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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Google makes more than 500 adjustments to its search engine every year, and this will not change going forward.  Since quality will always win in the long run, Google will continue to update its search engine to reward websites who abide by their quality guidelines.
For those who do practice SEO, the game continues to change in 2014 and beyond.  To help you focus, here are five tips you should keep in mind if you want to continue to succeed. Google will continue to reward high quality content, and this will never change.  Today, so many webmasters tend to focus on building links in the shadiest ways to get their content on the top, and while there are ways to rank quickly, are these methods you’re going to want to use for the years to come? Add graphics, videos and anything else a reader may want to see.  When they are done reading your article, they should close your article feeling like they have learned something. Idan is the co-founder of Website Planet, with over 5 years of experience in online marketing. The content is the king of any website; if the content of website is unique and fresh then it could run long time in search engine results. A top quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team operates much like a good clothing tailor. The first step in tailoring your SEO efforts begins with developing a plan and prioritizing each step.
Because there are literally hundreds of SEO tactics in use today prioritization is vital if you want to maximize your results. Mobile SEO is extremely important if you want to keep your business on pace with a rapidly changing landscape but there are also cross platform tools as well. Content Marketing means creating thematic contents to capture qualified traffic for the own website and increase visits according to business objectives. Content Marketing is an inbound marketing technique, a definition that makes more evident the aim of attracting leads and prospects for the own products and services by means of valuable informative or entertaining contents. Producing SEO optimised contents is unquestionably the best way to rank well on Google’s search results. In order to plan a good content marketing strategy it is needed to have in mind a clear target and what topics are to arouse interest and attention. Rely on copywriters and web marketing experts with SEO skills to develop an effective content marketing plan. When target and topics have been defined it is time to choose the most suitable formats to communicate with the targeted groups: web pages, pdf documents, videos, slides, podcast, infographics, etc. Formats are choosen according to the target and type of content; different types of formats can be used at the same time. Internet and particularly social channels (social networks, forum, online communities, blogs, etc.) allow to spread out information, contents and advertising messages with an unprecedented speed and pervasiveness.
Sharing functions available in nearly all social media profiles and mobile applications make of the conversational and relational marketing an activity much more actual and dynamic compared to pre-internet era, when widespread brand awareness and trust diffusion depended on the inescapable slowness of the word of mouth.
Content Marketing, as well as blog marketing, is a non-conventional marketing strategy which should aim to exploit the viral potential provided by social technologies.
Who chooses to promote his business through original and engaging contents should ideally aim at making each content (article, post, video, pdf, photo, infographic, etc.) a product worthy of viral spreading. The more valuable the produced material is the more it will spread out by the very users through spontaneous sharing.
Who has added value to inject into the net finds in blog marketing a terrific promotional weapon.
One of the most crucial factors for search engine ranking is the number and quality of links proceeding from other internet websites, deed that search engines interpret as a signal that the website getting backlinks is popular and valuable. For this reason over the years SEO specialists have developed numerous techniques (black hat) to multiply backlinks to artificially pumping up the score of their clients’ website. This kind of link building based on poor quality backlinks has worked until Google has operated a series of updates to its algorithms that are now capable of penalising these techniques and recognising the webpages’ real informative value.
Consider the impact of Google Panda 4 on eBay which, after the update, lost an impressive amount of web traffic. Besides google all search engines are improving their ability to appraise contents and backlinks bringing about a shift towards quality content marketing.
Social citations must be included among authentic backlinks as signals of appreciation proceeding from social channels.
Consequently, highly original valuable contents whip up users’ engagement, foster virality and, finally, produce social citations. In this way, content marketing borders on link baiting or link earning: creating contents that raise interest to get backlinks and improve website ranking. SEO optimisation and Content Marketing are forms of inbound marketing that aim to increase website’s visitors without direct investments on online advertising. Contents should also be put in relation through an internal linking work (a seo technique to link webpages and online contents). Finally, valuable contents, well ranked in engines results and promoted on social networks, reach visibility and trigger virality which, in turn, multiply social citations and backlink across the net producing a virtuous circle with content marketing in the middle. For sure content marketing results change based on sector and business: for a chemical firm is more complicated leverage the web through contents, but think of the extraordinary results produced by tourism online marketing when exploiting blog marketing strategies. The content is king as well in sectors like: clothing, food, internet, entertainment, culture and others. To conclude, content marketing and SEO are two sides of the same coin: companies and professionals with both time and resources to spend in these activities can achieve great lasting results and, in the medium-long term, save in digital advertising costs. The following infographic shows 10 relevant points to enhance your blog content strategy so as to rank higher on search engines while improving quality and effectiveness for users. When a company realises the great opportunity provided by blog marketing and content marketing in its broadest meaning (including the creation of other formats of contents like videos, slides, pdfs, infographics) is time to define a plan and allocate resources.
