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For over 10 years now, we have had single minded focus on servicing publishing and business information companies. Our Concept to Revenue Solutions for publishers and business information companies helps them in conceptualising new products, taking them to market and powering the product with high quality comprehensive data and content.
We offer custom solutions for sourcing, building, structuring and classification of data through secondary and primary research, surveys and media monitoring. We support clients with services to support capturing and processing of unstructured content from blogs, social media, web repositories, news and press releases. We build custom profiles of public and private enterprises and people aligned to your information product templates and data structures. We source quantitative and qualitative financial data using primary research and from secondary sources such as SEC filings and financial reports.
Our Sales & marketing support to business Information providers includes subscription renewal services, lapsed subscription follow-up, building of prospect database and managing subscription and advertisement sales for your information products.
We help our clients enter new markets, launch new products, expand and evolve their existing information products, study brand perception or benchmark against competition. Tattooing, the practice of inserting indelible ink into the top layer of the skin, has been around for centuries now. The studio is hailed as one of the best in Barcelona when it comes to skin arts apart from its ambience, cleanliness and comfort.
With the finest of artists to carry out the tattooing, this has become a must visit studio for lovers of tattoo that want to experience a lasting moment. In light of technical and managerial shortages, ar priori develops balance-orientated solutions for the recruitment and retention of employees for companies, business development agencies and associations.

The new corporate design with the memorable logo is clear and alive; it reflects both the high standards of ar priori and their personal touch in consulting.
While conceptualising the internet presence we placed high value on distinctive imagery, which reflects the individual consultation services of ar priori.
We are passionate about digital communicationImage Transfer is the specialist for the creation of digital media.
Over time, as we became increasingly embedded into diverse customer workflows, our understanding of the business needs, challenges and opportunities in the information business has helped us evolve our solutions and processes to add value to any publishing and information process. This enhances value proposition of our clients while keeping costs under control and sales and marketing support to boost their revenue and profits. The unstructured content is curated and classified and delivered as relevant and tailor made content, knowledge and insights. Based on customer need, profiles can include company and contact demographics, organisation structures, office locations and summaries of strategy development initiatives and industry specific economic news. We have highly focused sales & marketing service offerings for events and training divisions of large and medium sized business information providers. We leverage our business research expertise and deliver the insight that facilitates strategic and tactical decision making. This is done in a professional and artistic manner resulting in patterns or images on the surface of the skin in the form of artistic marks. With Tattoos taking on various designs, forms and sizes the areas of preference keep shifting like the desert sand dunes. Tourists as well as locals patronize the studio for personalized designs. Medusa tattoo deals in toys, clothes and other gadgets as a complimentary business. For ar priori we created a modern and yet also personal internet presence – based on a new and contemporary corporate design.

A strong focus is thus placed on the development of a family-orientated approach for companies.
We have our offices in the Ruhr area of Germany and have built up a great reputation with hugely successful projects for international companies. The practice seems to be in vogue currently with so many people having taken a fancy for the art. The artists are specialists in a class of their own and able to carry out the traditional tattoos as well as conceptualising the clients’ ideas into art, be it a cartoon or a portrait.
A highlight of the business stationery is the luxurious business cards, where a strong colour streak runs through the paper layers.
In short at Medusa tattoo the client’s ideas, basically their feelings, are converted into designs that are expressed on the skin.
For innovative solutions in B2B and B2C areas and for the reliable implementation of these solutions, we pour in all our knowhow and creativity.
Indeed it was not unusual for such people to be associated with cultism of some sort or the other while in other cultures it was taboo to have these marks. Nowadays the exercise is carried out in tattoo centres or studios where one can undergo the procedure just the way a person visits a hair dresser or barber.
One such place is the Medusa tattoo, which is a top notch specialist studio that caters for those in need of tattoo services of the premier type.

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