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Choosing a content marketing agency can be tough, particularly if you aren’t sure what to look for in a firm. An Understanding Of Different Mediums – Text is only one form of content, make sure your content marketing agency can help you decide which type of content is best for your audience.
Content Creation – Not all content marketing agencies provide content creation, some focus purely on strategy. Services Beyond Content Marketing – If you are looking for an agency to handle your content marketing, that is all they should be focused on.
Filed Under: Content Marketing About Cate ConroyFounder of Concentric Content Marketing, marketer, writer and lover of all things media. Join the hundreds of marketers and business development professionals that receive our insights. Effective content marketing has been proven to be one of the most powerful ways to attract new clients and candidates online to recruitment agencies.
The recruitment sector is evolving at a very fast pace with the rise of social media along with other digital communication channels. Google is the most popular search engine and controls the search space with 70 percent market share. Unless you have huge marketing budgets it’s very difficult to attract your target audience via Google. Spreading brand awareness is very important for recruitment companies to attract new stakeholders.
Empowering your readers with regular industry-related content is way more effective than traditional PR activities. With hundreds of new job boards and social media websites being created every day it’s important for recruitment companies to have a good social media presence. Recruiters need to think out of the box while posting content on different social media platforms.
If you wish to get more insights into the benefits of social media marketing then please check here. Recruitment agencies put in a lot of effort to get their job vacancies noticed on both search & social platforms.
Newsletters are one of the most successful ways a recruitment company can reach out to a large pool of candidates.  Now imagine the ideal candidate for the available job opening has been receiving regular newsletters from your website and is following your company on social media websites like LinkedIn and Twitter for many weeks.
Online trust is important for candidates when they choose a recruitment agency and online trust requires evidence that the agency knows what they are doing.
If you are a recruitment agency in the UK looking to adopt effective social media tactics for recruitment or sales then why not book a friendly call with one of our business consultants to get more insights into content marketing? You can pay a retainer to a content marketing agency and gain a dedicated content solution that can be customized to meet your evolving needs. You’ve got a solid marketing strategy, but when it comes time to execute, you don’t have staff members who have the time to produce content along with all the meetings, trade shows, and other tasks on their plates. A content marketing agency can collaborate with your internal team to create the content on your editorial calendar, including working with your CEO and subject-matter experts to create blog content and demand-generation papers on their behalf. If your marketing manager just put in her two-week notice or needs to take a three-month medical leave, your blog, and other content marketing efforts don’t need to take a hiatus.
Many business professionals, including CEOs, consultants, doctors, attorneys, and other leaders, want to build or manage their reputations online, but don’t have the time to blog regularly.
You may not have the content expertise to complete a client project that relies heavily on long-form content because your agency focuses on ad copy and design work. If you run a content marketing agency or you’ve hired one for your organization, what are some other scenarios where a standalone content marketing agency might be a good choice? Kathryn Hawkins is a principal in Eucalypt Media LLC, a Maine content marketing agency that provides consulting and creative services to corporate, educational, and non-profit clients in New England and beyond, and a freelance writer for media publications. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE!
I wholeheartedly agree that many companies which undertake DiY content marketing would benefit from outside assistance, but I think it’s a bigger topic than presented.
2) What software do you recommend that can allow me to have various ‘clients’ who I can project manage and use their staff for content production? Forum posting is one of the most effective ways to reach the right audience, if done correctly.
Google does this in order to keep the standards of internet search engines through the use of anti-spam programs. Feel like you should really get a move on with one of the above content marketing services?
Providing content is one thing, but through the strategic employment of the right volume of keywords and uploading original content are the keys to rank high in search engine indexing.

