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Mumbrella’s first Retail Marketing Summit, which was held in Sydney on 17 February, 2016, saw a cavalcade of retail and FMCG brand owners and experts converge to share insights into the marketing strategies that have resulted in business success and customer engagement.The sold out event was opened by Standard Media Index MD Jane Schulze who shared exclusive data on where the major retail and consumer goods sectors are investing their ad budgets, and which sectors have either grown or reduced their spend. The Game Marketing Summit is the only professional interactive game marketing gathering of its kind.
June 25, 2015: Think for a moment about the last time you consumed a memorable piece of content.
Last week’s inaugural Content Rising Summit sponsored by Skyword sought to answer these questions and more by bringing together 300 of marketing’s best and brightest at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston. The KoMarketing team was pleased to attend the brand storytelling conference to learn more about the Skyword platform, connect with industry peers, and sit in on a variety of sessions and workshops offering best practices on content creation and execution. Tom Gerace began the 2015 Content Rising conference by addressing the need for a fundamental change in the marketing industry – a shift from focus on the brand to consumers.
Tom captivated the audience with Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign, which he noted as an outstanding example of using a story to market to today’s audiences.
Robert McKee went back in time during his keynote on Day One of the conference, explaining that story is and has always been essential to human thought and communication.
McKee concluded by explaining the notion that humans want answers to how they should lead their life and brands that can show how they will improve the lives of customers will be the ones to succeed.
As marketers, it can be easy to become consumed with the content we’re creating, especially considering the amount of effort required to bring a piece to fruition – from an idea to a polished blog post or article shared across social networks.
But, during a session covering the relationship between content and the user experience, Ian Fitzpatrick, Chief Strategy Officer, Almighty, noted that viewing content as the most important thing about content is a flawed assumption. Instead, Fitzpatrick suggests that brands need to think about content in terms of what it can do to make readers’ lives better. On one end, the overview of the Skyword content marketing platform was incredibly beneficial for brands currently using and considering using their software for ongoing program initiatives. Building templates: Much of the material developed by content marketers is based off of best practices and proven successes. Viewing content as a continuous cycle: A content marketing program doesn’t end when any one asset has been completed and published.
Knowing what works best: Content marketers need to evaluate everything from traditional website metrics like page views, referral sources, and lead opportunities to individual reporting metrics such as performance by contributor, content marketing asset, and type of collateral.

Ann Handley kicked off Day Two of the conference by explaining how brands must rethink the way they communicate to their target audiences in today’s online environment. Better content, not more content: There are billions of web pages, articles, videos, and other content marketing assets available online. Differentiate the message: It’s critical to create a unique communication strategy, based a brand’s own values (Ann emphasized the importance of brands finding their three keywords) and audience personalities that drive the target audience. Later on in Day Two of the conference, members of the IBM Security team spoke to the importance of correctly leveraging industry news in a way that relates to the brand and planning ahead to uncover news stories that audiences are truly hungry for.
IBM’s team members closed by stressing the importance of marketers leveraging the resources that may be at their disposal. For many brands, video content can be a daunting undertaking, due to a variety of factors (lack of time, budgeting constraints, not enough bandwidth or the right kind of creative talent, etc.). But, during their session on video marketing, Epipheo’s Josh Gott and Kaltura’s Ofer Luft stressed that building video into an editorial strategy can help connect with people on an emotional level and share stories the way people want to consume them.
There are many takeaways from the Skyword’s #ContentRising, jam-packed with exciting customer testimonials, marketing best practices, lessons to be learned from industry experts, and more.
Many thanks to Skyword for the opportunity to attend such an exciting event – we’re looking forward to next year’s conference! Welcome!Our goal is to present ideas, thoughts and opinions related to Online Marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media , and Content Marketing. If you have questions or would like to talk with us about our online marketing services, call us at 1-877-322-2736 or use our contact form to get in touch with our leadership team. Each breakout will begin with a 10 minute case study examining the use of a different content marketing tool.  Participants will then break into smaller groups to discuss the do’s and don’t’s of that tool. Keynote, Grant Harrison, flew in from the UK to talk about what retailers and consumer brands should be doing to drive customer loyalty.
GMS’s mission is to arm gaming industry marketers and creative leaders with the most progressive tools and knowledge — shared by inspirational experts in an environment tailored for optimal career growth and business success. He backed up this statement with a series of statistics that illustrate the demise of the “interruption model” of advertising.
McKee explained that classic brand marketing follows a “bragging, promising, seduction” model that will be ignored by millennials.

For this reason, it’s important to use outlines and templates as a reference for improving the speed of execution and building on what’s proven to work in the past. Brands need to think of content marketing as a continuous cycle of performance from idea generation to execution to analysis and back again.
This helps determine overall performance and what elements of the content marketing program are having the greatest impact.
The question then becomes: How can content marketers differentiate themselves from the noise and sea of information being presented everywhere, all the time? During her presentation, she showed examples of how organizations like Chubbies, Humane Society Silicon Valley, and even a can koozie maker Freaker are setting the bar across their communication tactics and efforts. Josh explained that video storytelling needs to be “bigger and better” than the word engagement. The above represents just a few of the insights that hit home with the KoMarketing team in attendance. Thanks also to Derek and Ryan for their post contributions and insights into event takeaways. We hope to provide an opportunity to engage in discussion and insight related to our campaigns, online initiatives and research in the field of search engine marketing. Harrison has been the customer marketing director of some of the UK’s most famous brands, including Tesco – where he led the creation of the Tesco Clubcard in 1995 which pioneered the use of big data.Other speakers included marketing leaders from Mondelez, Reckitt Benckiser, Westfield, Nestle, GSK, Blackmores, Optus, Krispy Kreme, OPSM, Pernod Ricard and Supercheap Auto.
The Summit  brings together leading industry marketing and brand executives engaged in the marketing of interactive games on all platforms, driving innovation, inspiring creativity and honoring excellence in the industry. As a result, they were able to capture audiences that were concerned about employees bringing vulnerable apps inside corporate walls at a time of the year when dating and “searching for love” is at its peak. The day culminates with the Game Marketing Awards where the top creative work produced by and for the interactive game marketing community is showcased and honored.

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