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Ask integrated marketers to name their most-important stakeholder and they usually mention customers. Just as you would write a customer newsletter article with your targets in mind, craft your internal communications program with your most-important assets in mind: your employees and their needs. Establish a regular communication schedule that is tailored to your organizational culture — and stick with it. Results-generating employee communication programs include well-defined employee recognition and reward elements.
To help you build out this rewards strategy, read our guide, “Developing Better Promotional Products Campaigns.” You’ll pick up ideas on how promotional products could be incorporated into your employee communications strategy. Is your marketing strategy for a new product or a re-launch of an existing product you may have improved upon?
If you are not experienced in writing headlines, or sales copy, then you may consider hiring a professional copywriter.
Notice that the benefits are not about what the product has or is made of, but what the product (or service) will do for your customer.
When writing your benefits, keep the message short, often times breaking the copy up into what is called scatter copy; small chunks of information that can be seen quickly and read quickly on your sales sheet or brochure (Read this article on chunking). If you are not good at graphic design, then I recommend hiring a professional graphic designer to assist you with your marketing collateral. The final step for developing a marketing communications strategy includes the creative brief. The creative brief is exactly that, a brief that describes the creative work to be completed, plus some additional information.
Provide some information about your target audience, who you are trying to reach, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, etc.

This document sets out the major points of ECDPM’s new Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) Strategy 2012–2016. This KMC Strategy takes into account comments on knowledge management and communication made by the recent external evaluation of the Centre, as well as in-house suggestions and stakeholder feedback.
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We deliver practical, cost-effective, customized solutions to improve marketing, strengthen communications and achieve your goals. At Ignition Branding, we prefer to get a better bead on the target before we pull the trigger. Too many times, executives get caught with their eyes so close to the canvas, they cannot see the big picture. We understand that not all journeys follow the same path, so we are flexible enough to deviate when needed while remaining committed to the process in general. We created a guide on how to manage creative services; “Get the Best from Your Creative Team” has tips to incorporate into your employee communications strategy.
However, I have written a digested version for developing a marketing communications strategy that can be used for most small to mid-sized businesses (SMB’s).
It helps them organize and focus their marketing communications objectives, mainly for their individual sales campaigns.
A A well-written marketing piece can be worth its weight in gold, not to mention your bottom line. Avoid using highly technical jargon without explaining it, unless, your audience is familiar with the terms. Whether you are planning on hiring a professional agency or graphic designer to develop your creative deliverables or marketing collateral, television advertising, website, or radio advertising, you need a plan.

Glad you where able to learn something from 5 Steps for Developing a Marketing Communications Strategy!
Our main goal is to broker effective development partnerships between the EU and the Global South, particularly Africa.
Our process revolves around discovering that big picture from the inside out, and then structuring strategies and tactics specifically designed to achieve your company’s goals. At the end of the exercise, companies want results, but they won’t get them if they lack key data, base decisions on false assumptions or fail to connect with their key audiences.
You can even adapt the list for individual marketing communication campaigns or individual marketing collateral, such as your company brochure or service brochure.
If you feel you have additional information you want to contribute to the list, feel free to contribute using the comment section below.
All too often I come across business owners who have little to no writing experience, who attempt to articulate their message, just to discover that the message does not convey what they want to say. What is your take on how and what I should communicate to that donor to get his money but give away the bebefit. If you feel you are not qualified to develop your marketing collateral, it is best that you hire a professional to do the work. If you have any suggestions or additional thoughts on developing a marketing communications strategy I would encourage you to leave a comment below.

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