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Comments will be reviewed by the editors before being published, mainly to ensure that spam and irrelevant material are not published . Leopard Board is an Open Source hardware project, a full featured, ultra low cost, small form factor, high performance development system which includes a TMS320DM365 Processor board. The following table contains the main differences between Leopard Board DM355 and Leopard Board DM365. In the next figures are showed the top and bottom views of the LeopardBoard DM365, over these has been indicated the main hardware components of the LeopardBoard DM365. The boards provides a 2.1mm power jack for +5VDC power supply with a power consumption less than 2W (see Hardware Guide for more detail).
A 50-pin connector fully compatible with DM365EVM expansion connector and with support for LCD or DVI daughter card. The LeopardBoard provides a 2-pin video output connector fully compatible with NTSC or PAL format. This interface supports a wide range of camera modules, from 1.3M to 5 Mega-pixel CMOS sensors.
This port provides access to a component video signal with YPbPr format compatible with TV or other component.
This is a 2.5mm standard stereo jack which provides a stereo audio signal from the CODEC chip.
The TMS320DM365 processor is an ARM9-based system-on-chip oriented to basic video processing applications like IP cameras or digital photo frames. This dip switch allows the user to select the boot mode, that is from where the LeopardBoard will start the system. As it was mentioned before, the LeopardBoard DM365 was designed principally for video applications such as IP cameras; is for this reason that there are many camera modules that are compatible with the LeopardBoard DM365. Sensor part type: SOC with internal color saturation, white balance, noise reduction, dark current management.

There are also some additional video function modules that can be attached to the LeopardBoard DM365 to increase its capabilities. Leopard Imaging Inc: currently supports North American territory , 29 European Countries, Asia, Australia, South America and South Africa. For North American countries, the online shopping cart supports both UPS and USPS (US Postal Service) services. In this section it will be explained a little about the adapters that you could or must use with the LeopardBoard DM365. As it was mentioned at the Hardware section, the LeopardBoard DM365 has a serial interface available through a 2.5mm standard stereo jack. As the LeopardBoard DM365 has a mini-USB port, it is necessary to use a USB cable adapter in order to connect the LeopardBoard to a device with a conventional USB connector. The LeopardBoard DM365 contains a BootRom characteristic, that is, it is able to boot from either its permanent storage device (NAND) or from another external source like a SD Card or through the serial port. In order to select the boot method with which the board will start, it includes a dip switch called Boot up control switch (see the section 2.1), this switch allows the user to easily selects the boot source the board will looking for. There is also the following link where it is possible to find how to use the boot and flashing tools with the SD Card: SD card boot and flashing tool for DM355 and DM365. The TMS320DM365 SoC allows to load a small program (UBL) directly from the serial port to its internal RAM.
Allow persons to get familiar with RidgeRun's SDK and evaluate if it fit their needs for commercial product development.
For information on how to install the Evaluation SDK please visit the Installing RR Evaluation SDK for Leopard Board DM365 page. The HDCOMPOSITE-011 converts HDMI signal in to composite video with stereo audio, this allows you to use modern equipment with older equipment that does not have HDMI input.
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The Leopardboard DM365 is enhanced with more HD Video codecs, Face Detection and HD Video output. By default the board is working on USB device mode which the capability to be changed on hardware easily (see the LeopardBoard DM365 Hardware User Guide 1 for more detail).
See the LeopardBoard DM365 Hardware User Guide 2 for more information about how to set a specific boot mode. The following is a table with a basic description of this modules, some other information could be found in the LeopardBoard DM365 Hardware User Guide 3 .
In the figure showed above it is possible to see the different clocking values in the LeopardBoard hardware depending of the CPU main clock speed.
For a quite detailed information about the LeopardBoard hardware and its adapters you can refers to the LeopardBoard DM365 Hardware User Guide 4. In order to get access to this port through a device with a DB9 serial connector is necessary a serial cable adapter such as the showed in the Figure 4. This adapter converts the LeoardBoard's 2-pin composite output to the standard RCA port in order to conect the video output to a video device. The board reads its U-Boot from it and starts the system (which can be allocated either on the NAND flash or in a NFS server). At the moment (July, 2010) this is the only way to load the U-Boot on the NAND memory in the LeopardBoard, if you want to know how to do that you can see the following web page How to flash U-Boot using a SD card.
Please post only comments about the article Getting Started Guide for Leopard Board DM365 and DM368 here. In some cases extra power will be needed via the micro usb port which is provided by connecting the included USB Micro B cable.

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