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If so, download this free report now or view the Zmags digital version from Junta42 and MarketingProfs to get answers to these questions and many more.
Nine in 10 organizations market with content, with marketers using eight content tactics on average. B2B marketers allocate approximately 26% of their total marketing budgets to content marketing initiatives.
While content marketing is mainstream, marketers are unsure of how effective various tactics are. While marketers certainly need education around content marketing, this isn’t the only thing needed for content marketing success. If you are in B2B marketing, there are many other things you will find out by downloading this report, such as how content marketers measure success, what distinguishes self-described best-in-class marketers and much more. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Thanks Gang…yes, I like the fact that B2B marketers are investing in content marketing. I was also wondering if creating content regularly is part of the content marketing challenge marketers face. I’m glad I ran into your activities, though too late to join your conference next week. As a content marketer, you have no doubt heard that marketers need to “think like publishers,” but how exactly does that translate into action? Next to developing buyer personas, I think the most useful exercise to help you think like a publisher is creating an editorial calendar. Regardless of where you are in your content marketing efforts, it’s important to have an editorial calendar to keep your content consistent and relevant.
While a basic editorial calendar that simply tracks the date and content topics you are planning (like the example we offer here) is a fantastic start, the editorial calendar I like to use tracks additional details to help you see connections in your content, generate ideas on what content to create (or what you can repurpose), and ensure you are including key information, such as SEO.
Your editorial calendar is going to differ depending on the type of content you produce and what is important for you to track. The program you use to track this information will likely depend on your organization and its requirements. As Joe mentions in his post on managing the content marketing process, it’s helpful to have two editorial calendars: a master calendar where you can see everything at a glance and separate calendars for specific activities. Track key dates such as events, holidays or other things that may impact which content you want to share when. Looking at all of your key dates and planned topics can give you ideas for topics and help you think about how you can repurpose content in multiple sources.
For instance, if you have a new white paper or case study planned, you can plan one or a series of blog posts around that. Need help setting up your editorial calendar or other key processes for content creation management? Each of the separate tabs includes more specifics about all of the content activities you have planned and will vary based on what you offer. Tracking more than topic and date helps you make sure to include the key elements you need for SEO, digital optimization, and conversion. Distribution: website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, nurture email send, syndication, etc. Accompaniments: Includes messaging for related emails in the case of nurture sends, associated Tweets, landing page content for white papers, webinar invitation text and registration page content, etc. However, your post reminded me of a great piece of software I purchased from Reel Logix a few years ago which may be worth dusting off. I'm getting ready to launch a crowd-sourced blog for a professional organization staffed entirely with volunteers. Your list of columns for tracking the info needed for a blog post is also a great start for any type of content. I’m in favor of organizing before executing and your post just brought some valuable input on how to do this better. However, I do have quite a bit of flexibility in terms of the topics we present (as long as they are consistent with our focus).
First off, I just found your comment inadvertently in our commenting system’s spam filter, so my apologies for the very delayed reply. Kudos to you for thinking about customer-centric and company-centric info separately – this is one issue that a lot of marketers face. Amazing Michele, we at LHI have started evangelizing insights in Social Media and keeping a spreadsheet integrated with your calendar is really amazing. Any chance you did the updated version of this post and it’s somewhere else on the site? Hi –  we are trouble shooting this, Stacy, but so far are unable to duplicate what you describe. We use a Google Calendar and it is helpful so that all have access to the latest information.
Listened to an excellent presentation by Chris Sullivan from Bunchball yesterday at Custom Media Day 2011 in New York. If you are not familiar with gamification (adding game components to your content to increase engagement and retention), check out this post from Rick Liebling as well as the Wikipedia definition for gamification.
We see this as so important that we’ve added a session on gamification at Content Marketing World 2011. Here are four examples that Chris discussed in his presentation that we can learn from in our own content marketing. What Microsoft learned is that the more they can get PowerPoint users to leverage additional portions of the platform, the more it leads to retention and customer satisfaction. Chris discussed one of the simplest ways to add game components to your online content is to add a simple progression bar, ala LinkedIn.
We originally discussed the impact of Nike+ back in 2008 as part of Get Content Get Customers. But I think of this often…why didn’t John Deere come up with the concept for Farmville? The campaign, mainly targeted at young women between the ages of 14 and 24, seeks to help women feel unashamed to talk about a topic that is typically taboo.  Kotex uses educational content, mixed with videos of female stand-up comedians taking aim at traditional tampon commercials. In addition to the basic rundown on Kotex products, the new site has articles on each stage of a woman’s development, offers tips for moms to talk to their daughters about their bodies, helps women understand their pre- and post-pregnancy cycles, and introduces issues surrounding menopause. Kotex said that it chose to build a community so that girls could learn about their bodies in an environment where they don’t feel judged or ashamed about their feminine-care needs, and so that they can receive accurate information. The biggest challenge, Kotex said, has been to motivate an open conversation on a topic that has traditionally carried a big social stigma.
