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You have found the right people for your development team and you are comfortable with the skills discussed in the previous article.
So as not to lose track of the process, you should check off items as they get completed, as shown in the image below. We stress the importance of this again as this is one part that is easily lost sight of, especially in companies that do not yet have strict processes in place.
So a process must be defined keeping in mind the constraints, but once defined, it must be communicated and adhered to at all costs. Other posts belonging to this seriesA vast MAJORITY of software projects fail during development. Clear communication helps drive success, but ensuring you are communicating effectively with the right people at the right time can be hard.
While many formal communication plans are best documented in a Word document (see our communications plan templates for an example), Swiftlight can help you with your communications plan (or with communicating your plans!) in a variety of ways. For each phase, the general approach to communication and the Communications Plan should be reviewed.
If you are looking for a communications plan template, here are two to help you get started. As Project Managers, 80% of our time is spent communicating, and the overall success and efficiency of a project are dependent on strong lines of communication. Clearly, Project Managers must continuously manage communications throughout the entire project life-cycle to ensure project success. Planning Communications Management – the process of developing an appropriate approach and plan for managing project communications based on stakeholders’ information needs and requirements and available organizational assets.

Managing Communications – the process of creating, collecting, distributing, storing, retrieving, and determining the ultimate disposition of project information in accordance with the Communications Management Plan. Controlling Communications – the process of monitoring and controlling communications throughout the entire project lifecycle to ensure the information needs of project stakeholders are met.
The most important pieces of information you’ll be communicating throughout a project is the project status.  A Project Status Report is an interim report that summarizes situations within a project as of a stated period of time.
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The Bridge Blog is our Talent Community's home base for IT trends and insight, career advice, news from our team, and articles by the IT professionals in our network. Sometimes we post here about local events and community news, especially when they relate to our IT education and environmental initiatives. A project communications plan template is the basic structure which is used to create a communications plan for a project. It involves interaction with others either for collection of data or for various execution processes. You can Download the Free Project Communications Plan Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
That’s where a communications plan can really help, and Swiftlight, with its intuitive interface, clear graphics and templates, can help you quickly create high level communications plans to keep you on track.

Sometimes you (and others) will want a lot of detail in terms of the goals, media etc for the communications. With Swiftlight’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface and simple navigation, getting going is incredibly easy. Just follow this link to see and, if you are interested, download these communications plan templates. Both of these templates, one in Word and one in Swiftlight, can be be downloaded using the links further down this page. A well-planned communication approach offers a guideline on various options which must be utilised for the success of a project.
The communication plan must include details of team meetings, status reports, project reviews etc. is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal.
Other times the specifics will be more obvious and you’ll just need some sort of communications road map. Because of all this it is very important to have a project communications plan so that there is smooth interaction between different stakeholders and contributors of the research and thereby make sure the project is successful.
To see for yourself, why not get a free 30 day trial of Swiftlight project management software?

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