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DAVE TECHNICAL SERVICES - Dave Technical Services (DTS) with its drive for excellence and continuous development in their activities, offers Plastic Machines, Molds, Product Development and Consultancy, since 1982. The guiding vision of Mr. This SWOT matrix diagram example was created on the base of article "An Easy Way To Jumpstart Your Strategic Plan: SWOT" by Leslie Wolf from the website of the California Digital Library, the University of California. The SWOT Analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm's resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates. The vector stencils library "SWOT" contains 19 SWOT and TOWS analysis matrix diagram templates. This sample was created on the base of the SWOT matrix illustrating the webpage "SWOT Analysis" of "Scottish Energy Study Volume 4: Issues, Opportunities and Barriers" from the website of the Scottish Government.
SWOT matrix is a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a project or in a business venture.
TOWS Analysis is a variant of the classic business tool - SWOT analysis, but it is directed more outside.
TOWS Matrix is an effective tool which allows to analize the external opportunities and threats by means of analyzing the internal strengths and weaknesses of a company. TOWS analysis is a method of strategic analysis which is oriented on the study of the threats (T) which are danger for the company and new opportunities (O) which are closely connected with weaknesses (W) and strengths (S) sides of its activity.
Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) solution extends ConceptDraw PRO software with templates, samples and libraries of vector stencils from drawing the ER-diagrams by Chen's and crow’s foot notations. ConceptDraw PRO extended with Seven Management and Planning Tools Solution from the Management Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park is the best software for drawing all types of diagrams from the Seven Management and Planning Tools: Affinity Diagram, Relations Diagram, Prioritization Matrix, Root Cause Analysis Tree Diagram, Involvement Matrix, PERT Chart, and Risk Diagram (PDPC). Modular is the market leader in providing powerful information management solutions to meet the needs of both open pit and underground mining operations worldwide. Avoca Resources announced that it commenced placing cemented tailings (paste) into underground stopes at its Trident mine, Western Australia’s third largest underground gold mine, following the successful construction and commissioning of its paste plant.
All too often, a mining agreement that is vital to a country’s development and that will boost economic opportunity and job creation is an occasion for vilification by NGOs. Ventilation has always been a concern in underground mines.  For many years, there was very little understanding of how ventilation could be used to remove harmful contaminants from the air, or how to control airflow and isolate worked-out areas.
Today, ventilation schemes typically consist of a complex network of open and sealed areas that provide fresh air to working faces while pushing dusty and gaseous air out of the mine. In addition to the new 3-day cure for Tekseal®, Minova also unveiled new packaging that allows bulk handling of its standard-setting Tekseal® products.
The new Minova bulk bags, constructed of a reinforced nylon material with a heavy-duty plastic liner, are tear- and water-resistant.
The company has developed comprehensive documentation for the 3-day cure for Tekseal® and new bulk packaging systems. TM, designed to enhance mine site safety.  The system was developed after extensive research by Caterpillar showed that 70% of haulage truck accidents at mine sites occur during initial machine startup and low speed movement. The system has been purpose-built to integrate with Cat large mining trucks-models 785, 789, 793 and 797-and is intended to aid an operator when starting to move a truck and during low speed maneuvering.
Using a combination of short range radars, medium range radars and four cameras, the system monitors and shows the operator the areas immediately around the truck. Unlike basic camera systems, the Cat Integrated Object Detection System provides the operator with multiple types of warnings, both audible and visual.

