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This post was written with the assistance of my co-author for Managing Content Marketing and lead strategist for the Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose. I’m tired… tired of the large amount of destructive posts about content marketing that are completely and utterly false. Two posts in particular, as penned by Hubspot, are clearly written by individuals (no offense here) who do not understand what content marketing really is (here is one and here is the other for your reading enjoyment). I’m not sure why Hubspot is targeting the term content marketing and misleading its customers in such a way. When the term “inbound marketing” first started to get traction, I thought it was pretty much the same as content marketing. I was wrong. That said, if you only focus on inbound marketing, you will fail as a marketing professional. Content marketing is the practice of creating relevant and compelling content in a consistent fashion to a targeted buyer, focusing on all stages of the buying process, from brand awareness through to brand evangelism. While inbound marketing (as opposed to outbound marketing) and getting found online by prospects are critical, what do you do with your story once they find you? Content marketing must include strategic planning, content creation, distribution, and metrics for multiple stages of the buying cycle to multiple customer personas. This is almost always the first thing that is thought of when you look at content marketing. Just like you have a planned lead nurturing process to turn prospects into customers, you also need a planned customer retention strategy. If you can successfully move customers to this stage, you have really accomplished something. I’ve seen way too many presentations and read way too many articles from “gurus” touting that all marketing resources should switch to inbound marketing.
Yes, traditional marketing doesn’t work the way it used to because the consumer is in complete control. NOTE: If you are looking to see content marketing in action, check out Content Marketing World On Demand, featuring over 40 videos from the leading content marketing experts from David Meerman Scott to brands like DuPont, Intel and Sherwin Williams. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Inbound marketing, content marketing… whatever you want to call it, this is an outstanding post. I see your point about inbound marketing and the definition, but as far as I can tell from the inbound marketing camp, it really does focus mostly on getting found. Joe, there is a great deal of overlap and misinformation around these various terms as you have so eloquently pointed out. I hope you will continue your same best work and we will get more informative post which can helpful to us.
I agree that the WHY behind the content marketing plan needs to be established before the content is creation. The usability of content has a massive impact on its usefulness as a lead generation tool, as a lead nurturing tool, as a tool to convert users from social channels to site visitors, etc. IMO, it’s very difficult to be a thought leader in your niche industry by just focusing on the online channel alone. I can see where they may be possibly guilty of glossing over a lot of information, but I do NOT see the destructiveness you preface their links with…Instead, you use them as a type of scapegoat to then lead into your own theorems and definitions. In short – both posts (whether purposely or not) seem to be attempting to marginalize the ideas that content marketing professionals work toward. Storytelling leads to conversations and conversations lead to relationships which leads to customers. So for example, Content Marketing has a great opportunity to articulate the business results that you achieve for your customers (B 2 B).
What I loved about this article is the fact that we try to better define the roles each play. I was fortunate enough to do a webinar with Rob on How to Make Marketing Content that Matters.
I realize small businesses have resource constraints and their own special set of challenges.
My first job as head of marketing for a small company included a large objective of driving awareness as well as leads for sales. Guerilla content marketing is content created with almost no budget, simply by repurposing things your organization already produces. Here are my top content marketing hacks to help content marketers at any size business with any size budget. At SAP, we supported the notion that “technology was driving the future of business.” So we created a SlideShare post on 99 Facts on The Future of Business. Relate your favorite TV shows to your topic like I did with Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Mad Men. Create an e-book with the influencers in your space covering a top challenge or future predictions. Look for other companies that can afford infographics, then write about and embed their infographics and research reports.
You don’t have to be an enterprise marketer with a large budget to benefit from Content Marketing World 2015. Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, and co-author of best-selling book The Content Formula. One of the core principles of content marketing is to write for your audience not for the brand. In that content, I propose the secret to building traffic if just creating the content your audience wants at a high enough level of quality to meet their needs and with as much frequency as you can.
I did want to ask, when you frame all of this content into posts, videos etc, how do you balance not having enough content (when embedding just a slideshare) and too much (when doing a Q&A)?