Choosing the right SEO Company to optimize your site is very important to ensure that you do not get banned from Google.
Many unreputable freelancers would often resort to unethical ways of building links to increase your rankings. Google over the last several years has paid close attention to the way people interact with the web mostly how people optimize their website.
Due to the expansion of the internet, cheap SEO work is now available all over the world which is both a good thing saving you hundreds of dollars, but can prove to be costly with mistakes. Also, an affordable Los Angeles SEO company ranks websites better than most SEO agencies in the world. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 things to you can do to ensure you hire a quality SEO firm.
A quality SEO agency will have a huge portfolio of clients who’ve been with them for several years. Before hiring a company to take on your optimization project, ask for proof of their results. If a company states they are the best at what they do, then they should have a solid track record to prove it. Try and see the change over several months so you know that the company can do a good job with your website.
People who’ve hired this SEO Company before will often leave a feedback about the work completed. Next, many times a reputable company would have a feedback or testimonial page on their business website. What you can do is NOT rush into hiring them but take time to look over other websites collecting information on approved link building techniques. Once you have your list ready then look over the SEO Company’s websites to see if any methods which are not on the list are present. This will often raise a red flag and you can look for another company which meets your requirements. Sometimes the information you need is NOT on actual link building methods, but the team’s experience.

Often reputable companies will provide an “About Us” page with a list of people who work on projects.
I’ve noticed that the ones that do the best job have several years of experience like educational, web developers and certifications.
Look over the credentials of the team in-charge of your project so that you could understand more about the quality of their work. Investing money for the log-run can be stressful and what’s more nerve-wracking is if you cannot get a hold of the people left in charge to get the job done. Everyone hates poor customer service and people often leave a company right away if they can’t get the answers they need. An SEO Company around the world is not exception because email and internet phones are available and should be used to communicate with you.
Before hiring and committing to a long-term contract, write to them and start off small to see how responsive they are when you need them. Over time you’ll need changes made and being unable to communicate with them will steer your project in the wrong direction. Another thing you can do is look on their contact us page to see what methods are available to you just in case. Building successful websites might be a very daunting task for small business owners, particularly because there are many aspects that you should be considerate towards when attempting to attract more visitors and grow your sales. Even though many business owners approach various SEO strategies, their efficiency is unfortunately kept at minimum due to the inappropriate implementation, which leads to less traffic, decreased popularity and, consequently, no sales.
If you have been seeking good SEO strategies to help you raise your business above competition, here are a couple of tips that will enable you to attain your goals and be successful. As a side note, I do recommend you get expert Omaha SEO services to help rank your business website if you are just starting out. Content is currently the most important aspect when it comes to approaching a correct and highly-efficient SEO strategy.
When web surfers access your website, they expect to find relevant information, tips or advice pertaining the search term they have used.
The secret to successful content marketing consists in offering value to the reader, offering him accurate information that is eventually supported by research if applicable, and answering each of his questions appropriately. For your content to be helpful, consider adding supportive images or videos, so all visitors will be able to understand what you are saying.
Furthermore, approach a simple, not too complicated writing style that presents information professionally, yet engagingly. Always remember that your readers might not be familiarized with the terminology, which results in using simple terms instead to provide better comprehension. One of the most important rules that you should consider when implementing an efficient on-site optimization strategy revolves around keyword density, proximity and order. As you might figured out already, keyword density represents the number of keyword occurrences within content.
Instead of deciding on a number, you should better consider writing an article that incorporates the targeted keyword a few times throughout. Many SEO experts suggest using the keyword three times throughout the article: once in the first paragraph (preferably in the first sentence, which is better indexed by search engines), once in the middle paragraph and once in the last. Keyword proximity can be described as how closely you get the individual words in your targeted keyword phrase together.
As for the keyword order, you should definitely make sure that all the words within the keyword phrase are ordered accordingly.
