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Educating your customers and prospects is a great way to generate the right kind of leads — and, often, to fulfill your organization’s content marketing mission.
Many CMI contributors have written about the vital role that education plays as part of a powerful content marketing strategy. Schneider Electric’s Energy University is a free, online, educational resource that provides vendor-neutral courses on energy efficiency and other information that helps organizations improve their energy efficiency. In addition to serving as a helpful resource, Energy University also generates millions in lead opportunities globally, as courses are translated into over 13 languages.
Opening up an entirely new, effective lead generation channel is a marketer’s dream —so how did Energy University do it?
For example, when people understand the refrigeration cycle, they’re going to come away with a better understanding of cooling products, overall.
Key takeaway: Content focused on customer education can benefit your organization in ways that reach far beyond the sales and marketing department. Schneider Electric brings the right thinkers to the table to ensure each course is packed with useful takeaways — Lorna heads up a dedicated team of in-house educators who have Master’s degrees in subjects such as instructional design and adult education. Key takeaway: Your competitors may be blogging, tweeting, and writing white papers, but are they providing quality, comprehensive continuing education? Key takeaway: To build trust, ensure that your educational materials would apply no matter which product or service your audience members prefer to use.
Energy University creates brand-agnostic technical drawings to illustrate a product’s functionality. The education team draws information from college textbooks, reliable sources in the public domain, and in-house subject matter experts. Key takeaway: When your content marketing program relies on education, the information you distribute must be accurate and beyond reproach. Key takeaway: If you invest the time and effort necessary to gain accreditation for your educational content programs, it likely will pay dividends in the consumer trust and support your organization gains. Key takeaway: Any educational program should work together with all of your other marketing efforts — that way, both audiences grow. As Schneider Electric has grown and acquired other companies in the last decade, Lorna has observed “a real corporate emphasis on creating one Schneider Electric brand. Energy University — and the educational content marketing strategy it was founded on — has reached the unique and elusive point where money and mission are in alignment. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Great article, I’m a big fan of Schneider Electric’s thought leadership activities and this clearly represents a great edu-training effort!
Auf unserem Blog finden Sie Wissenswertes und Aktuelles zu den Themen Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing und Lead Management im B2B-Umfeld. Soll eine Content-Marketing-Strategie langfristige Erfolge bringen, betrifft sie alle Unternehmens- und Marketing-Aktivitaten.
In der Regel wird fur jedes Thema, das uber Content vermarktet werden soll, ein Team gebildet, das den Content produziert.
Mehrere Inhalte und mehrere Kampagnen, die eine Content-Marketing-Strategie zum Erfolg fuhren, binden in Unternehmen dauerhaft viele Ressourcen. Ein Marketing-Partner fur Ihr Unternehmen sollte nicht nur fundiertes Wissen in Beratung und Implementierung einer nachhaltigen Content-Marketing-Strategie verfugen, sondern auch einen Know-how-Transfer leisten, der dem Unternehmen langfristig dient.
Anyone who’s up on technology has heard of mobile web design and content marketing—two terms used with increasing frequency in the online world.
Can mobile design and a great content marketing strategy be combined without sacrificing either content or design elements? The truth is that great content does not have to be sacrificed for mobile design and can even be enhanced by the capabilities of new devices.
How can web designers show clients the importance of mobile design and content marketing, and combine them effectively?
Showing clients how their website appears on a variety of handheld devices or Google’s GoMo Meter is a good way to promote the responsive design element. Adhere to the following best practices to show clients that responsive web design that incorporates the unique features of handheld devices and a killer content marketing strategy can work together to create an awesome online experience.
Google’s Mobile Movement infographic presents a strong argument for integrating responsive design into a content marketing strategy. To properly integrate responsive design and a content marketing strategy, accept that you should work as part of a team that includes marketing professionals, or develop your own content marketing skills. Expect the marketing professionals to set the content requirements, and design around them. As a team, identify and create content based on user needs, and then optimize the user experience in a mobile environment. Take advantage of whatever the device offers—GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen, phone and camera features—to build and present your content in a creative, useful, engaging and entertaining way. Multi-screening occurs sequentially or simultaneously, providing new opportunities for multi-platform content marketing. Think of mobile content development as responsive marketing, or creating content that meets the way people use their devices. Combining responsive design and a content marketing strategy for optimal benefit forces businesses to throw out unnecessary content and focus on the stuff that is important to customers. Mobile design forces designers and content marketers to prioritize and design for the smallest screen on the market.
