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Choosing a content marketing agency can be tough, particularly if you aren’t sure what to look for in a firm. An Understanding Of Different Mediums – Text is only one form of content, make sure your content marketing agency can help you decide which type of content is best for your audience. Content Creation – Not all content marketing agencies provide content creation, some focus purely on strategy. Services Beyond Content Marketing – If you are looking for an agency to handle your content marketing, that is all they should be focused on.
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Join the hundreds of marketers and business development professionals that receive our insights. We help brands achieve their communication goals by planning, creating and distributing content that inspires their audience to take action. Improve your content marketing by publishing relevant, high-quality blog posts, white papers, social media content, e-books, infographics, case studies and more. When most people think of content marketing, they probably visualize a typed article –with lots of words.
When you get around to making it happen yourself you will quickly recognize that it’s a chore keeping your own site up to date AND distribute original, compelling content throughout the web.
Surf on over to our products page and we are sure that you will find something to suit your needs, and your budget. Our writers create excellent articles that will captivate your customers and provide a search engine optimization boost for your site. We are familiar with every content management system on the market today, which means we can post content on your blog for you. We will research your subject of choice and create an impressive, informative paper that you will be proud to put your name on. The most shared of all content, a wonderfully designed infographic will be shared and shared and shared, bringing thousands of targeted visitors to your site. You can pay a retainer to a content marketing agency and gain a dedicated content solution that can be customized to meet your evolving needs. You’ve got a solid marketing strategy, but when it comes time to execute, you don’t have staff members who have the time to produce content along with all the meetings, trade shows, and other tasks on their plates. A content marketing agency can collaborate with your internal team to create the content on your editorial calendar, including working with your CEO and subject-matter experts to create blog content and demand-generation papers on their behalf. If your marketing manager just put in her two-week notice or needs to take a three-month medical leave, your blog, and other content marketing efforts don’t need to take a hiatus. Many business professionals, including CEOs, consultants, doctors, attorneys, and other leaders, want to build or manage their reputations online, but don’t have the time to blog regularly. You may not have the content expertise to complete a client project that relies heavily on long-form content because your agency focuses on ad copy and design work.
If you run a content marketing agency or you’ve hired one for your organization, what are some other scenarios where a standalone content marketing agency might be a good choice?
Kathryn Hawkins is a principal in Eucalypt Media LLC, a Maine content marketing agency that provides consulting and creative services to corporate, educational, and non-profit clients in New England and beyond, and a freelance writer for media publications.
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I wholeheartedly agree that many companies which undertake DiY content marketing would benefit from outside assistance, but I think it’s a bigger topic than presented.
2) What software do you recommend that can allow me to have various ‘clients’ who I can project manage and use their staff for content production?
Forum posting is one of the most effective ways to reach the right audience, if done correctly. Useful tips, tricks and information to help you get the most out of your content marketing strategy. Content marketing services are more sought-after than ever, with businesses clamoring for their benefits, and agencies falling over themselves to provide them. With a global reach of 1.73 billion (equivalent to 1 in every 4 people), social media is an insanely powerful marketing channel. In the words of Jay Baer, ‘Content is fire, social media is gasoline.’ Regular, consistent blog writing provides meaningful content for social media promotion. Email marketing becomes an opt-in system, and sees huge increases in open, click-through and conversion rates. Bought media becomes earned media, as social media engagement spreads powerful word-of-mouth testimonials. Your audience can choose to opt-in to your marketing, and if you’re really adventurous, they can even contribute to it.
With the abandonment and redevelopment of your marketing services comes a new problem: choosing meaningful KPIs. From this wealth of data, it becomes possible to hew out a set of meaningful KPIs – cost per lead, lead-to-customer ratio, landing page conversion and channel-specific ROI. For information and advice on how content marketing solutions can overcome your agency’s problems, get in touch. Ryan is the founder of Contender Content, an Economics and Sociology Graduate from the University of Sheffield, and a prolific writer of enthralling web content, short stories and anything even vaguely related to weightlifting. In previous posts in this digital marketing series, we’ve discussed SEO basics, goal setting and social platforms to help you reach some of your goals. To stand out from the enormous crowd of colleges, you need to put content marketing at the center of your digital marketing efforts.
