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This Software Application Development Contract Template is designed for development companies or agents. The contract is Internationally enforceable and can be used in the UK, US, Canada or any other English speaking country.
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Consignment Agreement Template Consignment agreement is a legal document that will contain information about agreement to transfer goods but the ownership of goods is retained until unless goods are being sold.
Separation Agreement Template A separation agreement may be signed by the couple or two business partners who decide to live separate from now and want to protect their rights after their separation. Here we present a service level agreement template to give you idea about content and format of this legal document.
Lease Agreement Template A lease agreement is a written legal document that words out rights and obligations of two or parties involved in leasing of a property.
Franchise Agreement Template A franchise agreement is a legal document that is signed between two parties when franchiser sales a franchise to some franchisee. Distributor Agreement Template A distributor agreement will be signed by a customer and a distributor for delivery of goods on some future date by following some terms and conditions for delivery or payment. Separation Agreement Template A separation agreement will be signed at the time of separation in married life or a business. Consignment Agreement Template A consignment agreement is a legal document that will be signed when two parties enter into the contract to transfer the goods from one place to another.
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An agreement entered into between a software developer and purchaser establishing the purchaser’s right to use the software is generally named as software license agreement.

This agreement is signed by two parties when software license is issued to a person or company. We have prepared this service level agreement template in MS Word 2007 so that you may find easier to customize this service level agreement template and use it as your own.
This agreement provides enough details and information about how and when the software can be used as well as parameters to get desired results.
Licensee will sign the agreement to use the software for the specified period of time by following all instructions and restrictions provided by the company issuing the license. We have tried to include all important sample text in this template as rights and obligations of boththe parties, guarantees, warrantees etc. It may also define ways and procedures under which the copy of software can be used and rights to modify and redistribute the software and related components as defined. If you are going to write a software license agreement for your company or business, consider use of software license agreement template to get enough assistance in this regard. Here we present a software license agreement template to give you idea about drafting this agreement.
You can download and use this software license agreement template according to your needs with much ease.

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