The best content marketing strategies use responsive design and the unique capabilities of mobile devices to anticipate and answer the user’s needs based on an analysis of typical users. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
The reality is that content marketing works.  Customers are no longer responding to interruption-based marketing as they once did. In the NewsFronetics' Kate Lee was named by Procurious as one of the 24 most influential people in procurement.
There’s been a ton of great discussion about content activities, methodologies and deliverables. The de facto definition for content strategy comes from Kristina Halvorson, founder of Brain Traffic, and author of Content Strategy for the Web. Content strategy evaluates business and customer needs and provides strategic direction on how improved content and content processes can help to achieve specific objectives.
Content strategy starts with the big picture and then drills down to a granular level that can be implemented and measured. The content strategy process is not so much circular as it is spiral, starting at the big vision and then repeating at each stage as you drill down to more details. For example, as a content marketer you’re going to have a strategy and guidelines for promoting your content through social media.
So now, when you approach your content marketing initiative, look at it from a content strategist’s point of view.
Kathy Hanbury is Founder and Principal at E3 Content Strategy, a consulting firm that integrates content strategy with customer experience.
Having an effective content marketing services strategy plan is a key component of finding success online both through the search engines and your target customers. In content marketing, your ability to execute strategy is as important – if not more important – than the strategy itself. To compete, businesses must repair two common disconnections: organizational culture and the structure that drives planning and implementation.
I have firsthand experience with the cultural divide between revenue-generating and cost center functions inside the corporation.

The second disconnection is apparent by looking at org charts, particularly in larger companies. In this scenario, each functional group develops a plan based on assigned goals for growth in channels, market segments, regions or product categories. High priority is placed on short-term revenue growth and individual motivation to meet goals. An important first step to repairing this disconnection is to link growth strategy to marketing activity that is aligned to all of your objectives. A sound strategic planning process is based on consistently applied business objectives that flow through functional areas and support each other.
Financial Objectives. These are the high level goals around revenues, profitability, growth that begin at the C-level. Strategic Objectives. This is where the “big picture” initiatives are identified which deliver on financial objectives. This simple planning process gives you a clear path for translating strategy into actions that ultimately achieve your business objectives. Elsewhere on GO DigitalThe first rule for repurposing content for digital marketingHe risked his future on this content marketing strategy. I help businesses grow customers and revenue with content strategies that integrate traditional and digital marketing. Applying Facebook content marketing strategy is an awesome way to generate ongoing engagement and interest in your business.
If you apply proven methods for effective content posting these can net you a dramatic increase in the number of likes, comments and shares you are able to get.
When posting links make sure to take a few moments and edit the link preview to include a quality snippet describing the content and the best image as well.
In terms of what day of the week should you run a campaign I have found Monday to be the worst day of the week for a campaign and I have found that Thursday and Friday are the best days for a Facebook campaign. I think the reason why pre-weekend campaigns work better is directly is related to the mood of most people on the day of the campaign.
Many people are grumpy on Mondays, whereas on a Thursday or Friday most people are starting to feel the good spirits of a nearby weekend. Keep your Facebook content frequent, valuable, and dynamic and the more value you create the better results you will get!
If you are a WordPress blogger you can optimize your content for Facebook by making sure your featured image is square.
Although links are great for getting visitors back to your site I find that Facebook posts containing graphics get better engagement! When you post to Instagram you can simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. When posting a Facebook link to Facebook it makes a big difference if you use a link preview, instead of just a plain text link. In the following post I posted a text link with a link preview link to show the size difference between the two. If you are a WordPress blogger you can optimize your content for Facebook when you make sure your featured image is square. Keep your Facebook content frequent, valuable, and dynamic and the better results you will get! For Powerful Marketing Secrets that help you get more traffic, leads, and sales Grab a copy of my FREE marketing ebook.
Garin Kilpatrick is a father, marketing strategist, adventurer, renegade, the author of every post on this blog, and the founder of Empower Media Inc. Over the years it has been established that content is a key success factor in online marketing. In this post I share 10 quotes from renowned marketers and business leaders who have made their mark on the web. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Energy University currently has over 350,000 active users, and more than 800 courses are taken every day. Let’s take a look at some of the insights Lorna shared on the program, and how their techniques can be applied to a content marketing strategy of any scope, for any industry.
