne pollutants. You get the picture.The number of pieces required to cover one square is dependent on the size (or sizes) of the slate. There are other options, and sometimes engineering considerations such as a concrete deck dictate a different specification. As per the amount of reducing sugars present molasses is graded as I, II, III and below Grade. Generally speaking, North American slate is some shade or combination of the following colors: Grey (Gray), Green, Purple, Black and Red. 13" dimensions are traditionally avoided, presumably out of superstition.Aside from the standard slate sizes, you usually are able to have other sizes specially made, but most producers will demand a premium for deviating from standard production.
Molasses having reducing sugar above 50% are taken as I grade, and below 40% are below grade.
There are limits, of course, but we have seen roofing slates as large as 30" x 24" and as small as 9" x 6". It should be mentioned that under no circumstances should the installer try to "stretch" the slate by "cheating" on the headlap. The commercial value of molasses is tested for the Brix (Total Dissolved solid) and TRS (Total reducing sugars) which represent its quality and grades for sale.Molasses are fermented in distilleries to produce alcohol commercially.
India has been producing about 1.7 billion litres of liquor utilizing 75-80% molasses produced in the country. Though the free production of liquor using molasses is restricted for social reasons, its application in the preparation of alcohol based chemicals is also economically viable.
India has the largest chemical industry in the world using sugar cane molasses to produce Ethyl Alcohol, Acetaldehyde, Acetic Acid Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) are being produced by molasses only.

Skimmed Milk PowderOur professionals put in their best efforts to Manufacture, Export and Supply the premium quality Skimmed Milk Powder for our valuable clients. Our Skimmed Milk Powder is made from the top quality spray dried milk and it is free from any harmful chemicals, etc.
Corn (Maize, Maka)We offer superior quality Corn (Maize, Maka), which is further sub-categorized into yellow maize and white maize. This yellow maize is very rich in nutritious content and can be used in cooking and is also eaten as raw. Our genuine quality maize is easily available in the market and that too at the most reasonable price.
Thus, we are reckoned as one of the eminent Indian maize exporters and suppliers of India.Millet (Bajara)  We offer qualitative array of Indian Millet (Bajara), which is highly demanded by agriculturists and various farmers located across the world.
Knowing the weathering characteristics of the stone you're using makes good sense and avoids unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings.
Prestige Gold has natural taste, odorless with sparkling clarity, and is high in PUFA & low in Cholesterol. The soyabean dal is then rolled into full fat flakes, at which point the soyabean oil is extracted.The flakes left behind after the soya oil is extracted is processed further which contain about 53% protein, and are the basis of a variety of soya products.
They can be ground, for instance, into soya grits of soya powder.Prestige Group is one of the pioneers in promoting edible oil self sufficiency in India and its Prestige Gold brand is the first ever brand in India to secure quality seal of the American Soybean Association. The Group has also carved a niche for its Indian Super Soyameal in competitive foreign markets especially in South East Asia, Far East, and other countries. Excellence is integrated into the whole system in Prestige from the Processing plant to the Board Room.
Bulk quantities of Prestige Gold is also available for food & hotel industries for manufacturing of Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings etc.

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