The ad campaign, which also feature print and online components, is set to run through 2012, Kotex said. Christine Dunn has almost two decades of experience writing about finance and business issues.
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Over the next 12 months, 55% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget, a sure-fire sign that more marketers are seeing content marketing as a legitimate strategy rather than just a trend. Unfortunately, as there is so much hype around the “right” and “wrong” ways to practice content marketing, some brands will end up wasting their money and time on unnecessary activities. Content marketing is becoming a widely accepted element of marketing plans among many businesses.
As a result of this misconception, pitching higher-ups on content marketing and social media may not get you far. However, although those in management may not understand the latest and greatest in marketing, they do understand helping your audience, especially when it leads to your audience spending money with your brand.
The first step in the content marketing process is usually creating a strategy: Outline how you will achieve business goals and objectives, define roles and responsibilities, timelines, measurement metrics, etc.
How your resources could be better used: Regrettably, many businesses spend resources on building a well-documented strategy – never to reference it again. Content shock is the theory that while the content supply on the Internet is growing exponentially, content demand is flat. Yes, being a great storyteller can have advantages when it comes to content creation, but it certainly isn’t necessary for every piece of content.

How your resources could be better used: Your content doesn’t need to win the Pulitzer Prize, but it does need to address audience pain points, fill content gaps, and educate.
Creating content personalized to audience pain points is arguably the most important part of any content marketing strategy. How your resources could be better used: Some marketers may not see the value in involving other departments and teams in the content marketing process, but salespeople and customer service representatives can be extremely valuable resources.
It’s understandable to spend time double-checking content for typos and errors before hitting “publish” (you can view this publication checklist from Heidi Cohen).
Though concentrating only on certain metrics can be limiting at first, measuring everything can be costly as well. How your resources could be better used: What information is really necessary to measure your ROI? With analytics in hand, too many businesses see value only in the direct ROI metrics – conversions, sales, and leads. Arnie Kuenn is the CEO of Vertical Measures, a content marketing agency with an SEO foundation, focused on helping their clients get more traffic, more leads, and more business. I am not suggesting the various departments be involved in the editing process, in fact you should always avoid that. I have seen articles and other content hung up for months waiting for someone to sign off on it – whether it is branding, legal or marketing. Most strategy documents end up being created in long-form text – paragraph after paragraph explaining how we’re going to rock a particular initiative such as a content marketing program.
Surely it would be easier to have quick visual reference guides to help us see gaps in our plans or particularly over-resourced tactics or distribution channels. A visualized guide would help avoid situations where grand plans are constructed and external consultants deliver a tome of great advice only for it to be ignored by the team because it’s not easily digestible or referenced on a day-to-day basis, effectively becoming an expensive paperweight. As you track what works and what doesn’t, you may begin to favor some forms of content over others, but if you’re just starting out and documenting your strategy for the first time, it’s good to have a range of content on the radar.
You also need to ensure your content covers the buyer journey, from awareness to the decision (and purchase) to avoid having a gap in the marketing funnel.
To map this visually and ensure I’m not missing anything or focusing too much or too little on specific tactics, I like to use this handy content marketing matrix template provided by Smart Insights. Instead, you need to focus on general awareness content, which might be delivered in the form of fun videos, blog posts with relevant pop culture references, or research-backed findings into the audience’s general topic of interest. Along the vertical axis, plot according to your content’s appeal, from emotional to rational. Here’s a tip: Don’t be fooled into thinking all your B2B content should be geared toward rational – you should absolutely appeal to emotions, too. Similarly, don’t leave out rational content – consumers sometimes buy on impulse and emotional ties, but on other occasions they carefully weigh the features, benefits, and economic value of your products or service. If you want to go more in depth on the buyer journey to ensure you’re covering content for your potential customers at each stage, from “bored at work” to “negotiation” and “purchase,” Eloqua provides a nice visual infographic that you could replicate or modify for your own template. Generally, this exercise is ongoing as you continue refining your promotional channels to find the optimal mix.