Start with your mission: Energy University began as Data Center University, which was started in 2004 by a company called American Power Conversion (APC). Educating your customers can save you time — and make you money: Buying efficiency products for a large structure, such as a data center, is complex, Lorna explained, so Energy University teaches its users about the processes involved in making their products work. When customers are educated, they can make more informed purchasing decisions without needing a lot of assistance from your sales team — in turn, this reduces product returns and increases customer satisfaction rates. As Lorna explained, there simply aren’t a lot of organizations offering that level of high-quality education in their industry — let alone for free.
Don’t trick your audience into enduring a glorified sales pitch: Have you ever signed up for a webinar you thought would be educational, only to find out that one particular product or service is pitched the whole time? If you have the wonderful problem of creating an overwhelming volume of leads, consider adding a few qualifying questions to your registration or download forms, to help your team drill down to the pain points each lead is most likely to need help with. Still, her advice is to consider editing your recorded content into shorter snippets to see if this leads to better response rates. Implement a rigorous approval process so you don’t get caught delivering bad information. Offer your courses free of charge (whenever possible): A few years ago, Energy University experimented with charging a fee for its courses — and registrations went down.
However, even if it isn’t feasible to offer all of your courses for free, you can still reap many of the branding and lead generation benefits provided by an educational content program. What can your company do to demonstrate its concern for customers and simultaneously uncover new business leads?
Tracy is also an instructor for the Content Marketing Institute Online Training and Certification program. Darum kann eine Inhouse-Losung oft nicht die gewunschten Erfolge bringen, ohne nicht gleichzeitig an anderen Stellen Engpasse zu schaffen. Mit solch einem Partner ist eine Outsourcing-Losung fur Ihr Unternehmen in der Regel mit erheblichen Kosten-, Zeit- und Qualitatsvorteilen verbunden. A properly integrated responsive design and content marketing strategy should produce a phenomenal user experience for visitors to your client’s website. Don’t be surprised, however, if your clients balk when bits of important content are omitted on the tiny screens.
When a smartphone user needs to book dinner reservations while running to catch a bus, he doesn’t have time to explore a beautifully rendered menu with glorious graphics. Say a hungry and busy pizza lover uses his smartphone to order a pizza while riding the train home from work. When he is on the train, his GPS-enabled smartphone shows him the closest location of his favourite pizza franchise as a pop-up on a map. The difference is that when designing websites and choosing content for mobile websites, the user’s needs change based on a variety of factors—in particular, the device they use. The user may start their online shopping expedition with the smartphone and only need immediate access to this season’s fashion line, for example. When the online shopper continues on to their tablet, they want to see a shopping cart and e-commerce options. If they don’t, users will become frustrated and will simply jump to competitor websites that are easier to navigate.
They don’t want to read novels about widgets on their phones; they want to know where they can buy a novel and what it costs.

The phone, GPS, camera, video and web access of smartphones and tablets provides unlimited opportunities for creative marketers to present their products and services in innovative ways. They’re ignoring overt sales pitches and looking instead to peers, social networks, and search engines. To make matters worse (or more fun!), content strategies, tactics, processes and even specific pieces of content are often shared between projects, products and business units.
But your company’s support team may also have a social media presence, along with corporate communications.
Kathy helps companies identify the opportunities that arise by providing truly great content. It’s easy to forget all of the elements that go into strategic content unless you keep stepping back and looking at the big picture. Perhaps even more important is being able to execute your content marketing strategy effectively. He was emphasizing the most important reason for strategic planning: to EXECUTE a strategy that achieves your business objectives. A recent article in Marketing Pilgrim cites research that 74 percent of marketers use content marketing to increase traffic and promote brands, but are unwilling to pay $100 a month on content creation. Would you have done it?11 digital marketing principles for earning the trust of skeptical customersReady for primetime?
GO Digital blog is for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to stay competitive by publishing content that attracts and retains profitable, loyal customers. In the end, Data Center University was so successful that Schneider Electric decided not only to continue the program, but also to expand it into Energy University. Instead, focus on teaching users about how to solve the problem your software addresses in a more general way.