Quality online content is not just for your website’s consumption; but publishing quality web content and articles with the right amount of informative and persuasive appeal can redirect prospective clients straight to your link. We help brands achieve their communication goals by planning, creating and distributing content that inspires their audience to take action. Improve your content marketing by publishing relevant, high-quality blog posts, white papers, social media content, e-books, infographics, case studies and more. When most people think of content marketing, they probably visualize a typed article –with lots of words. By providing your clients and candidates with relevant, industry-related content, you can engage them for longer periods of time on your site and encourage online conversations which in turn also increases your SEO and brand presence online. Effective content marketing requires recruitment marketers to think like publishers and think beyond traditional smile and dial recruitment agencies. However it would be very difficult for your website to appear on page one for popular search terms. If readers find your content appealing then there is every chance that they will share this information with their network on social media websites like Twitter or LinkedIn. But it is equally important to update your social media accounts with relevant and fresh content.
The majority of recruitment firms make the mistake of posting regular updates related to job openings.
But it is also important for companies to generate interest among relevant applicants and ensure they submit their CV’s for the available position. This strategy would help your company build a positive image among candidates and encourage loyalty and empowerment among candidates. This kind of trust takes time to build but content driven marketing can play a big role in building that trust and awareness.
They aren’t the be-everything-to-everyone resource, but they do offer unique value to a cross section of the business community that can benefit from an agency dedicated to content. Look for agencies that allow clients to modify their retainer packages at least quarterly to allow for the flexibility that a startup requires. However, as CMI’s Michele Linn points out, if you don’t have executive buy-in for your content marketing efforts, it will be difficult to tie in an outsourced provider’s work with your larger marketing strategy. While an agency’s role may be limited to content development, it is important to give the agency a clear picture of the company’s overall messaging and voice so that it can develop appropriate content to meet your goals.
Hiring a content marketing team to ghostwrite content on your behalf and develop an influencer outreach strategy can be an ideal solution. Check out all the fantastic CMW sessions that are available through our Video on Demand portal. Aside from the personal branding category, our company tends to sign clients in each of the other four groups, and it works out fine. Yes, my agency works primarily with both startups that may want to invest in marketing staff at some point, but are still ramping up, and with mid-sized orgs that have some sense of their agenda but need help with execution. Some of the best clients my Phoenix SEO company has came to us because they didn’t feel like putting in the work for putting good content marketing material together. Its goal is to provide a steady stream of quality content; and is a must for online search engine advertising. These anti-spam programs, together with other search engine filter settings, will bounce off any site that uses duplicate or syndicated content on the net.
While this may be applicable to an extent, still all businesses tend to attract a range of different audience types and some, if not all businesses, aim to target a different marketing message to these audience types. Content marketing can complement, and can work effectively if combined with other SEO strategies. On the other hand, the old tactic of black hat SEO employs overloading and reword stuffing for your website. With this system in place, websites and pages that consistently exhibit new and original content get listed on the custom news feeds. What’s more is that you can maximize the inflow of fresh online content by publishing them on social networking sites. Create a documented roadmap for your content marketing initiatives that drives real, measurable results.
Social media allows you to engage your audience and grow your brand awareness by connecting with buyers at every step of their journey. If you want to boost your booth traffic and create a buzz, you’ve got to start posting about your event on social media ASAP. For example if you search for ‘Social Media Manager in London’ almost all the top results are either from job boards or social media websites like Twitter or LinkedIn. Imagine if you were able to connect to potential candidates and clients before they even get to this stage.

However effective use of content marketing along with utilising social media channels can help your business to achieve brand presence on various digital platforms. Active engagement with your community on social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook requires a strong social media strategy. So as a tip: Instead of tweeting about a marketing manager vacancy, tweet about the latest news in the marketing industry, link it back to your company’s website with the article and advertise the job opening at the bottom. Like in any other industry, high ROI is important in the recruitment industry and requires companies to ensure high candidate conversion to stay competitive.
Proactive and planned content marketing can help your agency to attract relevant applicants and in turn lead high candidate conversion ratios. Until you receive a more significant investment round, you’re not ready to hire a full-time marketing employee.
To be most effective, it can be helpful to first plan a content marketing strategy and rough editorial calendar internally before you contract with an agency. Many agencies are willing to step in for a set duration, which can be much more fruitful than hiring a temporary employee who is likely on the hunt for a full-time job. It’s important to ensure that your content accurately supports your opinions, so you can’t put your strategy on autopilot. You can choose to brand the content as “white-label” content, which does not reveal the content marketing agency’s involvement, or identify it as outsourced work so your client can correspond directly with your subcontracted team. These are needs that are usually too large to be filled by a single freelance writer, so working with an agency helps them scale without having to put time into managing an external team.
Even the world’s largest search engine provider, Google, which also happens to be one of Australia’s favorite search engines, is continually advising entrepreneurs and online advertising service providers to produce fresh and relevant content for websites. Clearly, to maximize online visibility you will need to provide customized content for your business; and as provide them as frequently as possible. This is why every business should have a customised content marketing solution to help you achieve the best marketing outcome for your business that yields the highest response from your audience.
However, did you know it is still very important that the content is “SEO friendly”? Email marketing remains one of the most competitive form of direct marketing with the aim to entice an immediate direct response from the consumer themselves. Such a practice could not only get your site a lower rank; but when worse comes to worst, you could even get barred from the search engine indexing. Moreover, the pages generally listed on these news feeds are those that exhibit authoritative blog accounts of certain trending topics. In today’s digital age the majority of people like to keep themselves updated with news related to their industry.
If done correctly social media and content marketing together can help your brand go viral online.
They can assist in developing written content that meets the diverse needs of a startup, including web copy, case studies, blog content, and white papers. In addition, a several-month trial run with an agency can help you determine how successful the effort is, and whether it may be worth investing in a full-time employee to assist with content marketing.
By collaborating with an agency to identify the key messages to share with a broader audience, you can build your reputation with minimal time investment.
While white-label content may help maintain the image of a firm that can do it all, you’ll need to be careful that you don’t run into communication errors when passing feedback to the subcontracted agency or a project could easily get off track.
Not only will this help you meet your SEO campaign objectives (if you are employing an SEO Agency to do the work for you), but let’s Google think that you are getting involved in the world wide web community.
Email marketing is also an opportunity for you to display your business’ knowledge and expertise through an engaging medium where you can emotionally interact with your target market if your email marketing copy and marketing strategy is effective. Because your marketing strategy may evolve quickly, an agency gives you the ability to tap into a pool of talent that can be scaled to meet your company’s demand.
If the agency acts as your ghostwriter, it is important to have a non-disclosure agreement.
Simple, you ask one of our editors at VC2+ to help screen these articles for you and help you create successful SEO content that Google actually favours. Let us help you with formulating the right email marketing copy and channel so you get the most our of your marketing budget. With less competition and better access to online viewers, these can add up the boost you are aiming for.

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