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In this episode of This Old Marketing, Robert and I ponder some new research that suggests certain types of marketing jobs will be replaced by machine automation within a decade. If you enjoy our PNR podcasts, we would love if you would rate it, or post a review, on iTunes. Joe’s rave and rant: I love this article from Simplemost, which describes how select Chick-fil-A restaurants are encouraging customers to put away their mobile phones while eating.
My rant comes from the Content Strategy group on LinkedIn, where the moderator has decided to put participants on moderation if their job titles contain marketing, advertising, or PR. Robert’s rave: Robert is a big fan of Rita Gunter McGrath, author of the book, The End of Competitive Advantage.
Miller Electric: Miller, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment, is obsessed with understanding the needs of its customers.
You’re right; anything that is about data, processes, structures and methodologies is first in line for machine takeover. Maybe this will hasten Mark Schaefer prediction of the oncoming content glut and subsequent content fatigue as everyone will become really good at disseminating their content. I suppose for marketing companies that leaves them with the higher forms of creativity such as coming up with completely novel ideas to capture people’s imaginations and truly engage them. At the risk of sounding like a broken record – our latest round of research shows that only 18% of business-to-business manufacturing marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing – down from the 26% we reported on in 2015.
Now I don’t know how many of our survey respondents changed jobs over the last year – or how many of them were taking our survey for the first time – but I do know that 50% of them said their organizations were in the early or first-steps phases of content marketing maturity. It was good to see that 71% of manufacturing respondents ask their audience to subscribe to e-newsletters – but it basically stopped there. If you are like most manufacturing marketers, one of your biggest opportunities may be with video.
If you’re a manufacturer who asks your audience to subscribe to your video channel, let us know in the comments because we’d love to know how that’s working for you. Whereas this year’s data showed that manufacturers are using more content marketing tactics this year than they did last year – and getting more effective with them (terrific news) – it revealed the opposite for social media platforms. While we don’t know for certain why this is happening and are working to find more answers, this may not be a bad shift if manufacturing marketers are prioritizing their efforts where their audience is and where they can get the best return. We saw a spike this year in the percentage of manufacturing marketers who are using promoted social posts to distribute content – but a decrease in the proportion who say they are effective.
A positive sign we are seeing with our advisory clients at CMI is a movement into fewer social channels after what’s been a few years of an incredible amount of experimentation. Even though content marketing has been around since, well, forever, it is a new approach for most manufacturing organizations. Our hope is that this report (this one moment in time) is what we could call a “bottom,” and that those who are committed to a content marketing approach over time will begin to document, plan, resource, and make the hard choices necessary. To read all the results from the manufacturing marketing research, download B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, produced by Content Marketing Institute and sponsored by Lionbridge. Join us at Content Marketing World 2016 where we’ll have an entire industry lab dedicated to manufacturing. My new marketing role is in electronic manufacturing and particularly in my country (UK) the content is so product and service focused. Aaron One good tool to figure out what your target audience want to read is Google Keyword planner.
Aaron By the I would love to know how much % of the marketing budget you have assigned for content ? Although having a documented content marketing strategy, making sure you’re building an audience, using video and all those other strategies are important it all falls rather flat if you don’t have a differentiating and truly engaging creative concept behind all that planning and accepted ‘must have’ strategies. For the seventh consecutive year, I’m proud to announce our annual eBook of content marketing predictions (you can also view our forecasts for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014). Medium-sized and large businesses will begin to purchase niche media companies because they thirst for creating real relationships with their target audiences. We will begin to see well-known B2B publishers and editors at media companies getting recruited by and joining large B2B brands, with technology companies leading the charge. In total, we have compiled 60 content marketing predictions from thought leaders around the world. 2015 will bring decentralized content creation programs with participants across the company (not just marketing), as well as content initiatives that rely on user-generated content in expanded and highly strategic ways. Now is the time to have content marketers really step up and lead a centralized organization that directs, creates (or supports the creation of), and distributes content. Content marketing slides down from heightened expectations to disillusionment as brands begin to realize “content marketing” isn’t the same thing as merely producing content.