As you track your hypotheses, your map will change – making for an interesting visual journey of how some worked and others didn’t. Well-documented content marketing strategies are incredibly important – as the B2B Content Marketing 2015 Report found – with 60% of companies that have a recorded strategy considering themselves successful at content marketing. However, if content marketing strategies are difficult to digest and access, there’s a danger that the good work put into them will be left to gather dust because it takes too long for everyone to pull out the relevant details. To help combat this, it’s a good idea to pair easy-to-understand, at-a-glance visualizations of your content marketing strategy to keep it alive and used on a daily basis.
Mark Walker is a blogger, speaker and the UK content marketing and social media manager at Eventbrite.
I have been fiddling with creating graphical guides for my teams for a while now, and whilst it’s great to see it was a good idea in the first place, it’s even better to have some guidance to help me finish the damn things! The most popular tactics are social media (excluding blogs) (79%), articles (78%), in-person events (62%) and eNewsletters (61%).
51% of B2B marketers plan to increase their spend in content marketing over the next 12 months. For many tactics, there is a large “confidence gap” in which marketers use tactics but are unsure of how effective they are. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute , Joe evangelizes content marketing around the world through keynotes, articles, tweets and his books, including best-selling Epic Content Marketing (McGraw-Hill) and the new book, Content Inc.
Very interesting finding that marketers have the most confidence in good, tried and true in-person events.
You’re spot on with content marketing, always a pleasure to read your stuff, great value! But what surprised me is that companies continue to rate blogging activities way down the list – after event marketing, newsletters and case studies. It also helps keep your marketing team on the same page and is a great reference for your management. For instance, while some people like to use Google spreadsheets, some companies don’t allow access to this program. If you have an international audience, include holidays in the various countries you serve as well. Or, if you have an event, you can plan to develop an eBook based on the top 30 takeaways from the event.
For instance, you may have one tab for your blog, another for your newsletter and another for the additional types of content you create, such as eBooks, white papers and case studies. Similar to the editorial calendar that Ardath mapped out for the longer buying cycle, I love the idea of using an editorial calendar to make sure you stay on track with your marketing, whatever your objectives may be. And, I couldn’t agree more – an editorial calendar is key for online publishing! First, I outline the content we need, and I stick to the consistency that we have committed to.
As you say, new things come up, and I would want to accommodate covering things that make sense. I need to include everything from blog posts to videos to articles, keep track of multiple authors and creators, and categorize everything by product and target audience. For instance,  this could be a a press release you’re sending out, a new product release, etc. But in these columns you can track what other content you are releasing or events such as webcasts that are going on. In the B2C world, much of the sales cycle is built around the seasons — everything from sunscreen to snow shovels. Been looking for this guidance for quite some time, never found something so simple yet effective. I consider our editorial calendar to be an ongoing work in progress, so it’s always nice to hear tips and to read about how others create and maintain their calendars. Feedback is a powerful tool, and that which is quantified can be used for learning and goal setting. Whether it is the progress bar on LinkedIn for choice based progression on some of the YouTube videos you might have seen, the viewer feels more engaged and also in control.
The three spots feature the comics pointing out cliches or claims that have been made about feminine care, and turning them into entertainment. Over the coming year, Kotex said it will build on its current content marketing platform, which will also include mobile initiatives.
As founder and president of Savoir Media, she works with companies and executives on developing strategic, integrated media and marketing programs.
But to some high-level managers and executives, it’s still just a buzzword – often associated with household name brands. CMI research shows that not only do you need to document your strategy, but you also need to use it. Of course, as content marketing becomes more mainstream, more and more content is being produced and published. Instead of worrying about the potential burst of the content bubble, focus your efforts on creating high-quality content that is useful to your audience.
Often people get so caught up in the storytelling aspect of content marketing that they forget about the task at hand: Create content that is truly useful to your audience.

As they spend so much time speaking with clients and customers, they know the most common customer complaints, problems, and frustrations. But letting small, insignificant details hold up the publishing process can sometimes do more harm than good.
Put more time into providing the best, most relevant, and helpful information to your audience in a consumable way, rather than striving for perfection every time.
Many businesses get in the weeds trying to measure too much, spending long hours analyzing social media metrics like retweets, shares, and brand awareness, yet not understanding what the data means or if it’s even useful. I suggest clients spend the majority of their time measuring traffic, leads, and sales, which I consider to be the most important metrics for calculating return. There are many ways businesses can stretch budgets and resources while still achieving success. Sign up today to receive the Content Marketing Institute’s daily email with tips and insights, and receive exclusive content from CMI Founder Joe Pulizzi to improve your content marketing efforts. Arnie has held executive positions in the world of new technologies and marketing for more than 25 years. I would work hard to educate the company that content waiting to go live is doing no one any good.