Nobody knows your university, its students and prospective students and what students want from your university better than those who work directly with students, who attended your university and who are currently attending. The number of enrolled students is extremely important to every higher education institution.
The students and their families are going to spend endless hours researching various schools—the good, the bad and the ugly—so the right schools to apply to are selected.
Your campus tour guides have a wealth of knowledge about everything prospects want to know about your university, whether it’s buildings, programs, events, what the best foods in the cafeteria are, etc.
To rise above the competition, you need a solid content marketing strategy and need to create unique, helpful content for all your audiences. Kirsten is a graduate of Brigham Young University, earning her print journalism degree in April 2012. You can’t just trust your content marketing efforts to anybody – it takes the right kind of partner. As the Biebs would say, “I just need somebody to love.” Looking for a content marketing agency to love? Maybe you’re ready to take your company blog to the next level and are looking for strategic support to ensure that content speaks to your audience at the right stage in their buying cycle, and can be found for the right keywords.
Whatever qualities, skills, and objectives are most important for you to find in a content marketing agency, you’ll be much more likely to find a just-right fit by creating that thorough list as a starting point. Thankfully the Internet offers a wide variety of excellent resources for finding content marketing agencies.
Once you’ve found a couple potential matches, do your homework and snoop a little on your top contenders. On a larger level, you want to find an agency that is well-regarded in the marketing world. In your initial interactions with agency prospects, ensure that communication is going to be positive.
Here’s where the matchmaking metaphor falls down – you won’t “date” your content marketing agency as extensively as you would finding the right person to spend your life with.
A content marketing agency that’s a perfect match will offer exactly what you most value on your must-have list, be highly esteemed by their “friends”, and make it easy to do business with. As your business grows and your content marketing needs become too much to tackle in-house, consider outsourcing. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of hiring freelancers over agencies, and vice versa, so you can hopefully arrive at the best possible decision when confronted with the same dilemma. Freelancers can come in handy for any project type – writing, administrative assistance, design, data entry, or transcription services. And with job sites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Craigslist carrying a diverse and massive pool of freelancers from all over the world, depending on your objectives and the amount you’re willing to pay to achieve them, there’s a freelancer that’s just right for you. If you already have a roster of freelancers to tap into, you can award projects to those whom you think are best qualified for the job. When business is on the upside, keeping full-time staff to perform needed tasks and other activities is an advantage. Freelancers have less overhead expenses compared to their agency counterparts, which explains why they normally charge less than the latter.
This also applies to freelancers, who are known to juggle multiple projects and multiple clients. Creating an organized, committed, and cohesive team of freelancers from different parts of the world, from different time zones is no easy feat.

This being the case, you must have the right tools and strategies in place for your team to effectively bond, collaborate, and communicate.
Also, if you hire multiple freelancers, you will have to take on the role of project manager to ensure everyone is on the same page.
If you have an email list, inform your subscribers of the opening, requesting them to also send your email to people they think are qualified, particularly if they themselves aren’t in the market. There’s Craigslist, Upwork, and Freelancer, and they’re worth looking into if your content marketing budget isn’t much. Freelance content writers and marketers use guest blogging or run their own blogs to showcase their expertise and market their services. Agencies can range from three-member teams to full-service marketing agencies handling hundreds of content marketing projects simultaneously. Besides being made up of a team of experts, agencies use specialized marketing tools and strategies to grow your digital presence on various channels.
Because agencies are made up of multiple people with varying expertise, with a project manager to monitor each member’s progress, you don’t need to find and select the right people to create your own team.
Compared to keeping an in-house content marketing team or organizing a team of expert freelancers, agency services generally cost more.
Delegating content marketing – and most other business processes, for that matter – to outside providers is an entrepreneur’s dream. While this is in no way a generalization, agencies working on several projects at the same time may not afford you the dedication you expect of them, particularly if you’re not a “big fish”.
Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of all customer-brand relationships will be made without human interaction, which further reinforces the increasing value of content marketing.
If you’re not equipped with either the expertise or resources to tackle content marketing in-house, know that your budget, objectives, and the effort you’re willing to put in are essential to figuring out if it’s a freelancer or an agency you need to hire. As to the lingering question of whether an agency is better than a freelancer, all I can say is this: I know of companies who have expressed disappointment over agency performance while lauding the efforts of independent freelancers. Guest Author: Mariame Bakkouri is in charge of content marketing and public relations at Cloudswave. CMAC is an invitation-only group created for the collaboration of the brightest executive minds in digital agencies and public relations firms. If you are interested in becoming a charter member of the Content Marketing Agency Council, please contact us. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
We believe every business must have a content marketing strategy and a content marketing schedule.
Word of mouth and a good old-fashioned recommendation is sometimes all your company needs to gain new prospects and leads. Internet users are searching for content about your product or service before searching for you. Producing non-promotional relevant content is at the core of the stern content marketing process. So what comes first is an understanding that producing content about this chemical and its benefits is very important.
Becoming known as an authority on this chemical and knowing how to use it properly also will establish your company as the right one to choose. Generating pertinent content to your industry becomes a gateway to establishing your business as an authority and reputable agent in your industry. These well crafted informative articles become the basis for what is known as inbound marketing, or attracting customers to come to you because of the quality information they have gained from your published information. The stern approach to content marketing takes a careful look into industry trends and customer behavior. It doesn’t stop there, Stern will then develop strong CTAs or Calls to Action which will be installed on every blog article we create. If your business is B2B, we take a very different approach to our content marketing efforts with your business than if your business is B2C. Finally, we measure the effectiveness of our content marketing efforts and content marketing performance through Key Performance Indicators (KPI) using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Trends and Google Webmaster Tools. Going back to our first step, search engine optimization, this additional content leads search engines to further believe that your company is a reputable resource for information on your product or service, raising rankings. We certainly don’t stand in a corner and whisper this information to ourselves, we become social. We must now deliver your targeted content to the people and businesses who will value your product or services the most.
Create a documented roadmap for your content marketing initiatives that drives real, measurable results. Social media allows you to engage your audience and grow your brand awareness by connecting with buyers at every step of their journey.
If you want to boost your booth traffic and create a buzz, you’ve got to start posting about your event on social media ASAP. They aren’t the be-everything-to-everyone resource, but they do offer unique value to a cross section of the business community that can benefit from an agency dedicated to content. Look for agencies that allow clients to modify their retainer packages at least quarterly to allow for the flexibility that a startup requires. However, as CMI’s Michele Linn points out, if you don’t have executive buy-in for your content marketing efforts, it will be difficult to tie in an outsourced provider’s work with your larger marketing strategy.
While an agency’s role may be limited to content development, it is important to give the agency a clear picture of the company’s overall messaging and voice so that it can develop appropriate content to meet your goals.
Hiring a content marketing team to ghostwrite content on your behalf and develop an influencer outreach strategy can be an ideal solution. Check out all the fantastic CMW sessions that are available through our Video on Demand portal. Aside from the personal branding category, our company tends to sign clients in each of the other four groups, and it works out fine. Yes, my agency works primarily with both startups that may want to invest in marketing staff at some point, but are still ramping up, and with mid-sized orgs that have some sense of their agenda but need help with execution. Some of the best clients my Phoenix SEO company has came to us because they didn’t feel like putting in the work for putting good content marketing material together. That said, many marketing agencies are struggling to adopt it in a meaningful, effective way. Instead of tweeting about your website redesign, or the lovely cake your newest intern just baked, your agency can share useful insights, advice and expertise. With a consistent content marketing strategy, underdog agencies can (and have) taken on industry giants. Marketing agencies earn the time, attention and engagement of their audience by offering real value in return – in the form of helpful guides, eBooks, blog posts, case studies and whitepapers. Key Performance Indicators are essential to determining the efficacy of a marketing campaign.