Brands will recognize the role of editor as the missing link to true content marketing effectiveness. Learn which trends are on the horizon for making content more efficient and scalable in 2015. Check out our list of Intelligent Content Predictions. I agree with the forecast that twitter is going to be usurped by Google, which is desperately trying to get a foothold at social marketing but could not succeed much so far. If Google could get hold of twitter or any other established social brand, it could be the best acquisition for them otherwise they have to continue fiddle with Google+, in the hope that some thing works for them in future. Hi Joe – interesting reading each of the predictions laid out in your post but more so, how many focus on the means or method of content marketing rather than the steps prior to this such as having clear content and commercially associated objectives and analsying how effective the respective piece of content will resonate with its target audience. From both the content and (Joseph Kalinowski’s) design point of view, this is one of the best predictions.
I, too, am pleased to see the re-emphasis on print, especially the mention on point-of-purchase.
In fact, once, on a United flight from Denver to Seattle, I sat next to someone checking off hundreds of dollars worth of accessories for his upcoming purchase of a laser printer! As more players enter the fray, I think content agencies will have to become more specialized in terms of their industry expertise.
One of the non-harmonious things that we’re seeing a lot of these days is a separation of approaches when it comes to using content strategically for marketing purposes.
To be crystal clear – with the exception of this content advertising thing – all of these content-focused methods have productive uses in the business to a varying degree. Ryan Skinner, senior analyst with Forrester Research recently released a report called Don’t Confuse Media-Led and Customer-Led Content Marketing. I’ve been talking with the wonderful Andrew Davis about this for some months, and he came up with a concept called The Content Marketing Quadrant. Andrew also recently had an interesting debate with Justin Kirby, vice president of Tenthwave and curator of Best of Branded Content Marketing, on branded content vs. As for us at CMI, we’ve been giving the difference between these approaches some thought for a while – and communicating how they differ is a work in progress.
The most recent iteration of this discussion is a model I call the Strategic Content Marketing Spectrum. By knowing your purpose, you can better see where your content fits on the spectrum and develop the right content to help in achieving your goals and move your business forward. While all of these questions are summarized in the graphics, you’ll find it even more helpful to take 12 minutes to watch the accompanying video where I explain as I create this spectrum and offer examples to illustrate how brands are using these terms. Grow your content marketing strategic skills with the help of CMI’s Chief Strategy Officer Robert Rose.
As the Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose leads the client advisory, education and training practices for the organization. Robert’s highly anticipated second book - Experiences: The Seventh Era of Marketing, has just been published.
I’m with a brand that publishes and I manage a site that would be plotted on the far left side of your whiteboard. But the biggest culprit (and it’s not even close) is a lack of consistency, and, in some cases, a content stoppage. Research from IBM in 2010 stated that about 80 percent of corporate blogs never post more than five entries (hat tip to Rebecca Lieb).
One of my favorite books (and movies) is Moneyball, the story about how Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane (played in the movie by Brad Pitt) revolutionized the sport of baseball in 2002 by focusing on the statistic of on-base percentage. Simply put, most content marketing mistakes happen because the content, for whatever reason, stopped. Sure, I like to think that this blog has served as a valuable resource for many, and helped to drive the industry forward. As a long-time reader (mostly a lurker) who respects a lot of the content that comes out of this blog, I have one thing to say: This is your best post ever.
Joe – Most important is not to stop, because if you stay in the game and practice one can ultimately resolve all of those challenges you listed.

One reason why the efforts may have stopped is that after the initial execution, the marketer did the calculation of how much value they got out of continuing versus putting the same ongoing execution $ into other efforts, such as Adwords or trade advertising.
Expect more orphaned sites, and then as things mature, a binary environment where people are either doing it or not. Originally, SEO professionals used guest posting as a tool to obtain links back to a site from a variety of different domains.
