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Beijing boasts the relations of strategic partnership with Havana, Caracas, Buenos Aires and Brasilia.
Latin Americans want close cooperation with the Celestial Empire, the state which boasts rapid progress and looking confidently into the future to become a world leader in the multipolar world. According to plans, the Chairman Xi Jinping’s visit to Brazil will coincide with the announcement of establishing the joint ministerial-level forum with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), a platform for promoting their comprehensive cooperative partnership, which features equality, mutual benefit and common development, so as to better safeguard their common interests and promote world and regional peace, stability and development. The leaders of China, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will be present at the ceremony devoted to the Forum’s establishment. The project will also attract investment in biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry, renewable energy, agribusiness, tourism and real estate.
In Venezuela the parties discussed the diversification of oil and gas sector and the expansion of the welfare program aimed at providing social housing. The Brazil-US relationship has greatly deteriorated following the revelations of Edward Snowden.
Many media reported that during his trip Wan Yi discussed the agenda of the sixth summit of BRICS countries with his Brazilian counterpart Brazilian Foreign Minister Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado.
The recent example is the United Nations General Assembly’s vote on Crimea in March with four out of five BRICS members abstaining. The recent news from the “anti-China” front is the planned agreement between the United States and the Philippines on US military installations to be deployed in this country for the initial term of 10 years. China believes in the expediency of BRICS expansion to counter the West’s financial dominance implemented with the help of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The group set before itself some strategic goals like gradual distancing for the dollar and creating safe cushions against financial turmoil. The China’s clout grew significantly as a result of the establishment of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) in 2004. The US has lost its financial might struggling for world leadership and involved in overseas wars. One of the reasons China gives money to Latin American states is to prevent pro-US politicians coming to power.
CEOs of consistently best performing companies realise that innovation is the organisation’s ability to create new and profitable growth. Clearly, just as having one hit does not prove star quality musical talent, making the list once doesn’t prove enduring innovation capability.
On the other, a handful of companies consistently feature on the list or return after a year or two of sabatical leave when they were re-grouping and finding their innovation mojo again.
What has enabled IDEO to seamlessly morph from a classical product design company to a leader in design and innovation with a growing portfolio of service and business concept design briefs?
Last week InnoFuture talked to Tom Kelley, General Manager of IDEO, author of two bestsellers “The Art of Innovation” and “Ten Faces of Innovation” asked for the secret to their success. As Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Andy Grove built semiconductor powerhouse Intel on several principles, two of which were “only the paranoid survive” and “constructive confrontation.” That means never rest on your laurels, continually challenge your own assumptions, and always question the status quo.

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That’s what Wang Yi talked about while meeting Raul Castro, Nicolas Maduro, Cristina Fernandez and Dilma Rousseff. Many of the states situated to the south of Rio Grande see dynamic trade and investments coming from China as an important contribution into reduction of dependence on the United States with its annoying incessant rebukes and off-handed interference telling everybody what to do.
The state is nearing a super power status and is involved in hundreds of joint energy, infrastructure, communications, agriculture, science and high-tech projects. By the end of 2014 the first ministerial China-CELAC working meeting is scheduled to take place. The special development zone in Mariel, a Cuban port, which is being built with financial support from China, was an issue of special importance.
Attracting foreign investments is an important contribution into the modernization of the whole country. In Brazil the communications protection of the host country and the states of UNASUR (the Union of South America Nations), especially from interference of US NSA and CIA, was added to the agenda. Washington has never clearly said it was sorry for spying on the country’s leadership, including President Dilma Rousseff. The group leaders’ meeting is to take place in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza on July 15-17. President Obama has failed to establish good relations with the group and Washington has no leverage to influence the organization’s activities. Every BRICS member has its own reasons not to trust the Obama’s administration expecting it to resort to pressure instead of engaging in a dialogue of equals. The Asia pivot announced by the United States is seen in China as an attempt to cut it off from the world. The organization is a brainchild of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez created to counter the US-led free trade zone concept.
To large extent China has taken its place… In 2013 the total amount of China’s investments almost reached $17 billion. Only in the period of 2005-2011 Latin America received over 75 billion dollars from Chinese banks. Beijing is interested in preserving social peace in the countries led by left-wing governments.
Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and some other states are getting more threatened by subversive activities of American special services. And the paradox of this ability is that the more economic rewards are delivered through innovation, the more the company is further rewarded by the smartest investors, best staff, and of course, loyal Customers.
Most of them are less than twenty years old, but some are old, iconic brands, that have continued to re-invent themselves, well beyond new product development. It has featured on the Fast Company as well as the Business Week list for five years in a row among other stayers: Apple, Google, GE, IBM, Nike, Intel.

It is a consciously applied system that makes the company unique and allows it to re-invent itself to stay alive and prosper. You can request an appointment for a Free Consultation online Blueprint for Productivity or contact Margaret Manson on 0407 661 130 to find out how we can help your organisation be more focused, more differentiating and more competitive.
That megaproject under construction 45 km west of Havana is to become a pillar of Cuban development due to the geographic location of the port, remodeled to equip the terminal to receive deeper-draft ships.
The news about the United States activities made many Brazilians see the reality as it is putting an end to fantasies about equal partnership. An announcement of launching a joint development bank with authorized capital stock of $50 billion is expected with great hope. South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and some other countries are sided with the USA.
China has become the leading consumer of the continent’s minerals causing Washington’s concern. Mainly the money was spent on transport, telecommunications, mine industry and energy projects. The financial support they get from China becomes an important factor of regional stability.
I believe communications to be a vital function that should be strategically aligned to the organizational goals.
The freshly released Fast Company’s list of ‘The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies’   provides fascinating insights for wiring business for innovation. She understood that it is the system, not the product itself, that ensures business longevity. This requires a collaborative & constructive approach and working in close conjunction with functions such as Marketing, HR and Operations. Don’t settle.”  While this may have been a message on a personal level, it also means that a company cannot adopt someone else’s business model.
True innovation is seeing possibilities in what is plainly visible but nobody else can see. He has worked in corporate communication roles in his previous assigments and that experience holds him in good stead in delivering value in his current role. I wish him all luck in his future endeavours.See moreSee lessI had the chance of working with Amrit for the launch of some vital training projects.
In a rapidly expanding organization, where employees are focussed on delivering results as quickly as possible, it difficult to sensitize them on the importance of attending training sessions.
Amrit, with his newer ideas and methodology, helped us to develop and implement communication campaigns for such crucial training projects.
The positive impact was visible in the increased participation and understanding of the importance among employees.

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