The system is wholly contained on the machine and does not require any off-board infrastructure.
Of course radar detects both moving and still objects, and camera views are available at all times. The Cat Integrated Object Detection System will be available for many current models of large mining trucks in early 2010. BMW has used its Facebook page to showcase it’s most outlandish car design yet - based on the ideas of a 4-year-old boy- generating plenty of social media buzz in the process. The 3D concept has been published here, and comes as a response to forum post on a motoring website. Although destined to remain on the drawing board, the design was certainly enough to generate 7,500 likes and 3,500 shares on Facebook- winning over new fans and potential customers in the process. A SWOT analysis guides you to identify the positives and negatives inside your organization (S-W) and outside of it, in the external environment (O-T). Use it to create your SWOT and TOWS matrices in the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with the SWOT Analysis solution from the Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with SWOT and TOWS Matrix Diagrams Solution from the Management Area will help you design SWOT Matrix of any complexity quick and easy. It allows you to analyze the internal environment (weaknesses and strengths) and to plan your own changes through the analysis of changes in the external environment (threats and opportunities). ConceptDraw PRO extended with unique SWOT and TOWS Matrix Diagrams Solution from the Management Area is a powerful software for effective TOWS analysis. ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software extended with SWOT and TOWS Matrix Diagrams Solution from the Management Area will help design TOWS Matrix for your company without efforts. They are available for reviewing, modifying, or converting to a variety of formats: PDF file, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, and many other graphic formats. However, World Growth International and World Growth Mongolia are clearly NGOs of a different cut - NGOs with people at the forefront of their considerations and with no hidden agendas. But even in the most controlled environments, mined-out areas continue to generate dangerous methane gases.  Continuous ventilation of these areas can strain fan systems and is not practical for continuously monitoring mines in operation for 30 years or more. The bulk bags can be placed above the placer unit to provide material previously contained in individual 45-lb bags.
The radar information is processed by a new on-board touch screen display, which alerts the operator with a visual indication followed by an audible alarm if the truck is put into gear. Three different levels of alarms indicate the proximity of an object or the urgency of taking action to avoid an object. The system is scalable, allowing miners to start with just the four cameras and add radars later.
Additionally, any critical zone warning that has not been acknowledged will trigger an audible alarm. Radars used include both short range radars, which detect objects as far away as 23 feet (7 meters), and medium range radars, which have a range of 66 feet (20 meters). He didn’t specify, but I think viscous couplings for the inputs would probably be a good idea.
This must not necessarily be com- plete as especially in international sales this is very much depending on mar- kets, mentalities and sales channels !! Dave, Founder of Dave Technical Services, is largely responsible for the success achieved and respect earned in India and world markets.

SWOT analysis is a method of strategic planning which identifies the factors internal and external environment of the firm and divides them into 4 categories: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Developing a full awareness of your situation can help with both strategic planning and decision-making. Specifically, SWOT is a basic, straightforward model that assesses what an organization can and cannot do as well as its potential opportunities and threats.
It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.
These two have applauded the Government of Mongolia for signing a landmark mining agreement to develop Oyu Tolgoi.
A display screen in the cab provides visual confirmation of the objects detected by radar, which enables the operator to make informed decisions when moving a truck.
When the audible alarm is active the camera view will switch automatically to the zone that has a detected object. This was entirely his own idea, but I commended his choice of using boxer engines for a multi-engine setup since they will stack so well. The ConceptDraw PRO and MINDMAP software allow professional to make well-designed SWOT matrix in minutes.
The method of SWOT analysis is to take the information from an environmental analysis and separate it into internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external issues (opportunities and threats). The system is integrated with VIMSTM and other on-board computers, enabling it to switch into camera-only mode when the machine travels beyond 66 feet (20 meters).
In the event of multiple objects, the camera view will toggle between camera views in zones with objects.
N C DAVE Receiving PLASTICON Awards Trophy by Plastindia Foundation in category - Innovative Plastic processing machinery and ancillary equipments   Parag N Dave, a second generation entrepreneur, joined DTS in 2009 as Head of Marketing. A Minova bulk bag contains the equivalent of a full pallet of individual bags and requires no manual handling.  An added safety feature is the significant reduction in airborne dust and waste material handling. He by education holds a Bachelors of Science Degree (Chemistry) and Diploma in Plastics Engineering. The Minova bulk system also reduces the time and labor required to install a seal and helps to ensure a consistent mix. He also hhas a Diploma MBA from NMIMS Mumbai and a Masters in Marketing Management (MMM) degree from N L Dalmia – Mumbai University.
He is responsible for New Business development, Customer service and company’s next phase of expansion in the global market. Since its inception, DTS has never looked back and has repeatedly accepted new challenges head-on. These are equally efficient in commercial production houses. We have been conducting training sessions as well visiting as Guest for training in Entrepreneurs Development Programs, other plastic industry and self Development programs by CIPET, SISI, SIES School of packaging, MCED, MITCON and other Government and Non-Govt.

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