By necessity, growing marketing agencies have to take on increased workloads, without the resources necessary for comfortable execution.
With a fully-developed set of buyer personas, it becomes possible for a skilled freelance copywriter to create targeted, effective content. In this final post, we’re going over all the content sources available to higher education institutions and how to use them.
Businesses aren’t the only organizations that need and benefit from innovative content marketing strategies. They hear their wants and concerns as they’re researching schools and applying, so they’re a go-to source of knowledge to help you create the content that answers their questions during this part of the journey to your school. Tour guides have face-to-face experience and conversations with potential students, as well as their parents. They spend time with a handful of new prospects each day, so it’s in your best interest to use their knowledge as you create a content marketing strategy. They’ve taken classes, attended games and events, eaten on the quad and lived the complete college experience. Tapping into the content sources—the people at your university—readily available to you is how you’re going to know where to start with your content marketing efforts. Before coming to Stryde, she was a sports reporter and then the sports editor for BYU’s newspaper, as well as a remote sports editor for Deseret Connect. It might be the way your personalities meld, how you never run out of things to talk about, or the ease you feel when you’re with your Prince (or Princess) Charming.
You’re looking for someone who will get to know you, be loyal to you, and go the extra mile for you. Know exactly what you’re looking for by sitting down and defining everything you’re looking for in your content marketing agency match.
Look for someone that is not only providing content marketing services, but is actively creating thought leadership through speaking engagements, publishing articles on timely topics, and sharing resources with the marketing communities. When you begin to contact potential agencies, pay attention to how easy (or difficult) it is to communicate with them.

Take your time to do the research process right and you’ll reap the rewards with the happily ever after that will follow. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Good freelancers take it upon themselves to regularly update you of their progress, while others can disappear into thin air when it suits them, without any way for you to contact them. Face-to-face relationships with fellow workers are a necessary ingredient for successful teamwork.
You will have to look through their work portfolios, ask for samples, and even check with their previous clients if they can be relied upon. Often, the good ones are experts in their fields and possibly won’t take on projects that are beyond their field of specialization.
Agencies, on the other hand, are composed of a group of people who are experts at certain fields. The Content Marketing Team Matrix by Chris Lake, DueDil’s VP of Inbound Marketing, presents 16 roles and their required skills.
And they already have the necessary communication and collaboration tools in place, all you need is to lay down your objectives and expectations, and then measure their output against your ROI benchmarks. The tools at their disposal can include integrated reporting software, social media analytics tools, SEO software, even subscriptions to stock image sites. However, there’s always the chance that an agency’s output, particularly if they’re not as familiar with your business and industry as you are, won’t hit the right note with your more savvy prospects and customers. Also, once your contract expires, you don’t get to keep their services until you renew your contract with them. She loves writing about entrepreneurship and marketing. Follow Mariame on Twitter and LinkedIn. Beyond encouraging discourse and the sharing of new ideas, CMAC exists to provide insight into current and future marketing trends of digital agencies. As your Content Marketing Agency, we work with you to create content that attracts your target audience to your business.
Leading the reader to make contact with your business so you can start a new conversation with a potential lead opportunity. Business content marketing must contain not only compelling content, but a tone of invitation so that your company subject matter and newsworthy information leads the reader to participate.
Until you receive a more significant investment round, you’re not ready to hire a full-time marketing employee. To be most effective, it can be helpful to first plan a content marketing strategy and rough editorial calendar internally before you contract with an agency.
Many agencies are willing to step in for a set duration, which can be much more fruitful than hiring a temporary employee who is likely on the hunt for a full-time job. It’s important to ensure that your content accurately supports your opinions, so you can’t put your strategy on autopilot. You can choose to brand the content as “white-label” content, which does not reveal the content marketing agency’s involvement, or identify it as outsourced work so your client can correspond directly with your subcontracted team.
These are needs that are usually too large to be filled by a single freelance writer, so working with an agency helps them scale without having to put time into managing an external team. From determining KPIs to mediating between inbound and outbound marketing, it’s time to discover 5 content marketing solutions to common marketing agency problems.