If you’ve been accepted as a guest contributor to a publication, or want to start pitching publications in order to grow your professional brand or the brand of your company, step back from the computer. Brainstorm: This is where you call in your friends in marketing or other areas of expertise. Consider the audience: With each article, you should outline who you think can — or should — find value in the content. You have your first few articles out to publications, and the day your first article is published has arrived. Social media promotion: Once your article is live, you should immediately share it on your social networks. Content marketing is a valuable tool, and it can be one of the best tactics to build your authority and reach new audiences. For more tips on creating and executing a successful guest blogging strategy, read The Utimate Guide to Blogging. Jami Oetting is the executive editor of The Agency Post, an online publication for marketing and advertising professionals. Thanks this is really good information for guest blogging, But i heard that guest bloggers are reducing, how come it’s true? Do you mean you heard that people have suddenly started to stop writing for other publications? This should be required reading for anyone thinking about guest posting…thanks for sharing so much advice. Love this post have been getting into guest bloggin pretty heavy lately and will be studying this info deeper. What do you think about the blogs where a startup company can guest post – is it wise to start with sites with average traffic and then shift to top sites that have high Alexa ranks? I mean that guest posting at smaller resources is a good support for your guest posting career in the future – you can add the links and strengthen your authority. Agen Bola reported, West Brom’s technical director Richard Garlick has confirmed that the club are working hard on landing some transfer targets. Garlick has revealed that Franco Di Santo, who is a free agent following the end of his contract with Wigan, is high on their list.
The Argentina international has already engaged in informal talks with the club with further rounds of discussions set to take place. Creating compelling and valuable content and distributing that content through a variety of online channels, as well as getting active in online communities, are essential for all companies today. Content marketing, unlike inbound marketing, has been around for hundreds of years, most notably starting in 1895 by John Deere with The Furrow magazine (although I argue that the cave people were drawing stories on walls to sell product).
If content marketing were a football field, inbound marketing would get you to the 35-yard line. Once the lead is nurtured and becomes a customer at some point, you need customer service content. In my view, that means a complete content marketing strategy would incorporate inbound marketing principles, but it would also take a more holistic approach to meeting a business’s overall marketing goals.
That means that content marketers should be looking at ALL available channels to engage with customers… print, in-person, and online (including mobile).
The goal may be that you are just trying to find a more effective way than advertising to create awareness for your product or service. How you define a lead will vary — but from a content marketing perspective, this is where you have (through the exchange of engaging content) encouraged someone to give up enough information about themselves that you now have permission to “market” to them.
This is where, as marketers, we have traditionally focused — the “proof points” to the sale.
How well are you using content to create value or reinforce the customer’s decision AFTER the sale? If your ultimate goal is to turn customers into passionate subscribers who share your stories, this area needs major attention.
If you’re particularly good at using content to service the customer in a subscribe model, you also have the opportunity to be effective at creating ongoing engagement for the other products and services you offer. Content — and especially content generated by satisfied customers — can be one of the most powerful ways for us to reach any business goal. Maybe it’s only an inbound marketing initiative and you’re just trying to help drive more leads into the sales and marketing process.
Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc.
With content marketing, we’ve been particular and meticulous in creating content that nurtures each step of the prospect process. I agree with Joe that we marketing professionals should align, and I especially agree with David that there is overlap.
I think we’re all moving in the same direction, we just seem to have different ways of saying it. But as you point out, the best marketers install content as a cornerstone of their marketing throughout all aspects of the customer relationship. The posts themselves by Hubspot aren’t taking into consideration that PROPER content marketing requires adherence to best practices of inbound marketing.
Not only to consideration of  the purposes of the content, but what are the success criteria by which it will be measured? Content used to help us make those transitions with our buyers together can transform the way business gets done. My only point is that the bigger picture that I see missing is the Alignment with Content Marketing and a world class sales process. You are articulating outcomes, increased customer performance based on the deployment of your technology, product, service etc.
Content marketing is not necessarily for a lead, as Rob points out, although ultimately businesses are alive to generate revenue for it’s shareholders so even content marketing is an attempt to eventually influence and contribute to revenue generation.
Several of our discussion points in that webinar overlap several of the points in this discussion.
It’s a bold move, but if done consistently, you can rank for your competitor and negative keywords. Lee Odden’s TopRank Online Marketing, Curata, and CMI do a great job of this by creating a theme for each year’s Content Marketing World.