If potential customers are searching for “SEO services online” and your business provides such services, but the website is optimized for “online SEO services” instead, this is going to be totally irrelevant for the search engines, and it will not count towards your benefit. Crosslinks are extremely important when it comes to an efficient SEO strategy, as it can make your website more relevant to a specific keyword or group of keywords. Linking related articles throughout the content will permit you to let search engines know that your website can provide visitors with relevant information depending upon a specific keyword.
For example, if you want to inform your readers about the page where they can find your contact information or privacy policy, do not use “click here”, but try “…learn more about our professional SEO services online” instead, with the keyword phrase “SEO services online” linking to the page in question. These SEO tips won’t deliver you to the top of the rankings by themselves, but they are a great place to start! You like a little agitated, how about taking a break and coloring for a few minutes to chill out? There once was a time when creating high quality printed products was nearly impossible to perform without having to wait for a long period of time, spend lots of money and spend countless efforts on editing, reviewing, you name it. Registration is now open for Affiliate Summit East 2016 (July 30 – August 2 in NYC) Meet Market tables and booths.
If TIME Magazine were to do an issue on the SEO industry in 2015, the table of contents would look like this. In this episode, I cover my top nine rules for becoming an affiliate marketer, plus the three crucial tools every affiliate marketer should have in their toolbox. Affiliate Summit West 2016 offers all sorts of opportunities for digital marketers, but it isn’t the right investment for everybody. ShareASale sold Cyber Monday shirts for the past two years to raise money for the Performance Marketing Association, but they’ve switched it up this year with Moscow Mule mugs. David Picciuto and Bob Clagett run different businesses, but they share a mutual passion: woodworking. When you possess a landing page, you will always want to improve the conversion rates of the same.
Our friends, the amazing team at ThemeFuse are sharing an awesome opportunity with our fans!
He masters all things PPC, and has a great passion for Analytics and Testing. His motto is "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself".
With the quality content it is necessary to market your website content that cause of increase the website ranking and generate the traffic. A good tailor knows that one size most definitely does not fit all people so in order to get a great fit; one that is comfortable for the wearer, the tailor uses a large number of measurements in the planning and different kinds of stitches in the creation of the garment. They are different in their customer base, capabilities, business models and even personalities.
The problems usually begin because many people lack the training to deal with changes in an increasingly ambiguous data model.
In a world where homeless people have Smartphone’s and everyone is connected mobile marketing is becoming big business. Social networking is expected to be able to reach 2.55 billion people before 2017, which essentially means that one in for people in the world will be actively using some form of social networking and already about 88% of internet marketers are using social marketing already this year.
This way content marketing includes an unlimited potentiality to evolve into viral marketing amplifing outstandingly the company’s promotional communication. Milions of bloggers all over the world share and broadcast informative contents, almost in real time, turning internet into a global flipper.
Here is one of the reasons why also social media marketing is growing in importance, pushing companies to acquire new followers and boosting engagement. Running a company’s blog is a great solution to carry out a content marketing strategy and building up an audience of followers and contributors.
It’s always good to take extra measures before hiring an SEO Company to do work on your website. If you’re looking to go through a freelance website than in most cases they have a reputation indicator.
Pay close attention to what others say so you don’t get yourself in a bind hiring someone that won’t do a complete job.
Working with a professional SEO company will pay dividends much quicker than attempting to do it yourself! Not providing them with proper content will only determine them to find it somewhere else, thereby resulting in fewer visitors and no sales.

One of the keys to success with most forms of Internet Marketing and online business is learning to become a sales professional. Crimped hair, No Fear T-shirts, and neon windbreakers buried in the back of the closet since 1999 – probably best if they’re never heard from again. Not only listen, but you can vote for your favourite in our monthly music contest and you can download the tunes that you like!
Yes, the banks and organizations and government agencies, etc., are taking steps to reduce this threat, but are they truly doing enough to protect you and your family?
We hear from many people who are trying to break into affiliate marketing, and they are low on funds at the moment. And that’s just awesome, because a Moscow Mule can be nice on such a tense, important day for affiliate sales. We’re compiling an Affiliate Summit West 2016 Booth Waitlist for any companies interested in exhibiting that waited too long. The tools I’m covering today can help you build your list via mobile, prompt your site visitors to opt-in, create customized landing pages to engage potential subscribers, and more. Like a lot of us, life threw Kimra a few curveballs—just a few years ago, she and her husband found themselves on welfare with two young children, living in an unfamiliar town.