Yet when it comes to how we display information in our companies, we tend to be stuck on text and spreadsheets. If we’re lucky, there might be some graphs and bullet points to break up the reading experience. Make sure you’re balanced in your approach to content marketing because even a single persona will have many different preferences for content consumption. A big, long list on a spreadsheet or a mind map of your content ideas against your different customer needs?
For example, if prospects are generally unaware of your brand or whether they have a problem your service can solve, it’s not helpful to provide content like case studies, pricing tables, or anything product-related such as user and how-to guides.
Therefore, you should pay as much attention to mapping the promotional strategy as you do to the editorial calendar.
To begin, however, make some educated guesses as to which channels are likely to drive a lot of traffic to your content, and which will garner less volume but more targeted leads that have a higher conversion rate. Those in the “low-volume, low-ROI” quarter will be the bottom priorities or tested with small budgets; those in the “high-volume, high-ROI” quarter will be high priorities with bigger budgets. Start with CMI’s 16-page guide with the 36 questions every content marketing strategy should answer. He prides himself on always delivering both business results and genuine value to his audience; and on learning something new every day. For instance, of the 79% of B2B marketers who use social media, only 31% of users think they use this tactic effectively.
This is a shocking and exciting statistic to me, 51% of B2B marketers plan to increase their spend in content marketing over the next 12 months.
Do you see that trend changing any time soon, where blogging will become one of the top 3 content marketing strategy?
Seeing the calendar at a glance helps these connections jump out more easily — and helps you remember which dates to avoid. For another blog I work on that is group-managed, we use a Google spreadsheet so anyone can access and update it at anytime. In some cases the actual planning is more valuable than having the plan executed as intended. Of course, I also like to evaluate what is well-received, and then I plan more posts around those topics.
Personally, I like to keep everything in one spot so I see how both company-centric and customer-centric ideas fit together, but depending on how your company is organized, it could make sense to break these out if certain groups only care about certain things.
This way, I can continually make updates (which I do) and people can see it whenever they need to.
For your situation, the master calendar may make sense to look content by week instead of by day. Of course, you need to time it correctly — much as monthly magazines are working several months in advance of the seasons. One thing we recommend to ITSMA members is to divide content up into practical and aspirational. Using Nike+, you’re not only able to track your running, but compare yourself against your friends on an ongoing basis.
Always thought of gamification as a product strategy, interesting to think of as a content strategy, but makes sense in terms of engagement. That is the reason why even if there is a simple animation on a web page that can be controlled via the mouse cursor or the arrow keys it immediately attracts people rather than a simple animation.
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If you have in no way witnessed it, it is a exceptional  film to look at collectively with your mom even although going to much more  compared to holidays, for all those that will get your arms over a digital  video disc copy. Some businesses waste their time hand-wringing and debating the value of content marketing and inevitably get lazy and complacent, resulting in poorly crafted content being promoted and distributed across the web. What better way to find out what your audience cares about than to ask your employees who spend the most time with customers? Yes, creating high-quality, compelling content is necessary, but it doesn’t need to be perfect. Once you understand the most important metrics and their impact on ROI, only then consider taking a deep dive into additional analytics.
As social networks can drive traffic, increase your reach, and help to build relationships with your audience, some engagement metrics can illustrate where your audience hangs out online and what type of content is most popular.
Getting engrossed in developing a full-fledged strategy, speculating on content shock, and measuring every metric under the sun can cost you more than time and money – it can cost you your sanity. Some will prefer entertaining content, others want just the facts; some might love videos, others a checklist. You can also use a Google spreadsheet that is shared with the team, which is what we do for another blog I am involved in. Our journal editorial calendar uses 14 sheets — one for ea month, one for the type of content suitable for ea day, and one for the beats we cover. You want to have a good mix of pieces that tell buyers what to do now and what they should be thinking about for the future. I mean, is it more useful to make dinamic calendar on Google Calendar for example or on corporative Intranet Calendar? I can personally guarantee that you will laugh additional than  you actually have at a traditional movie.
Content calendars, templates, checklists, and even a one-page strategy can go a long way – especially when piloting a new program. Also, look at the time on page to see where users are investing their time, as that content resonates most with your audience. Focus on what content marketing is all about – helping your customers – and you will see results. To cater to all these preferences, it is a good idea to have a blend of content types and tactics.
The dates on my calendar tend to shift around a lot, and I have to keep emailing it to everyone in my department.
If a company exhibits at these events, or is making a presentation, this is something that the CM and social media program needs to acknowledge.
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Though engagement metrics can’t always directly correlate to your bottom line, they can help you measure success in more qualitative ways.

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