As a content writer of B2B portal it is very useful for me to carrry out content marketing.
And using Info-graphics actually makes a huge difference in the readability and understanding of the article or content. This will allow you to warm the prospect up by offering a few specific details and letting them start discovering your brand and offering. Its conclusion: Marketing strategy and planning positions will not be at risk, but supporting tasks will be. That’s why it recently launched the Velocity Content Network, a 20-person, in-house unit that will create and distribute branded content across social and digital platforms as well as TV. Families that put their phones in a small box called the “cell phone coop” get rewarded with free small ice cream cones. Her goal is to eliminate self-promotional posts in the popular forum, but this approach seems a bit heavy-handed, in my opinion. In her most recent newsletter, she analyzes Yahoo’s business challenges and how they relate to her theory of disengagement – the methods a business can use to dispose of eroding business units. It would be interesting to see if that levels the playing field for smaller companies that can’t afford expensive marketing specialists. And that means the brands with deep pockets and those that are already a source of trust and credibility will still be the ones that will win despite the powerful machines. Maybe that had something to do with it (the research showed an increase in effectiveness among organizations that have higher levels of content marketing maturity). If you only have a verbal strategy, please take the time to put it in writing (our 16-page guide on documenting your content marketing strategy can help). With its From the Factory Floor series, GE created an ongoing show around how and why things are made. Usage of all the mainstream social media platforms decreased slightly, as did their effectiveness ratings (with the exception of YouTube – its effectiveness rating held steady).
Here again, we see the confusion (or maybe the word is experimentation) with the use of social – is social providing a big enough bang for the manufacturer’s buck? We see this as a positive move – instead of being in every social channel, limit your time and energy to a few channels where you can make a true impact with a specific audience. It’s the same story everywhere and manufacturers are no different (74% say they plan to produce more content in 2016 vs.
Even those that are experimenting with content marketing are still heavily product-focused.
I am currently running a campaign to literally ask our target audience what they want to read and what they currently read… hopefully will yield some good responses and insightful information. List down keywords that you would have searched for if you had to buy from electronic manufacturing company?
And any rough bracket of your marketing budget would help a little more to actually figure out how much serious the decision makers are towards content marketing.
How often do we work hard to create content or some other piece of high quality marketing, without actually thinking about how it fits in (or more importantly, doesn’t fit in) with our overall marketing strategy?
The bullet points to the right show the phases of maturity reported by those who said their organizations were “most effective” (Top 2) at content marketing. This is a particular content type specific to manufacturers of components (eg a bearing) and engineered parts (eg a motor).
There are lot of Business development automation tools available in online for B2B lead generation which are helpful to business people to enhance their business.
The best source of content in most companies may be right under your nose: your employees and customers. You discussed amazing points about content marketing predictions that are very interesting. This is interesting turn of events as some years ago Microsoft similarly was anxious to get a pie of the Google’s search business, tried to buy Google, Yahoo and ultimately ended up creating its own Bing. I’m behind the idea of moving from utility to utility-in-the moment as Julie describes. As brands invest more and more resources into creating content, a much greater need to effectively understand and manage those resources will become increasingly important. More people incorporating events and live experiences into their overall content marketing strategy. We’ve been looking at conversions as well as traffic, but looking at the time we have invested should definitely be a metric we track! But here my team at web designing pakistan found that author bring the whole article in quite a balanced way that shows professionalism. Do have have any thoughts as to what kinds of distribution channels this content might see? I believe this is the opportunity that businesses of any kind can realise next year on social media. Seems like a lots of the predictions foresee larger editorial operations and more of a newsroom-type structure within businesses.
The rewards for pumping out generic, loosely targeted and lightly researched content are diminishing, and you can’t expect the same content creators to be experts on everything. In it, he details some of the key differences between what we would certainly call content marketing and branded content. I think this is a really straightforward way to look at the various offshoots of content marketing. This is a white board that resonates pretty well with our advisory clients, so I created a video to share it with you. Are you looking to create content as product in which the brand creates separate content brands to deliver value and ultimately build subscribers. It’s far from perfect – but as we evolve our own understanding of how businesses can use content for business efficacy, we think the broader tent of content marketing as an approach really can cover all of these tactical uses of content. Does it help clarify the differences among content marketing, native advertising, and branded content?