Your main aim should be driving your visitors to move further when they have already reached the landing page. They’re giving away 3 licenses for their premium WordPress themes to 3 of our lucky readers!
I’ve been busy with other projects lately, plus my wife and I took last week off to do some travelling, and I just about missed this! Link building, or should I say Link earning, is still very important to rank well on search engines.
Some businesses are local, limited in scope to only small regional areas, while other businesses are global in reach.
The reason why experience and training is so important here is because our brains tend to look for patterns that are not there when we examine analytics.
The best place to start is to consider the scope of your operations and the platforms you plan to use.
One Neilson Report said that a full 48% of mobile consumers begin their purchase with a paid organic search and another report by BI Intelligence said that more than 60% of all online devices are either Smartphone’s or tablets. SEO tactics are great for manipulation of search engine ranking but social media gives users the advantage of reaching far beyond search results and going directly to the consumer.
The latest buzz with Google algorithm, is that, dynamic content focusing on keyword analytics, instead of keyword placement represents the best idea behind productive content marketing. Team Flynn is back again today to share what goes into planning, scheduling, and marketing a new book. The Performance Marketing Summit in Chicago is taking place right before ShareASale ThinkTank at the same hotel.
Don’t you think it’s time for you to quit making excuses and get busy working on that book you know you’ve got inside of you? From keyword data to link data to traffic data (and surely more), there’s a lot that we could benefit from — if they’d only share it!
Affiliate Summit West 2016 is taking place January 10-12, 2016 at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV. Here’s how to use social media in traditional and new ways to reach and influence the media.
A local tree trimmer for instance will have very different needs than a business selling yachts, even though the businesses are the same size.
The fact is that while about 80% of businesses use collected data but less than 40% of those people have the skills and judgment to use the data in the correct manner. The world of search engine optimization and marketing is changing all of the time and targets are becoming more and more precise.
The computing world is finding smaller and smaller devices and going on the road while PCs and laptop are sitting on the shelves. Social networking can be used for everything from customer support, research and development, promotional offers, branding, human resources along with of course sales. New opportunities to be covered by today’s speakers include making sure your content is mobile friendly and targeting the media through paid Facebook promotions.
Both of these businesses have very small niche customers but even so, the SEO plan for each will be very different. The biggest challenge for users of this tactic is to correctly scale the effort across your company or product line. This requires a clear understanding of which areas of social networking add the most value to the effort.
You just cannot crop up an ugly website, and publish mediocre content, and build a few links and expect to rank well. When your site receives traffic directed from premium sites, your page certainly experience boosts in search rank. A well-crafted website, high-quality content, and thousands of links can fetch you decent number of social shares. And if you don’t have anything worth sharing on social web, you’ll not receive any social shares unless you buy them from spammy accounts.
High-quality content can increase link to your site by 5 to10 folds.Word count is imperative for SEO rankingIt has been analyzed that longer content that offer more information attract people who desire long term solution to their queries.
All you need to do is, think beyond – build strong content marketing strategy.Why content marketing?Content marketing is gradually evolving as the effective way to successful SEO. Not only high quality content can produce links at a faster pace, but also it is cost-effective.
However, Google and its algorithm is completely against promotional content that typically includes keyword stuffing.
In addition, the good-quality content get naturally shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ and also on Pinterest. Loading keywords in a web page is the easiest way to manipulate search rankings.Use of keyword analytics toolDifferent types of keywords represent different levels of interest and intent. Proper keyword research can increase your chances of being successful in search engine significantly. However, to do keyword research correctly, you need analytical tool to evaluate factors like competition of the keyword, the search volume or the commercial intent. Google is the best search portal in the world, with its own biggest ad distribution network, and leading keyword analytic tools, so bloggers who keep their content fresh, without incorporating any duplication are always rewarded. It is imperative to monitor key phrases that are driving traffic to your website, as this allow you to see if customers are easily finding your content.Search engines have spider robots that browse pages on the internet and determine what those websites are doing about by reading the keyword on the page. The robots look into different areas including title, description, content structure, formatting and even the content on the page.
Using keyword analytics tool supports marketers develop content elevated to improve web traffic by finding out queries that brings visitors to the content through search.Content marketing is more than just sharing blog posts and articles to get back links. It is more of building brand as resource for consumers and becoming a source that people can trust when searching for information. She has also been associated with technical writing; blogging on Google web analytics services, SEO audit, Content marketing, Online marketing, App development, Responsive design and Social media engagement.

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