Every course goes through an approval process that involves both instructional and subject matter experts. Some courses even qualify attendees to sit for in-person exams that are offered through third parties. Yet, Energy University also brings a lot of users in via word of mouth — and those users are then added to the company’s database to be used in its other marketing activities. Zudem verlangt effizientes Content Marketing Techniken und Fertigkeiten, die viele Marketing-Abteilungen uberfordern. They see their own customers and clients talking, texting and surfing the internet via their mobile devices. This is your chance to explain that you can introduce media queries and responsive design into their existing content strategy, or build a new content marketing strategy using responsive web design techniques to ensure that the most important content appears on every device.
Your goal is to find creative ways to present content that best meets the objectives of a given website while working within the parameters set by responsive design.
He taps the link, which leads to the mobile website, and he discovers he can order right from his phone. According to Google’s 2012 report, “The New Multi-Screen World,” 67% of subjects used more than one device to shop, and they used these devices sequentially, or in steps, to move from browsing to shopping to making the purchase. Businesses can capitalize on this by using handheld device capabilities in conjunction with online and offline marketing activities.
Restrictions imposed by mobile design (such as small screens and slow load times for graphics) force efficient and affective content, which requires stripping away the excess that exists on traditional websites. With some careful planning, an integrated approach to design and marketing can result in a cutting-edge campaign that excites and engages users and results in more sales leads—and a happy web design client. But if you don’t have a conceptual framework for those activities, I’d argue that you’re not really practising content strategy.
If you approach your content marketing initiative knowing that it will constantly evolve, and that you’re guiding its evolution, then you’re practising content strategy.
Content strategy requires more time and resources upfront, but your content-marketing initiative is much more likely to succeed with a solid strategy supporting it.
You just need to take the time to think things through and determine your goals, resourcing, workflow and success metrics, which can save you from the high cost of ineffective content. I think anyone new to the concept of content strategy will get a lot of great information of your simple format.
The strategist drives business, while the implementer is a service provider perceived as less important to the organization.
Too frequently, the planning takes place in silos independent of the other functional groups. However, disproportionate focus on financial objectives can eclipse implementation as a priority. However, to compete on the social Web, you will also have to put high priority on executing in real-time. Energy University works directly with these organizations to make sure its courses are in compliance with the strict guidelines required for accreditation. Offering the education for free shows how invested Schneider is in their customers’ needs. Schneider Electric tracks leads, how users are coming into the site, and where users are coming from. Die Teams erarbeiten die Form der Inhalte und definieren, wie die Zielgruppen die Online-Inhalte bevorzugt. Ein zum Unternehmen passender Partner ist also ma?geblich fur einen langfristigen Erfolg des Content Marketing erforderlich. They also understand that excellent content is the key to making money directly or indirectly from a website. Companies within every industry – from fashion to fishing – are creating and curating relevant and valuable content and using it to engage prospects and connect with customers.
Here are five ways to think about content strategy that will ensure your content efforts are always strategic. You can’t expect to get where you want to go if you don’t know where that is, what you need to do to get there, or how to even recognize it if you stumble across it.
However, in the eyes of your customers, you all share a single social media “product” or presence. Most organizations are just now seeing content as an asset, so it might be a little while before us CS professionals get buy in, but at least there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Dafur stehen verschiedene Formate zur Verfugung: Videos, Infografiken, Animationen, Artikel, E-Books, Social-Media-Posts etc.
What many clients don’t understand, though, is that a website that performs well and shows great content on any handheld device can help them gain new customers in the mobile user market. Remove the one that says “Wicked Web Designer” and don the one that says “Content Marketing Guru Extraordinaire”. He then realizes he forgot the pineapple (which his pregnant wife craves) and immediately clicks the “Call Us” button on the touch screen to dial the store’s phone and speak to an employee, who adds the pineapple to his order.  The GPS, mobile browser, touchscreen and phone capabilities were instrumental in making the purchase. The mobile web allows businesses to take their online content marketing strategy right into the place of business through QR codes on posters, banners, product labels and brochures and through applications such as Foursquare.
What’s more, way too many companies are becoming more strategic in their content processes. A good content strategy looks across organizational silos and integrates the different business needs, goals and tactics.
It makes sure that the end product promotes consistent, effective and efficient user experiences and business processes.

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