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As a recognized expert in content marketing strategy, digital media and the social Web, Robert innovates creative and technical strategies for a wide variety of clientele. I said that I’ve been fighting for my publication to avoid becoming too promotional or too product driven.
The approaches you outlined are worthy of definition and the visual is helpful, however all types of content are aspects of the customer experience, branded or unbranded, paid, earned or owned.
Many companies are looking for the big burst (ala advertising campaign) instead of putting in the time, day in, day out. Longevity and constant action in the form of valuable content creation on a regular basis will pay off! It may be jarring for the reader to see the marketer fail to add content, but for many, many b2b marketers, content marketing eats up an enormous share of their quarterly budgets. Instead of creating and promoting content, you simply find amazing content and share it with your audience. You offer some great insights and I completely agree with you that creating content is not free and that it’s not just for leads. In order to get out of the clutter category, your content should align with one or all of your business goals.
I like to use a mapping exercise to help me visualize this and to keep my creation phase on pace. When creating content, you need to think about the long-term effects of your publishing efforts. By initially considering whom you’re writing for, it will be easier to find the right publication for your piece. From meeting other experts in your field, to building trust in prospective clients, to creating an inbound lead strategy, insightful content that brings real value will stand out.

The article covers all area briefly and precisely,which is for enough to enhance knowledge.A creative article which attracts the attention and interest of reader.
The outstanding Ritz Carlton magazine, placed in hotel rooms, does not have anything to do with being found; neither does the amazing LEGO Club magazine, which has been produced in print for over 30 years (I received the original Brick Kicks magazine back in the 80s).
This can include signing up for a “demo”, registering for an event, subscribing to your e-newsletter, or gaining access to your Resource Center. Examples include case studies you send to your prospects that illustrate how you’ve solved the problem before — or the “testimonials” section on your client page. This goes well beyond the user manual, the documented process for success, and the FAQ on your website. Options may be a customer e-newsletter or printed newsletter, a print or tablet magazine, or possibly a user event or webinar series.
Maybe you’re trying to create a program that increases awareness, drives down the cost of organic traffic to your website, and increases your position with search engines. Content marketing covers the entire customer lifecycle–awareness, acquisition, service, loyalty, retention, etc. Divisiveness does not help the pour soul who is trying to learn the strategies and techniques for engaging with clients and moving them through the pipeline.
That’s why the story is so critical, and why this is such an exciting time for content, content creators, and business in general. This narrative can then be leveraged by a world class sales team trained to ask questions related to the real issues that face the client.
Then we wrote an article about it that was published by Forbes with click-to-tweet links and gained another 10,000-plus views. I am not an expert on SEO but would say that if you create content your audience wants, that should attract an audience based on value and that should create a positive engagement for the brand that could at some point counteract negative sentiment of any kind. I would love to know what you would suggest as a strategy to a new digital agency who has launched a website and is looking to build traffic, sales or leads.
Once you see that they are going to your website and downloading your information or other key indicators that the buyer is ready, then you can trigger sales to follow up with the prospect.
Next, we discuss the implications of Viacom’s new branded content agency and get excited about the storytelling potential of Facebook Canvas.
Robert views this as yet another step in the disintermediation of big media agencies, as advertisers and networks increasingly work directly with each other. Robert believes this concept of disengagement also applies to content marketing initiatives, and he explains how.
A look at the home page of their website demonstrates how Miller Electric employs a content-first approach. Technology has given me a whole animation and video editing suite on my desktop so then I will have a whole marketing suite as well.