The social media accounts of marketing agencies (and their clients) are packed-full of self-aggrandising indulgences and inane banter. If Mad Men is to be believed, they also drank a ton of whiskey and flaunted their misogyny on a daily basis. The smallest startups are now capable of dominating the search engines and generating thousands of leads – all through consistent content marketing. Applying this value exchange to outbound marketing creates an opt-in system; reinstating the efficacy of outbound marketing by giving people the choice to engage with it.
Blog posts and content assets can be mapped to a pre-defined sales-funnel, and marketing agencies can offer their clients expert content marketing solutions – without the risks and costs associated with a permanent in-house copywriter.
I can help you to develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy – creating world-class content marketing solutions for you and your clients alike! With good storytelling, you form an emotional connection with your audience through compelling stories, helping you attract and retain students and staff. In order to effectively market your school to potential students, you need to understand the buyer’s journey, which in this case is your potential students’ journey to your school.
They spend hours upon hours each day walking and talking with those interested in your school. No matter how long ago they attended, they remember what they wanted to know about your school before they applied and what they liked receiving from your school while attending.
Their admission process wasn’t long ago, so they can provide helpful tips in that area, as well as giving feedback as to what content types, channels and topics are important to them now as current students.
However 32% of marketers say they are challenged with finding trained content marketing professionals in 2015, which is over three times greater than the number of marketers who cited it as a problem in 2014.
Or maybe you’re about to launch a new product and are looking for a strategic partner to recommend the right digital tactics to promote the product launch.
Search client testimonials on their website to learn about stories of success, the agency’s best qualities, and what their clients love about them. A little Googling and some social media stalking should be enough to confirm that they really have the expertise they say they have.
From emails to phone calls to client meetings, you want to find a content marketing agency that will communicate clearly and convey important information in a way you can understand. Start by telling us a little about yourself and your business when you contact TopRank Online Marketing. Most people possess two or more of the said skills, but those who possess all of them are a rare gem.
We’ve arrived at a point in history when the bar is high enough to truly call it that in the digital world.
We are currently gathering data on the state of content marketing and marketing technology, the results of which will be published in May 2016. This is the step most Content Marketing Agencies miss, and it is the reason why most content marketing campaigns fail to produce a measurable ROI.
They can assist in developing written content that meets the diverse needs of a startup, including web copy, case studies, blog content, and white papers. In addition, a several-month trial run with an agency can help you determine how successful the effort is, and whether it may be worth investing in a full-time employee to assist with content marketing. By collaborating with an agency to identify the key messages to share with a broader audience, you can build your reputation with minimal time investment. While white-label content may help maintain the image of a firm that can do it all, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t run into communication errors when passing feedback to the subcontracted agency or a project could easily get off track.
Those that opt-in have a genuine, incentivised reason to engage with your marketing: they chose to do so.
They then talk to an admission counselor for needed nurturing, like guiding them through the application steps and making their application process as easy and enjoyable as possible.
They share their knowledge about the wonderful scenery, classes and social life your university does, but they also spend a good chunk of each tour listening to and answering questions.
Alumni are also one of your target audiences, so you can also email them a survey or call them to find out what types of alumni content and topics they’d like to see. When she’s not watching KU play or pumping out content for Stryde, she’s most likely watching movies or Netflix in her workout clothes whilst drinking a Pepsi and eating popcorn.
Also, you want to make sure they will sound and look good in case your boss ever joins your meetings.
Your company is one of the only ones in your area to offer a product with this new amazing chemical.
Because your marketing strategy may evolve quickly, an agency gives you the ability to tap into a pool of talent that can be scaled to meet your company’s demand. If the agency acts as your ghostwriter, it is important to have a non-disclosure agreement. When it comes to finding “the one,” weddings beautifully illustrate the success of two people making a perfect match. Mark items that you cannot compromise on – and know which items would be a bonus if you found them in a partner. I found that whether managing an internal resource or outsourcing your content marketing to either option, strong collaboration is required ensure all your goals are being met.

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