I’m a huge believer that you’ll never get to where you want to go if you don’t have a road map. I feel it will be aimless to just start writing without sufficient evidence the content is adding value. These are very helpful tips for all newbie bloggers who are facing content marketing related problem. I think the ability to be successful at that is, as Ardath points out, the ability to create a continuum of experiences based on the brand story, and move away from the stop-start mentality of campaigns. By adopting a lean process and making content development transparent, it will automatically keep teams on task and in sync, while making it easier to identify and eliminate wasteful practices. Marketers will increasingly understand the benefits of moving from marketing towards relationship marketing on social. It’s certainly a worthy investment if the people and the plan are in sync from the beginning, but I can see many businesses wincing at the overhead, especially as they get the ball rolling. You even have terms like branded entertainment, content selling, and (I’m not even making this up) content advertising. Or, do you want to create a new product or service that expresses itself as if it were content? He’s advised large enterprises such as FedEx, Dell, AT&T, KPMG, Staples, PTC and Petco.
For example, just because I haven’t driven a Lykan Hypersport does not mean I do not qualify as a customer. While most of us do a blend of creation and curation, you can do a successful content strategy exclusively through curation. As guest blogging has evolved, this haphazard, quantity-driven practice hasn’t been replaced, even though most knowledgeable content marketers and SEO practitioners understand that guest blogging is more about building credibility and brand awareness, or using content as the catalyst for social media conversations.
Don’t start composing your thoughts on a recent tech announcement or spinning a gripe about a client into a 600-word article. If you want to grow your product’s user base, you can create a specific strategy to utilize content marketing to achieve this. Content is not as simple as just throwing in a few subheadings and emailing a Word document. Each article should build upon, and attempt to cross-promote, the ideas of the last article. You’ll be able to tailor the article to the specific reader looking for your product or service. Guy Kawasaki states that you should share your article four times that day, with eight hours between each tweet. Ask if they’ll support you by sharing and distributing the article to their friends and followers. Showcase your publication by a third-party site by posting an update to the blog, with an excerpt or highlight from the article. Without a strategy, your content will be just another 320 KB file in the internet wasteland. We also assist vendors with building their channel ecosystem through systematic channel partner recruitment services. Content marketing is a great vehicle for that, as it’s organic, authentic, and a great way for you to start driving engagement with your brand. Once you have the prospect’s permission, you can use content to help move them through the buying cycle. Ultimately, this is the content you’ve created as a marketer to illustrate to the hot prospect why your solution is better or will uniquely meet his or her needs. Instead, communicate with them more frequently (certainly not in a creepy way) and engage them with additional value.
But for smart, growing businesses, we should be leveraging content marketing throughout all our marketing initiatives — even (gasp) traditional marketing and advertising.
But in many circumstances, traditional marketing and advertising can work (Old Spice showed us the power of paid advertising in collaboration with content marketing and social media).
It’s an essential component of every business, but for many businesses, retention and growth of existing customers is even more vital to their profitability and success. Finally, we’re fascinated by the BBC’s research into “atomizing” news stories and enabling readers to choose their own deep exploration paths through them.
Department of Labor, market research analysts and marketing specialists have a 61% probability of being replaced, and technical writers, 89%.
It will make Facebook much more experiential and should enhance brands’ ability to pull viewers into their owned media properties. Robert points out that it takes a significant amount of human effort to figure out the content flow for something like this. But many businesses still struggle with how to find their target audience and deliver the right message. Much of their website is devoted to educational content with some product promotion mixed in. If you are “doing” content marketing with no strategy at all (as 27% said they are), please stop. As marketers see companies moving away from the pack by doing these things, more with take heed and change their approach.
Both B2B and B2C brands will increasingly recognise that to perform on social media you must invest in engagement and holding authentic one-to-one conversations with your community. Getting your employees on-board to cooperate with (and sometimes even spearhead!) your content marketing and branding initiatives is going to be huge in 2015. Joe Pulizzi’s recent explanations (ahem, rants) about native advertising and branded content have both received a lot of traffic and interest. I’d love to show some examples of brands who have created content across the spectrum in a cohesive way.
Develop content that is so great that it gets to be ‘forward-able,’ meaning it is so great readers will forward it to buddies or business associates who could become potential clients. Also, with reports of Google’s Author Rank, your authority as an author who submits quality content to quality sites will influence the page rank of your article in search results. Writing requires patience, dedication — and possibly an intern standing guard at your door to ward off distractions. For example, if you want your company to be seen as one of the top resources for mobile website development, you or a designated person within your company needs to be seen as an expert on mobile.
Start small and, as readers get to know you, you can begin to write more in-depth pieces in each core area. This way, your tweets will be seen at optimal times in each time zone, and they will be seen by users who visit Twitter at different times of the day (it’s helpful to use a service like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your tweets). Coordinate with your marketing department to promote the article through official channels. Feature the article in the monthly newsletter, and encourage your current and prospective clients to ask questions or share the piece. Putting our prospects and customers at the middle of the story is what transforms the contribution content can make to our businesses. Whatever works, is relevant, and engaging in the marketplace our business is focused on is what we should be doing. It is this LACK of alignment between Content Marketing and Sales Process that is leading to failure just as much as your strong point that inbound marketing only gets you to the 35 yard line. A lead is simply an opportunity for more business hence that lead could be from a new prospect or an existing customer. You need your whole agency looking for these kind of tips to create more and better content for your audience.
Rants and raves include Chick-fil-A’s clever “cell phone coop,” one LinkedIn group admin’s heavy-handed solution to self-promotion, and Rita Gunther McGrath’s analysis of Yahoo’s problems. Robert insists that the jobs where we can add unique value through creativity will never be replaced by machines. Following a very simple five-step plan, the keys to using webinars for successful lead generation go from daunting to doable. Clicking on the resources section of the website reveals a comprehensive collection of information that can help visitors solve just about any welding challenge.
This can relieve several of the pressures a buyer feels when ‘being sold’ on a product or company. However, is content making anyone more excited about the future of marketing in terms of providing real business value? Take your strategy documents and start filling in the pieces for your first few months of content. This will also work in your favor with publishers: If you can pitch a few ideas, or even a series, on a topic, they will see you as a more advanced writer and know they can count on you for in-depth content on a specific subject. What KPIs do you need to establish now so you can determine if, and how, your content and business goals are being achieved?
What are the successful, innovative ways that you’ve seen your product or service get extended into other solutions? Marketing objectives sometimes need to be solved with a combination of efforts, not by putting all your eggs in one basket.
From finding your audience and developing engaging content to authentic interaction and webinar promotion, you’ll discover the five steps to attract your target audience to your next webinar in this new report from GoToWebinar.
If the publication allows you to add in your Google+ Author profile in your bio, be sure to add the URL of the article to the contributor section of your Google+ profile.
Lots of valuable content spread out around the web will help you reach a few of your content marketing goals, but not all of them. I urge anyone in B2B to visit this website to learn from Miller’s approach to content marketing. You may be the face of the company and an expert in many areas, but you might need one-on-one time with other experts in your company each month.
But they have successfully built their passionate subscriber base — and these people create fan sites, write, share, and evangelize the Apple brand.
And time is the most important asset small business owners have.Let’s say you’re blogging to attract customers. Perhaps you’re a great writer, but you need an editor to refine your content for publication.
Your ultimate goal should be to create a community of evangelists who are prepared to fight for your brand. You need time to plan, research, write, upload and promote your posts, in addition to curating content on the social channels you want to be on. And you need to do this on a regular basis – whether that’s 2x a week, 1x a week or even 1 x a month. Inbound marketing also takes time to work, roughly 3-6 months before you start seeing serious results.
It’s older than advertising.Modern AdvertisingPhoto courtesy of Mick WestModern advertising was invented by a fellow name Edward Bernays, who was hired by the tobacco companies in the 1920’s to help them sell cigarettes to women. Edward’s campaign focused on the sexy and powerful illusion that cigarettes provided, removing the taboo that women didn’t know how to smoke. He hired models to march for women’s rights in the New York City Easter Parade, showcasing them smoking Lucky Strikes as a sign of freedom. Cigarettes become known as “Torches of Freedom” – a phrase created to encourage women to aspire to a better life. Final Thoughts: Content MarketingContent marketing is only as strong as the inbound marketing funneling that it’s paired with, if you’re using it to generate leads.

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